NulleX Team Introduces DMRS For Masternode Owners

The cryptocurrency industry is constantly changing and evolving. As new currencies try to make a name for themselves, new features will need to be addressed sooner rather than later. In the case of NulleX, a new program known as DMRS (Dynamic Masternodes Rewards System) will be launched. This addition will make the ecosystem more robust, and introduces some big changes for speculators as well. The DMRS Program Explained Similar to some other privacy-oriented cryptocurrencies, NulleX heavily relies on masternodes to provide privacy-oriented features to the network as a whole.

DogeCash vs Dogecoin

Even though Dogecoin has been of great interest to a lot of cryptocurrency speculators, it seems the project also lends itself to “offspring projects”. DogeCash, for example, is based on the core principles of Dogecoin, but with a few twists. It will be interesting to see how it will fare compared to the real deal. The DogeCash Concept Explained On paper, there is absolutely nothing wrong with Dogecoin in its current form.
Promising coins / Dash

Promising coins / Dash

Date of Review: 29/11/17 Name: Digital cash (Dash) Number of coins: 22,000,000 (one indivisible unit is on the same level as bitcoin 1 satoshi, 1 coin - 100,000,000 Satoshi). Current capitalization: $ 5,784,044,674 Start date: 18/01/2014 Current lowest price: 750 $ / 0.0666 BTC Current block height: 778890 Creator: Evan Duffield History:  Dash was originally created as XCoin (XCO) on January 18, 2014. On February 28, 2014 the name was changed to "Darkcoin". On march 25, 2015 Darkcoin was introduced as "Dash"