Decentrlized Token Exchange AirSwap ICO Raises $20 Million During Presale

Decentralized token exchange AirSwap has concluded a $20 million presale ahead of its public token distribution event. The AirSwap ICO is expected to raise a combined total of more than $30 million. China’s recent ban on cryptocurrency exchanges highlighted the need for decentralized markets that guarantee user privacy and can not be shut down by hostile regulators. AirSwap, a project backed by venture production studio ConsenSys, aims to leverage ethereum-based smart contracts to develop a decentralized, peer-to-peer ERC20 token trading platform.

New SEC Cyber Task Force Will Oversee ICOs & Blockchain Tech

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced the creation of a new cyber task force designed to target cyber-related misconduct and protect retail investors from cyber threats. Among other things, the unit will target initial coin offerings (ICOs) and other blockchain-based projects that run afoul of SEC regulations. SEC Cyber Task Force to Investigate ICO Violations The SEC announced the new cyber unit in a press release, stating that the task force will “focus on the Enforcement Division’s substantial cyber-related expertise on targeting cyber-related misconduct.

Esports Startup Unikrn ICO Presale Nets $15 Million, Attracts Investment from Mark Cuban

Esports startup Unikrn raised $15 million from accredited investors ahead of its public initial coin offering (ICO), which opened earlier this week. The Unikrn ICO presale attracted notable investors, including Mark Cuban. Unikrn, the world’s only fully-licensed and -regulated esports betting platform, first launched in 2014 and had already raised $10 million in traditional venture capital investments from investors such as Tabcorp, Ashton Kutcher, and Guy O’Seary. Now, the company is launching its own ERC20 token, UnikoinGold.
SEC Charges REcoin ICO Organizer With Fraud

SEC Charges REcoin ICO Organizer With Fraud

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has charged a businessman and two of his companies with defrauding investors through initial coin offering (ICO) scams, including the REcoin ICO. SEC Charges REcoin ICO Organizer With Fraud According to a SEC press release, Maksim “Max” Zaslavskiy committed fraud by selling unregistered securities backed by nonexistent assets.

Breaking – South Korea Bans Initial Coin Offerings: Report

South Korea has banned initial coin offerings (ICOs), according to reports from local media sources. South Korea Bans Initial Coin Offerings: Report As reported by regional news sources News1 Korea and JoongAng, the South Korean Financial Supervisory Service (FSS) decided to ban initial coin offerings during the September 29 meeting of its cryptocurrency task force in Seoul.

Overstock Announces SEC-Compliant ICO Exchange

Overstock subsidiary tZERO has announced a joint venture with Argon Group and RenGen LLC to launch the first ICO exchange that complies with SEC and FINRA regulations. Overstock Announces SEC-Compliant ICO Exchange The ICO market, which the company describes as an alternative trading system (ATS), purports to facilitate the trading of security tokens while maintaining compliance with Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) regulations.

Kik ICO Raises Nearly $100 Million

Web messaging platform Kik Messenger has concluded the much-hyped initial coin offering (ICO) for Kin, the platform’s new native currency. Including contributions from a private presale, the Kik ICO raised nearly $100 million. Token sales have boomed in 2017, but Kik is the first established mainstream company to use this funding model instead of traditional venture capital.

Paris Hilton Distances Herself from LydianCoin ICO as Concerns Mount

Paris Hilton has begun to distance herself from the controversial LydianCoin initial coin offering following reports that the CEO of the startup’s parent company is embroiled in potential legal trouble. Earlier this month, hotel heiress and reality television star Paris Hilton tweeted that she was “looking forward to participating” in the LydianCoin ICO, preempting skeptical comments by adding the hashtag: #ThisIsNotAnAd.

NEO Founder: Government Collaboration ‘Possible’

NEO founder Da Hongfei spoke with regulators prior to China’s ICO ban to confirm that the NEO project was developing as originally communicated to the government. Da disputed rumors that China will ban cryptocurrency mining and stated that he believes a collaboration with the government is “possible” in the future. The NEO founder himself made this revelation in an interview with Dutch financial publication Het Financieele Dagblad.

NEO Founder Da Hongfei Advised China on ICO Ban; Govt. Collaboration ‘Possible’

Chinese regulators consulted with NEO founder Da Hongfei prior to the bitcoin exchange and ICO ban. Da disputed rumors that China will ban cryptocurrency mining and stated that he believes a collaboration with the government is “possible” in the future. NEO Founder Advised Regulators on Exchange & ICO Ban The NEO founder himself made this revelation in an interview with Dutch financial publication Het Financieele Dagblad.

No, Estonia Isn’t Launching an ICO for a State-Backed Digital Currency

Contrary to earlier speculation, Estonia will not launch an initial coin offering (ICO) or become the first nation to adopt a state-backed cryptocurrency. Last month, CCN and mainstream media outlets including CNBC reported that Estonia was experimenting with establishing a state-backed cryptocurrency called estcoin, which would be partly distributed through an ICO.

Bitcoin Startup Ripio Launches ICO for Global Lending Network

Latin American blockchain startup Ripio (formerly BitPagos) launched the ICO token-presale for its global lending network on Tuesday. The company, which has been operating in the crypto finance space since 2013, established a blockchain credit service last year and earned a spot in the finals at TechCrunch Disrupt.

Aussie Solar Startup Power Ledger, Energy Giant Origin Begin Blockchain Trial

Australian solar startup Power Ledger has partnered with retail energy giant Origin to begin a trial based on Power Ledger’s blockchain-based peer-to-peer energy marketplace. Power Ledger–the first Australian startup to launch an initial coin offering (ICO)–raised $17 million AUD ($13.

Energy Startup Grid+ ICO Presale Raises $40 Million

ConsenSys raised approximately $40 million during the initial coin offering (ICO) presale for Grid+, its commercial electricity retail business and eventual energy-sharing marketplace. The Grid+ ICO will launch to the general public next month. Grid+ has a two-fold strategy to disrupt the energy markets. Initially, the company will launch commercial utility retailers in deregulated markets; the first will operate in Texas and is slated to open in 2018.