Portugal’s Regulator is Supervising Banks and Brokerages to Halt Bitcoin “Euphoria”

The Portuguese Securities Market Commission (CMVM) is reportedly keeping a close eye on the “bitcoin euphoria” that’s sweeping the nation, as according to local publication ECO it’s supervising investment banks and brokerage firms in the country who sell products associated with the cryptocurrency.

Philippine Central Bank ‘Reviewing’ 12 Bitcoin Exchange Applications

The Philippine central bank is reportedly reviewing 12 applications for bitcoin exchange registrations.
Leaked: South Korean Government’s Four Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Regulations

Leaked: South Korean Government’s Four Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Regulations

Earlier today, as South Korean mainstream media outlet Hankyoreh reported, the South Korean government’s planned regulations around bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market have been leaked.

Korea’s Justice Ministry Mulls Total Ban on Bitcoin Trading: Report

The South Korean Ministry of Justice is reportedly planning to outlaw trading of all cryptocurrencies including bitcoin.

Hong Kong Regulator Warns Investors of Unregulated Bitcoin Futures

Hong Kong’s securities regulator has published a new circular centered on bitcoin futures contracts and cryptocurrency-related investment products.

Bitcoin Will be Legal, Mining to See Regulation: Russia’s Deputy Finance Minister

Russia’s deputy finance minister Alexei Moiseev has reportedly stressed that buying bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will be legal in the country.

Australia’s Financial Watchdog Will Monitor Bitcoin Exchanges

AUSTRAC, Australia’s financial intelligence and watchdog, will now monitor bitcoin exchanges following newly passed legislation.

SEC Commissioner Defends Bitcoin Expert Against Union Director’s Verbal Assault

A regulator at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) rebuked a top union official for denigrating a bitcoin expert at a recent public meeting.
Court Sentences Detroit Man For Trading Bitcoin Without Proper License

Court Sentences Detroit Man For Trading Bitcoin Without Proper License

A federal court has sentenced a Detroit man to a year and a day in prison and three years of supervised release for trading bitcoin without a money service license, according to the U.

South Korea (Pre)Issues Ban on Bitcoin Futures Trading

South Korea’s primary financial regulator and watchdog has banned securities firms from launching bitcoin futures contracts, according to a local report.

Korean Regulator Hints at Reversing ICO Ban & “Stringent” Bitcoin Regulation

A senior official from Korea’s Financial Services Commission has vowed to regulate the local bitcoin space while hinting at putting an end to the blanket ICO ban.

South Korea Plans to Impose Income Taxes on Bitcoin Adopters

South Korea’s National Tax Service (NTS) is pressing ahead with a framework to enforce taxes on cryptocurrencies including bitcoin.

India’s Central Bank Issues Bitcoin Warning [Rinse, Repeat]

For the second time this year, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has issued a public caution on cryptocurrencies and, specifically, bitcoin.

SEC Isn’t Done with ICOs, Likely to Take “More Actions” Against Them

The U.

We’re Guarding Consumers Over Bitcoin: New York Regulator

Maria Vullo, the superintendent of New York Department of Financial Services, told Bloomberg’s David Westin in a TV interview that the department keeps on top of bitcoin.
Bitcoin Price Holds Near $11,500 Despite Regulatory Heat

Bitcoin Price Holds Near $11,500 Despite Regulatory Heat

The bitcoin price has continued to trade near $11,500 in defiance of reports that multiple national governments are scheming to regulate or curtail domestic cryptocurrency usage.

Indonesia’s Central Bank is Planning to Ban Bitcoin in 2018: Report

Indonesia’s central bank is reportedly planning regulation to enact a complete ban on cryptocurrencies like bitcoin.

UK Treasury Plans Tighter Regulation of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

The British government is planning to introduce strict regulations of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin to combat crime like tax evasion and money laundering.

China was Right to Shut Down Bitcoin Exchanges & ICOs: PBoC Official

A vice governor of China’s central bank has doubled down on the regulator’s sweeping ban on ICOs in September that also led to the shuttering of local bitcoin exchanges.

The White House is Monitoring Bitcoin: Press Secretary Sanders

The White House is keeping an eye on bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin ‘Being Monitored’ by White House Press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders made this revelation during a press conference on Thursday. “I know this is something that is being monitored by our team here,” she said, responding to a Buzzfeed reporter’s question about whether President Donald Trump believes bitcoin should receive increased regulatory attention from the government.

Russia’s Central Bank Issues Cryptocurrency ‘Bubble’ Warning [Rinse, Repeat]

The Central Bank of Russia has warned investors of risks surrounding cryptocurrencies in a report released on Tuesday. According to state-owned news agency TASS, the latest ‘Financial Stability Report’ from Russia’s central bank has called on investors to be wary of a cryptocurrency market ‘bubble’ that could lead to losses. An excerpt from the report, according to TASS read: A ‘bubble’ on the cryptocurrencies market may result in substantial losses for consumers.

Nobel Prize-Winning Economist Says Bitcoin Should be ‘Outlawed’

Joseph Stiglitz, Nobel Prize-winning economist, has made the claim that bitcoin ‘ought to be outlawed,’ at a time when the digital currency is experiencing record highs. In a Bloomberg Television interview, the 74-year-old American economist and professor at Colombia University, said: It seems to me it ought to be outlawed.
South Korea Nears Mandating Regulations for Bitcoin Exchanges

South Korea Nears Mandating Regulations for Bitcoin Exchanges

South Korean authorities are reportedly close to putting the final touches on regulations for bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchanges. The Financial Services Commission (FSC), South Korea’s financial regulator and authority, is outlining regulations that will mandate cryptocurrency exchanges to play by its rules. The regulator publicly revealed its intention to introduce regulations for bitcoin exchanges last year with a focus on regulatory and licensing parameters.

Buy Bitcoin at Your Own Risk, Gamblers: Nigeria’s Insurance Regulator

Nigeria’s financial sector insurance regulator has warned its citizens of the lack of insurance cover to any risks related to cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. The Nigerian Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC) has moved to warn retail investors that the authority will not afford any insurance cover to those dealing with cryptocurrencies, or indeed any digital currencies not issued by the country’s central bank. Speaking during a two-day workshop addressing financial disruption by digital currencies last week, NDIC’s director of research for policy and international relations Mohammed Umar bluntly underlined a hands-off approach to cryptocurrencies in Nigerian society, as reported by regional publication Premium Times.

World’s Largest Bitcoin Market Japan has “Loose” Regulations, Doesn’t Bode Well: Analyst

Koji Higashi, the co-founder of IndieSquare and Japanese cryptocurrency researcher, revealed Japan, the largest bitcoin market in the world in terms of daily trading volume, has friendly and loose regulations for bitcoin businesses and investors. But, while the Japanese government has legalized bitcoin as a currency and a legitimate payment method, other minor alternative cryptocurrencies (altcoins) are receiving the same treatment as bitcoin.