Artificial Intelligence is a Valuable Tool for Voice Fraudsters

Artificial Intelligence is a Valuable Tool for Voice Fraudsters

New technologies are often both a blessing and a curse. Artificial intelligence is shaping up to be no different in that regard. Criminals are now using AI and voice technology for monetary purposes. The rise of voice fraud should not be underestimated, as it can hit any company around the world in the future.  Abusing AI and Voice Technology It is evident that there are many possible use cases for artificial intelligence.

Elon Musk Considers AI to be a Bigger Threat Than Nuclear Weapons

Our society today faces a lot of different threats from multiple angles.

Researchers Counter AI Weaponization Efforts Through New Machine Learning Solution

The use of artificial intelligence is becoming more apparent in the technology sector. One particular trend revolves around simulating how cybercriminals come up with new phishing attempts. It is evident this option needs to be explored further moving forward, as phishing remains an ever-present threat to consumers all over the world. How AI Becomes a Tool to Fight Criminals As is always the case when new technology comes to market, there are two sides of the medallion.

AI-Based Lie Detector Interviews Travelers Coming to the EU

The potential use cases for artificial intelligence are numerous in nature. Various airports across Europe are using this technology to perform a lie detector test. Passengers will be questioned by this AI interface at border checkpoints to ensure they have nothing to hide. A radical approach that will undoubtedly meet plenty of criticism. Another Controversial AI Project Over the years, systematic processes have changed when it comes to traveling abroad.