ZCash Price Enters an Accumulation Phase between $125 and $130

Most of the top cryptocurrency markets remain in the red, for the time being. That is primarily because Bitcoin is slowly bleeding value In such events, altcoins are often dragged down with this negative momentum. One notable exception in the top 20 is ZCash, as it remains in the green without much effort. ZCash Price Shows Lots of Positive Potential It is evident all of the top alternative currencies follow Bitcoin’s price curve first and foremost.

ZCash Price Retakes $125 Level to Build Support for Next Bull Run

A lot of interesting things are happening in the world of cryptocurrencies. With all markets still in the green, it has become apparent there may be a positive end to 2018 after all. Slowly but surely, all markets continue to move up every single day, and ZCash has reached $125 again. A positive trend which may result in even further gains later this week. ZCash Price Surpasses $125 Again The past few weeks have been pretty interesting for ZCash, especially in the price department.

ZCash Price Holds Steady at $125 as Sapling Upgrade Activation Looms Near

In the world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, a lot of the positive momentum shaping up yesterday evening has disappeared once again. It appears the markets simply can’t catch a breather, which causes all kinds of concern. For ZCash, things are still looking somewhat decent, as the ZEC value remains above $125. ZCash Price Uptrend is Intact A very peculiar ZCash price trend has formed over the past few days.

3 Recent ZCash Developments Sparking Community Excitement

These are very exciting times for the ZCash community, by the look of things. The upcoming Sapling network upgrade will introduce a lot of positive changes to the network, though there are some other developments to take note of as well. Based on all of this momentum, it would seem the ZCash price will continue to rise in value over the coming weeks and months. #3 SimpleSwap Listing Although no one should get overly excited about seeing a cryptocurrency or digital asset getting listed on additional exchanges and trading platforms, an overall increase in liquidity is always a good thing.

ZCash Price Briefly Dips Below $125 Despite deVere Support

Even though this past weekend seemed to have a relatively positive impact on the ZCash price, things have taken a slight turn for the worse. There is no reason to panic just yet, but maintaining the $125 level will be an ongoing struggle, by the look of things. The recent positive developments should take care of that aspect with relative ease. ZCash Price Hits a Small Roadblock It is not uncommon for cryptocurrencies to face a small setback after some solid gains.

ZCash Price Heads to $125 as Coinbase Listing Rumors Persist

Today is a very unusual day in the world of cryptocurrencies. Especially in the altcoin department, things are looking a lot more positive than they have in a while. Although most of the gains are not notable, the optimism is certainly present. ZCash is the biggest gainer of the day in the top 20, as its value is on the verge of surpassing $125 again. Update 18:34PM PST: At the time of writing, ZEC is trading at $126 and has surpassed the $125 mark as predicted.
Торговые идеи по криптовалютам на 26 июня 2018 — BTC, ETH, EOS, ZEC, XMR

Торговые идеи по криптовалютам на 26 июня 2018 — BTC, ETH, EOS, ZEC, XMR

Сегодня ведущая десятка криптовалют возобновила снижение. Лидером падения по состоянию на 15:00 МСК идут Ethereum, Cardano, Bitcoin Cash и IOTA с потерями в 3,5-3,8%. Меньше всех просаживаются Tether и Bitcoin ~0,1%. Рыночная капитализация, напомню, все еще в нисходящей динамике и была сейчас на минимальных значениях с апреля текущего года.
Руководство по Zcash для начинающих

Руководство по Zcash для начинающих

Что такое Zcash? Как написано на сайте Zcash: Zcash — первая открытая и свободная от цензуры криптовалюта, которая может полностью защитить конфиденциальность транзакций, используя криптографический метод с нулевым разглашением. Биткоин — это открытая криптовалюта, также свободная от цензуры, и есть распространённое заблуждение, что биткоин-транзакции анонимны.
О чём говорит продолжающийся рост цены ZCash

О чём говорит продолжающийся рост цены ZCash

Конфиденциальная криптовалюта ZCash (ZEC) обычно оставалась в тени Monero (XMR). Тем не менее ZEC можно отнести к категории ведущих монет, и тот факт, что биржа Gemini добавила её поддержку, способствовал росту цены этого актива.

Grayscale Investments: цена ZCash может достичь $60 000 в 2025 году

Компания Grayscale Investments опубликовала доклад, в котором описала причины создания продукта Zcash Investment Trust, который позволяет «определенному» кругу аккредитованных инвесторов вкладывать в ориентированную на анонимность криптовалюту ZCash. ICYMI: our Zcash ($ZEC) Investment Thesis is now live! Read it here: https://t.