XRP Price Remains in the Red Following New USD and BTC Losses

The top cryptocurrency and digital asset markets are still under a lot of pressure.

XRP Price Starts Moving up Ever so Slightly

It would seem as if the top cryptocurrency and asset markets are poised for a minor breakout.

Ethereum Price Decline Allows XRP’s Market Cap to Increase its Advantage

Following another rather bearish week, it is not entirely surprising to see the Ethereum price fall further.

XRP Price Decline Paves the way for Retaking the 9,000 Satoshi Level

It was seemingly a matter of time until the bearish momentum returned to the cryptocurrency industry.

XRP Price Drops Below 9,000 Satoshi as Bitcoin Profits Reign Supreme

This weekend is shaping up to be a rather interesting one.

XRP Price Momentum Sours Following “Private Ledger” Claims

It remains very tough going for all cryptocurrencies, tokens, and digital assets on the market.

XRP Price Breakout Shows Market Sentiment may Shift Soon

All markets remain subject to some very interesting price momentum first and foremost.

XRP Price Uptrend Resumes as Traders eye the $50 Target

As the week rolls along, the overall cryptocurrency and digital asset market momentum seems to be picking up a bit. Yesterday evening showed some positive trends which are being continued during the early hours of today. For XRP, its value is holding its own quite well in both USD and BTC value alike. There is even a minor gain to push the price slightly higher. XRP Price Increase Continues No one should expect any major changes affecting the cryptocurrency and digital asset markets right now.

Will Bitrue’s Upcoming Trading Pairs Spark Bullish XRP Price Momentum?

As the bearish pressure remains prevalent in the cryptocurrency industry, this new week isn’t off to the best of starts. All top markets are still deep in the red, although the XRP price continues to note smaller deficits compared to both Bitcoin and Ethereum. Although this price momentum is rather promising, establishing an actual uptrend remains one of the bigger problems to date. What Comes Next for the XRP Price? If anyone could accurately predict future movements of any digital asset or cryptocurrency, they would literally make millions of dollars per day.

One Investor Expects the XRP Price to hit $8 By 2021

None of the top cryptocurrency and digital asset markets have shown any sign of recovering recently lost value. That isn’t necessarily surprising either, as the bearish pressure has made a lot of traders twitchy first and foremost. For the XRP price, it seems things are still going according to plan. Its market cap lead over Ethereum remains in place, primarily because the asset slowly recoups some losses. More of the Same XRP Price Momentum Even though there is plenty of price action among cryptocurrencies and digital assets, one would expect there to be some form of excitement.

Price Stability Leads to 4 new XRP-Pegged Markets on Bitrue

It becomes increasingly difficult to make sense of the current cryptocurrency and digital asset market momentum. Whereas Bitcoin is still trying to find some grip, it seems the XRP price is already blazing ahead. The current small gains show there is room for improvements, although it will be difficult to ensure major changes occur. Even so, the current signs are somewhat promising from a short-term point of view. XRP Price is Inching Upward During this weekend, the main focus may very well lie with minor gains, rather than spectacular pump-and-dumps.
Santander: у Ripple нет конкурентов в международных платежах

Santander: у Ripple нет конкурентов в международных платежах

XRP Price Drops Slightly Despite Network Becoming More Decentralized

The past few hours have been pretty interesting for all cryptocurrencies and digital assets. After what appeared to be a small recovery period following the expected brief dip, more bearish pressure has begun to materialize once again. The XRP price is feeling the pressure following losses in both USD and BTC value. Even so, the ecosystem and network continue to grow, which is all most long-term holders are looking at right now. XRP Price Momentum Doesn’t Tell the Whole Story In the year 2019, more and more people are looking prices for individual currencies and assets first and foremost.

Weiss Ratings: XRP превзойдет биткоин по рыночной капитализации

Аналитики рейтингового агентства Weiss Ratings выразили мнение, что в ближайшие годы цифровой актив XRP превзойдет первую криптовалюту по рыночной капитализации. Payment networks tend to have a higher value to society than stores of value. That’s why we expect payment networks like #XRP to take over #BTC in terms of market cap in years to come – not necessarily 2019.

До конца недели криптовалютная биржа Bitrue будет поддерживать 26 пар с XRP

Сингапурская криптовалютная биржа Bitrue занимает всего 56-е место по ежедневным объемам торгов, однако пользуется немалой популярностью в сообществе XRP, сделав этот цифровой токен своей базовой валютой. И до конца этой недели на платформе должно появиться уже 26 пар с XRP. В конце прошлого месяца Bitrue сообщила, что планирует в январе добавлять каждую неделю новые пары с XRP. Первое такое добавление состоялось 3 января, когда на бирже появилась поддержка пар с TRX, XLM, NEO, GAS и OMG, а еще через день была добавлена пара BEE/XRP.

XRP Market Cap Approaches $15bn Again Following Minor Gains

As the weekend almost draws to a close, all eyes are on the various cryptocurrency and digital asset markets. With Bitcoin in the green, most other assets and currencies lose BTC value, yet gain a bit in USD terms. For XRP, the USD gains and BTC losses are nearly the same, yet the market cap swiftly approaches $15bn once again. XRP Price Uptrend Goes Slow and Steady It still remains a bit unclear what the year 2019 will bring for Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP and other vehicles.

XRP Price Speculators Hope for Acknowledgement From Ripple or Elon Musk

For those people who are patiently watching the cryptocurrency and digital asset price charts, it is always a matter of putting things in their right perspective. As far as the XRP price is concerned, stability has been one of its strong suits over the past few months, even though that isn’t necessarily to the liking of a lot of people. Even so, there isn’t much one can do about it either at this stage. XRP Price Sideways Trading Continues Over the past few months, there have been notable changes where most of the top cryptocurrencies and digital assets are concerned.

XRP Price Enter Sideways Trading After Promising Start to 2019

In the world of cryptocurrencies and digital assets, future market movements are always very difficult to predict. While many people have high hopes for the XRP price in this regard, although it is evident the market is subject to some bearish pressure at this time. No major changes should occur today or tomorrow, although there are still some concerns regarding the circulating supply. XRP Price Enters Sideways Trading The start of 2019 has been rather intriguing for all cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

Ethereum Overtakes XRP to Most Valuable Altcoin, Gains 80% in Last Two Weeks

After one and a half months trailing XRP as the most valuable altcoin, Ethereum has finally returned to its position. Ethereum lost the position on November 15, which coincided with the Bitcoin Cash hard fork. However, a major bull rally in the past four days has helped the currency eclipse XRP again, with a margin of $500,000. The currency has also hit the very critical $150 level again, for the first time since Christmas Eve.

XRP Price Holding Support at $0.36 – Less Than 24 Hours Left in 2018

We are coming to the last stretch for 2018. For people in the United States there are less than 24 hours left before the New Year. At this point we can safely say that the $589 EOY prediction for XRP is not going to happen. At the time of writing XRP is holding support at $0.36 as crypto markets remain stagnant. While the $589 prediction was fun to entertain a few months ago, Zerp_Hound seemed to have the right idea back in September saying that while possible, the prediction is highly unlikely.

Crypto Market Update: Still Bleeding, When Will It End?

With the New Year almost upon us, the cryptocurrency market doesn’t look all that exciting. The global market cap dropped around $16 billion in the past 24 hours from $146 billion to the current cap of $130 billion. The good news is, while most cryptocurrencies are in the red, the price drops aren’t significant. Bitcoin, XRP, and Ethereum are down roughly 1-2% which isn’t something to be concerned about. Bitcoin Cash is also taking a bit of a beating dropping almost 4% in the past 24 hours.

XRP Price Down as Markets Turn Sour Once Again

Ever since Christmas eve, cryptocurrency markets have been changing directions every single day. After peaking at $0.44 earlier this week, XRP has been looking for support ever since. Currently XRP is trading at $0.36, down roughly 3% in the past 24 hours. Other than a huge price spike of over 50% back in September, XRP has been following the overall cryptocurrency market trends throughout 2018.

Kraken Adds Margin Trading for XRP – Criticized on Twitter for the Naming Convention

Kraken – a San Francisco based cryptocurrency exchange founded in 2011 – announced in a blog post earlier today that it’s adding XRP and BCH margin trading to its platform. These news come amid a trend where exchanges and other platforms are adding XRP support. Last week Binance added XRP as a base currency, and eToro integrated XRP into their wallet.

Биржа Kraken открыла маржинальную торговлю Bitcoin Cash и XRP

Популярная биткоин-биржа Kraken запустила в субботу, 29 декабря, маржинальные торги с Bitcoin Cash и XRP. We have enabled margin trading for Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Ripple (XRP)! The addition expands our margin offering to 8 assets. Read more on our blog: https://t.

XRP Price – Market Frozen In Time

The past 24 hours have been extremely boring when it comes to XRP and cryptocurrency markets overall. The global market cap remains at $127 billion and it looks like the market is frozen in time. New Years is coming up next week and it is likely the market is waiting for 2019 before making any major moves. After briefly testing support at the $0.38 level, currently XRP is trading at $0.