XLM Price Returns to $0.11 as SatoshiPay Rolls out Validator Nodes

Based on this weekend’s cryptocurrency momentum, the coming days and weeks may prove to get quite interesting after all. Despite some medium-sized setbacks on late Friday and throughout most of Saturday, it seems the situation is improving gradually. For the Stellar price, things, are looking quite good right now following some much-needed gains across the board. A Healthy Stellar Price Jump After another rough start to the year, it seems the cryptocurrency and digital asset markets may finally go through some positive momentum next week.

XLM Price Spurt Demotes Litecoin to #7 in Market Cap Rankings

Not too much exciting price action is taking place across the cryptocurrency markets as of right now. Bitcoin is firmly in the green yet most other markets note smaller gains over the past few hours. One interesting development comes in the form of the XLM price, as Stellar Lumens has overtaken Litecoin in market cap once again. XLM Price Surge Seems Legit Every time the Bitcoin price tends to gain some decent value, one has to wonder how all alternative markets will respond.

XLM Price Comes Under Pressure at the $0.12 Level

As most of the top cryptocurrencies and digital assets face a bit of an impending setback right now, it may prove challenging to find coins which can hold their own. Stellar Lumens, or XLM, is usually one of the more stable assets on the market. It still clings to some early morning gains, but it appears there will be a small dip to push the value down to $0.12 fairly soon. XLM Price Seeks Stability at $0.12 It has become more than apparent all cryptocurrency and digital assets will face a correction in the near future.

XLM Price Struggles to Reach $0.12 as Quick Gains Have Little Support

Weekends are usually not the most interesting period for cryptocurrency trading. More often than not, the markets go through another massive correction. This weekend is shaping up a bit differently so far, although no conclusions should be drawn at this time. In the case of Stellar price, things are looking quite good, at least for the time being. Stellar Price Reaches for $0.12 Although Stellar Lumens are not one’s typical cryptocurrency by any means, the project itself is quite successful.

Can The XLM Price Remain Above $0.15 for More than a Day?

Today is proving to be another difficult day for all cryptocurrencies and digital assets. Considering how things are not looking all that great on the hourly charts things can easily swing in either direction. For the XLM price, the recent uptrend pushed the value above $0.15 again, even though there is no gain or loss in BTC value. That makes for an interesting trend in many different ways.   XLM Price Reclaims $0.15 for now The past week has been rather disastrous for most cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

XLM Price Drops off a Cliff Following 20% Loss

It is evident there are a lot of currencies people would love to see succeed in the years to come. Unfortunately, that may be a bigger uphill battle than most people anticipated at first, although things can always turn around in quick succession. For the XLM price, things are not looking too great, as a massive decline has been recorded in the past few hours. Sustaining the $0.15 is effectively impossible at this time. XLM Price Woes Aren’t Over Yet None of the top cryptocurrencies or digital assets note any real growth in this week.

XLM Price Retakes $0.25 and Follows XRP’s Upward Trend

A lot of interesting price momentum can be found within the cryptocurrency and digital asset industry as of right now. More specifically, a lot of people keep an en eye on the XRP price, although Stellar’s XLM is also doing a great job at the same time. This makes for a very competitive market first and foremost,  and it also helps all other markets recover a bit moving forward. XLM Price Hits $0.25 Again For most digital assets and altcoins, the year 2018 has been filled with numerous ups and downs.

XLM Price Surges Despite Hard Fork Scam Concerns

In the world of cryptocurrencies and digital assets, things are looking a bit bleak once again. Weekends are hardly known for positive trading momentum, and this time around is not all that different. The Stellar price is on the rise a bit, although the value may struggle a bit to reach $0.3 again. Some recent ecosystem developments also have people on edge, for obvious reasons. Stellar Price Momentum Looks Intriguing It is always difficult to determine where the markets are headed over the weekend.

XLM Price Rises Again as $0.25 Provides Stable Support

As most of the cryptocurrency markets still remain in the red after the most recent correction, it is evident the chasing of profits intensifies. For altcoin speculators, Stellar appears to be checking a lot of right boxes. Its uptrend in USD and BTC value hasn’t gone by unnoticed, although retaking $0.3 will be quite out of reach. Stellar Price is Making a Big Move Although it is difficult to sustain any profits in the cryptocurrency industry throughout 2018, there are still opportunities materializing on a regular basis.

XLM Price Commences Push to $0.25 as Trezor Support Sparks Excitement

It would appear this weekend is off to a somewhat good start where the top cryptocurrencies are concerned. Most of the top 10 coins and assets are in the green, albeit some a bit more spectacularly than others. Stellar’s XLM appears to be making some moves again, a sits value seems to be heading to $0.25 once again. XLM Price is Trying to Push Through Resistance It has become apparent weekends are usually filled with unusual trading momentum for the top cryptocurrencies.