Stellar Price Rises by 5% Following IBM and Stronghold News

There is a lot of interesting crypto market price momentum at this time.

Stellar Price Continues Bull run as Other Markets Crumble

As the bearish market conditions in full force, it will be interesting to see how the different markets digest this sudden turn of events.

Stellar Price Continues its Rise as $0.1 Level Acts as new Support

Yesterday was a very promising day for nearly all cryptocurrencies.

Stellar Blasts Through Resistance, Climbs Over 10%

Everyone’s been hit hard in the past several months, but that’s been especially true for Stellar.

Stellar Price Notes Promising Uptrend as Other Markets Start to Slip

Heading into the weekend, it would appear there will be plenty of bearish momentum to go around.

Stellar Price Moves up as $0.09 Should be an Easy Target

It is always complicated to make sense of cryptocurrency markets during the weekend.

Stellar Price Starts Moving up Following HTC Exodus 10 News

It would appear today will be another very interesting day for all cryptocurrencies, tokens, and digital assets.

Stellar Price Loses More Ground Across the Board

The going has gotten rather tough in the world of cryptocurrencies these past few days.

XLM Price Spurt Demotes Litecoin to #7 in Market Cap Rankings

Not too much exciting price action is taking place across the cryptocurrency markets as of right now. Bitcoin is firmly in the green yet most other markets note smaller gains over the past few hours. One interesting development comes in the form of the XLM price, as Stellar Lumens has overtaken Litecoin in market cap once again. XLM Price Surge Seems Legit Every time the Bitcoin price tends to gain some decent value, one has to wonder how all alternative markets will respond.

Stellar Price Down 10% but Fighting EOS for the Top 5 Spot

Ever since the bull run on December 17th various cryptocurrencies have been overtaking each other for their spots on the top 10 ladder. In the case of Stellar and EOS, the two have been fighting for the top position since last month. In mid November Stellar overtook EOS for the top 5 spot, then on December 17th EOS overtook Stellar for the top 4 spot.

XLM Price Comes Under Pressure at the $0.12 Level

As most of the top cryptocurrencies and digital assets face a bit of an impending setback right now, it may prove challenging to find coins which can hold their own. Stellar Lumens, or XLM, is usually one of the more stable assets on the market. It still clings to some early morning gains, but it appears there will be a small dip to push the value down to $0.12 fairly soon. XLM Price Seeks Stability at $0.12 It has become more than apparent all cryptocurrency and digital assets will face a correction in the near future.

EOS Overtakes Stellar Lumens (XLM) for the Top 4 Spot

With today’s market action, we are seeing the price of most cryptocurrencies rise on average about 10%. EOS is leading the rally with an over 23% gain in the past 24 hours. The recent price spike for EOS also meant that it overtook Stellar Lumens in the top 4 spot by marketcap. What is EOS Exactly? One thing many people didn’t know is that EOS did in fact have an ICO, and the value of the tokens raised amounted to roughly $4 billion.

Can The XLM Price Remain Above $0.15 for More than a Day?

Today is proving to be another difficult day for all cryptocurrencies and digital assets. Considering how things are not looking all that great on the hourly charts things can easily swing in either direction. For the XLM price, the recent uptrend pushed the value above $0.15 again, even though there is no gain or loss in BTC value. That makes for an interesting trend in many different ways.   XLM Price Reclaims $0.15 for now The past week has been rather disastrous for most cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

XLM Price Surges Despite Hard Fork Scam Concerns

In the world of cryptocurrencies and digital assets, things are looking a bit bleak once again. Weekends are hardly known for positive trading momentum, and this time around is not all that different. The Stellar price is on the rise a bit, although the value may struggle a bit to reach $0.3 again. Some recent ecosystem developments also have people on edge, for obvious reasons. Stellar Price Momentum Looks Intriguing It is always difficult to determine where the markets are headed over the weekend.

Blockchain Wallet Announces $125m Airdrop of XLM Tokens

It does not happen all that often popular cryptocurrency wallet providers airdrop a boatload of tokens. In the case of Blockchain, one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency wallets, the airdrop makes a lot of sense. Their upcoming support for Stellar’s XLM allows the company to give away $125m worth of this asset to users. Free Money Comes to Blockchain Wallet Users It is quite interesting to see how Blockchain will be given away millions worth of XLM tokens to wallet users.
Blockchain запускает раздачу токенов Stellar за прохождение идентификаци

Blockchain запускает раздачу токенов Stellar за прохождение идентификаци

New Trezor Firmware Beta Confirms XLM Support is Being Finalized

Hardware wallets play an integral role in the world of cryptocurrencies and it seems rather unlikely that situation will change in the near future. However, these providers will undeniably need to support additional currencies over time. A new beta update of the Trezor wallet confirms Stellar support will be integrated fairly soon. A somewhat surprising, but welcomed development. Trezor Prepares for XLM Support The world of cryptocurrency consists of so many more elements than just Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Stellar Price Could Bounce Back Sooner Than Other Currencies

As all cryptocurrencies try to find their own pace once again, it appears Stellar may be one of the first in the top 10 to rebound. Its deficit over Bitcoin has almost been negated, which can easily turn into a net USD gain over the coming hours. How the Stellar price will evolve exactly, is always difficult to predict given these circumstances. Stellar Price Momentum is Brewing Although it seems yesterday evening’s market setback will not keep most top cryptocurrencies down for very long, the big question is which coin will recover first.