VeChain Price Moves Up Despite “Fake Wallets” Claims

It has been a rather interesting week for all cryptocurrency and digital asset markets.

VeChain Price Gains Momentum as $0.005 Looms Ahead

Even though it seemed as if the cryptocurrency markets would see a big retrace in the coming hours, that may not necessarily be the case after all. In fact, the hourly charts for all big currencies look rather promising once again, which can easily trigger some noteworthy price changes. For VeChain price watcher,s this weekend may prove to be rather interesting for many different reasons. VeChain Price Trend Turns Bullish It is always interesting to see how different cryptocurrencies respond to the current market movements.

VeChain Price Uptrend Continues due to Real-World Technology Potential

All of the major cryptocurrency markets continue to note impressive gains as more time progresses. Further down the rankings, most of the altcoins also remain firmly in the green, which is a very promising sight to behold. VeChain continues to truck along nicely, primarily because things are clicking together behind the scenes. VeChain Price Climbs Higher It is evident there are a lot of opportunities in the cryptocurrency industry these days.

VeChain Price Dips to $0.01 Amid Foundation’s Partnership Confusion

Although it seemed as if there was some positive momentum brewing yesterday, most markets are subdued once again. VeChain is no different in this regard, as its value is still heading own. In fact, there is a good chance VET will drop below $0.01 in the coming hours, unless something changes drastically. VeChain Price Momentum Isn’t Impressive It has become increasingly difficult to find any cryptocurrency which can sustain an uptrend for more than a few hours.

VeChain Price Set for big Boost Through OceanEX, China, and Video Gaming

There is plenty of green across the top 20 cryptocurrencies by market cap at this stage. Although this mainly pertains to minuscule gains, it is evident something interesting might happen later this week. For VeChain, a new round of positive developments can easily catapult the price back to $0.015. VeChain Price Could Get a big Nudge It has been a relatively boring weekend for VeChain, although that applies to virtually all other cryptocurrencies as well.

VeChain Price Seems Poised for Bigger Gains as Ecosystem Continues to Grow

The past few weeks have been relatively quiet for VeChain, primarily because the price of its native token hasn’t seen any major changes. That situation is seemingly coming to change fairly soon, as the current price trend looks rather promising first and foremost. Sustaining any uptrend has been challenging in 2018 so far. VeChain Price Trend Shows Promise It has been a while since people seemed to get excited about the VET price.