Twitch Silently Removes Bitcoin Support for Channel Subscriptions

Ensuring the mass adoption of Bitcoin and altcoins becomes a reality is an ongoing struggle.

Twitch прекратил принимать платежи в криптовалюте

Принадлежащий Amazon видеостриминговый сервис Twitch убрал возможность оплаты подписок при помощи криптовалют. На это обратил внимание один из пользователей Reddit. Twitch silently removed Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash as a payment method for subscriptions from btc По его словам, ранее у Twitch была доступна опция оплаты подписок при помощи криптовалют биткоин и Bitcoin Cash (BCH) при посредничестве процессинга BitPay.

Bitcoin Cash Donations Through HandCash Help Feed This Chicken Coop on Twitch

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts often wonder if and why Bitcoin Cash is used as a payment method. Several key developments in the ecosystem have made it easier to transact in BCH. One particular project on Twitch, while rather niche, seems to confirm Bitcoin Cash is a more than viable payment method. Time to feed the chickens! Bitcoin Cash for Chickens Every “‘mainstream” venture involving cryptocurrencies looks awkward at first.