Tron Price Keeps Getting Hammered Across the Board

Tron Price Keeps Getting Hammered Across the Board

As the bearish pressure shows no immediate signs of relenting just yet, there remains a fair bit of uncertainty across the cryptocurrency markets. Even the Tron price is going down significantly, with the hourly chart still looking very bearish at this time. Tron Price Keeps Taking Hits Not too many people will be surprised to see Bitcoin dipping slightly in the red over the past few hours. This dip was coming for some time now, yet it has only materialized today.
Tron Price Resumes Bearish Trend as TRX/BTC Drops Below 500 Satoshi

Tron Price Resumes Bearish Trend as TRX/BTC Drops Below 500 Satoshi

It would appear everything is proceeding as planned in the rather volatile cryptocurrency world. Most of the markets are either in the green or not tiny losses which is not all that worrisome. The Tron price is also heading south, primarily because the hourly charts continue to add minute bearish pressure to the overall trend. Tron Price Momentum Doesn’t Look Promising It is only normal some crypto market swill suffer from a retrace of sorts during the weekend.
Tron Price Bites the Dust as Bears Shake up all Markets

Tron Price Bites the Dust as Bears Shake up all Markets

The bearish cryptocurrency momentum affecting most, if not all markets, is taking its toll on some of the top altcoins. When Bitcoin puts on the brakes in an aggressive manner, other markets tend to follow suit pretty quickly. If the Tron price is any example of what is yet to come, today will not be a good day by any means. Its value has absolutely tanked and continues to drift lower every hour. Tron Price Momentum Continues to Sour It is rather uncommon to see a market on the level of Tron lose so much value in very quick succession.
Tron Price Continues Uptrend Following TronLink & CoinTigerEx News

Tron Price Continues Uptrend Following TronLink & CoinTigerEx News

As one would come to expect, today is shaping up to be an interesting day for all cryptocurrency markets. With no real indicative momentum to take note of, markets can easily swing either way without too many problems. The Tron price is still going strong right now, as its gains have remained intact. Other markets were not as successful, but that is somewhat to be expected at this time. Tron Price Trains Keeps Going Strong When it comes to the individual cryptocurrency markets, they can either follow Bitcoin’s lead by example – for better or worse – or do their own thing altogether.
Tron Price Gains Over 8% in Renewed Bullish Push

Tron Price Gains Over 8% in Renewed Bullish Push

With so much cryptocurrency market momentum to keep an eye on, money can be earned or lost fairly quickly. Today offers a bit of a mixed bag in terms of markets rising and declining in quick succession. While Bitcoin remains rather bullish,  the Tron price is one of the biggest rises of today. A very impressive trend, albeit one that may be difficult to sustain. Tron Price Continues its Uptrend It is always good to see crypto markets resume their promising momentum after an action-packed weekend.
Tron Price Turns Bearish as TRX/BTC Gets Battered

Tron Price Turns Bearish as TRX/BTC Gets Battered

It quickly becomes apparent not all of the cryptocurrency markets will see bullish momentum as the day progresses. As far as the Tron price is concerned, the current trend is incredibly bearish first and foremost. Big losses in USD and BTC value alike are making this market seem less appealing by the minute. Overcoming these setbacks is not impossible, though, but it will pose its own set of challenges. Tron Price Gets a Beating Although most people expected something entirely different, a lot of crypto markets are suddenly in bearish mode once again.

Tron Price Gains 11% yet TRX/BTC Faces Plenty of Pressure

It is safe to say a lot of cryptocurrency enthusiasts will be keeping a close eye on the price charts throughout the day.

Tron Price Fights to Survive Outrage Following Justin Sun’s “Botched” Tesla Giveaway

Not all of the top markets tend to follow Bitcoin’s bearish price trend at this time.

Tron Price Gains 5% as Justin Sun’s First Car Giveaway Ended

With so much green across all cryptocurrency charts, it almost feels surreal when looking at individual prices at this time.

Tron Price Loses 3% Despite eToro Listing and Topping dApp User Growth Charts

When the bearish pressure affecting the top cryptocurrencies does not relent on a Monday morning, things are not looking all that great.

Tron Price Shows Bullish Signs yet Traders Expect a big Retrace

When it comes to the different cryptocurrencies, tokens, and assets on the market today, there will be some interesting trends to take note of.

Tron Price Suffers Slight dip Despite Smart Contract and dApp Volume Growth

Although some of the bearish market momentum has begun to relent once again, it seems unlikely most markets will note any sort of positive momentum throughout today.

Tron Price Turns Slightly Bearish Following OKEx C2C Listing Announcement

Earlier today, it seemed as if some of the top markets would suddenly start to turn bearish again.

Tron Price Moves us Swiftly Following TRC-20 USDT News

In the world of cryptocurrency, everything seems to stand or fall with Bitcoin these days.

Tron Price Comes Under Pressure Despite Hitting 2 Million Accounts Milestone

When it rains, it pours, even in the cryptocurrency industry.

Tron Price Continues Bearish Trend Despite Protocol Upgrade Announcement

Now that all of the markets have turned incredibly bearish, all of the positivity has left the industry once again.

Tron Price Begins Moving up yet Traders Expected More

With the weekend almost upon the cryptocurrency industry, bullish momentum is in high demand.

Bullish Tron Price Momentum Yields Significant TRX/BTC Gains

After a somewhat brutal Sunday for cryptocurrency and digital asset markets, it quickly became evident this week would be off to a rough start. So far, that concept still holds true, as a lot of the top markets remain in the red. One notable exception is the Tron price, as it seems to buck the overall bearish trend. Given some of the recent ecosystem developments, that shouldn’t come as a big surprise. New Tron Price Uptrend was Expected Any cryptocurrency or digital asset is only as strong as its community and the ongoing developments.

Surprising Tron Price Uptrend Gets Speculators Excited

When most of the top cryptocurrencies are in the red or marginally in the green, there usually isn’t much to talk about. Today is a bit of a different day in this regard, as the Tron price is effectively rising in value pretty quickly. Some see this as a major breakout for Tron, whereas others are not too convinced this run will last very long. Even so, speculators are getting quite excited and offer some very appealing price targets. How High can the Tron price go? It is always interesting to see how some currencies tend to buck the overall crypto market trend.

Massive Network Growth Pushes Tron Price Higher

These are very interesting times for the cryptocurrency industry. After a brutal year in 2018, it seems 2019 will offer a few glimmers of hope. The Tron price is following yesterday’s predicted pattern and now finds itself in the target range for traders and speculators. As such, keeping the current uptrend alive will pose its own set of challenges first and foremost. TRON Price Uptrend Continues It quickly became apparent there were high hopes for the Tron price yesterday.

Tron Price Speculators Expect Another 20% Gain

There are plenty of interesting developments worth keeping an eye on in the cryptocurrency industry. While most people hardly look beyond the top 3 ranked by market cap, the entire industry is showing various signs of life. In the case of Tron, its price is firmly above $0.02 again, which will undoubtedly please a lot of investors. Tron Price Momentum Looks Promising It is evident the coming days and weeks will prove to be crucial for both Bitcoin as well as all altcoins on the market today.

Tron Price Dips in the Red Following Fresh Bearish Momentum

All cryptocurrencies will seemingly be subjected to a fresh round of bearish momentum in the coming hours and days. The hourly charts have looked relatively weak all morning, and it seems most of yesterday’s gains will be wiped out fairly soon. The Tron price is one of the first to budge, as its losses in USD and BTC value are already piling up rather quickly. Tron Price Starts to Slide Again Although yesterday was a very promising day for Bitcoin, digital assets, and alternative currencies, Mondays usually offer something entirely different.

What TRON’s $100 Million Blockchain Gaming Fund Indicates

One of the first use cases first explored by member of the cryptocurrency community was the role of crypto in video games. Unfortunately, the most recent wave of blockchain games has primarily fallen flat. What effect could the TRON Arcade fund have on this pivotal niche? On November 29th, TRON announced a three year, US$100 million investment fund.

TRON Price Decline Continues Despite Positive Ecosystem Developments

Nearly all cryptocurrencies remain in the red for the time being. That is an unfortunate development, although the momentum will turn around eventually. One currency struggling quite a bit is TRON, as the altcoin is not finding any stable ground lately. The most recent push to surpass $0.023 was pushed down in violent fashion, and a new attempt might not materialize soon. TRON Price Continues to dip Lower When Bitcoin bleeds value, all other altcoins will follow suit in fairly quick succession.
«Децентрализованность» TRON сделает эту криптомонету ценной бумагой

«Децентрализованность» TRON сделает эту криптомонету ценной бумагой

Всё-таки важно чётко договариваться о понятиях. Есть два термина — «демократия» и «децентрализованность». Что показывает пример TRON? В процессе миграции этих криптомонет на собственный блокчейн основатель криптовалюты Джастин Сан придумал затеять выборы в управляющие органы сети.