Is it Worth Shorting Cryptocurrencies With Trading Bots?

As the cryptocurrency industry remains subject to a lot of bearish price pressure, it would appear the demand to short these assets is increasing. For most users, this process needs to be automated as well. Some trading bots on the market allow for such functionality, although it is always risky to engage in such financial activities. Shorting Cryptocurrency Makes Sense To users who only want to make money with Bitcoin and altcoins, any opportunity to do so will be worth exploring.

Beware of the BitMEX Trading bot Scam on Telegram

Even though Bitcoin has been around for over 10 years now, cryptocurrency scams are still claiming many victims. It is somewhat uncanny how easy it can be to trick people into giving up their credentials or funds in exchange for services they might not even need. One new scam is currently making the rounds, and it involves an alleged BitMEX trading bot. BitMEX Bot and VIP Group Scam Offer In the world of cryptocurrency, trading bots have started to play an increasing role of importance.