Bitcoin ABC Still Leads But Bitcoin SV Is Catching Up, Both Mining At Losses

Bitcoin Cash went through its hard fork on Thursday, November 15 at 17:52 UTC after the mining of block number 556,767. Almost two days later, the two factions that remain are Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin SV. While SV had the lead in mining power before the split at over 70 percent, the tables turned immediately the fork activated and ABC took the lead straight away. ABC has held on to that lead, at one point being 50 blocks ahead. However, SV has been quickly catching up in the past 24 hours, at one point being only 6 blocks behind.

Is the Bitcoin Cash Fork Having a Negative Impact on the Crypto Space?

Bitcoin cash – often referred to as bitcoin’s “bastard son” or the baby brother of bitcoin – is set to undergo a hard fork on Thursday, November 15, 2018, which some allege is bearing down on the cryptocurrency space. Bitcoin cash was itself the result of a bitcoin hard fork in August of 2017. At just over a year old, the currency is the youngest of the world’s top five cryptocurrencies but has already developed a solid legion of fans including Roger Ver, who went from being a bitcoin evangelist to one of bitcoin cash’s biggest supporters.

Craig Wright Fooled Me: Roger Ver States As Tension Looms Over The Upcoming Hard Fork

By now, everyone in the cryptocurrency industry is aware of the upcoming Bitcoin Cash hard fork. The currency – which is itself a hard fork of Bitcoin – has been on the spotlight in the recent past as two factions have emerged with different ideas on its future. While much of the disagreement has been civil, it has emerged that the leader of one faction, Craig Wright, has escalated the issue.
Селебрити привлекают своих фанатов в блокчейн

Селебрити привлекают своих фанатов в блокчейн

Сейчас проходит ICO TokenStars TEAM – блокчейн-платформы, которая объединяет звёзд спорта и индустрии развлечений с фанатами и рекламодателями.

‘Bitcoin Creator’ Craig Wright Claims 2018 Will Be the Year of Bitcoin Cash

Australian businessman Craig Wright, infamous for two separate stints as the self-proclaimed creator of the flagship cryptocurrency Bitcoin, recently tweeted out that 2018 will be the year in which Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is brought to its full potential, as limits to what it can achieve won’t be there, and security will be improved.

Bitcoin Community Raises Over $1.6 Million For Andreas Antonopoulos

The bitcoin community has raised more than $1.

Game Over? Steam No Longer Accepts Bitcoin Due to High Fees and Volatility

Valve’s popular gaming and digital distribution platform Steam started accepting bitcoin payments back in April 2016, when the cryptocurrency was trading at about $450.’s Mobile Bitcoin Wallet Now Defaults to Bitcoin Cash’s Mobile Bitcoin Wallet Now Defaults to Bitcoin Cash’s mobile bitcoin wallet now automatically defaults to bitcoin cash, in what appears to be the latest play in Roger Ver’s “Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin” campaign.’s Mobile Bitcoin Wallet Defaults to Bitcoin Cash Source: Bitcoin.
‘Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin,’ Roger Ver and Calvin Ayre Declare

‘Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin,’ Roger Ver and Calvin Ayre Declare

Bitcoin cash proponents Roger Ver and Calvin Ayre have announced a plan to use their influence and considerable wealth to rebrand bitcoin cash as “bitcoin”. Ver, an early bitcoin investor once nicknamed “Bitcoin Jesus”, has incurred the ire of much of the bitcoin community over the past several years, primarily due to his repeated support for contentious hard forks associated with the evolving block size debate. He owns and operates, a news and information outlet that critics claim gives new users the impression that it is an official Bitcoin resource.