Qtum Price Remains Above $4 While Other Markets Run out of Steam

As all cryptocurrency markets start to lose some of their initial profits, the focus shifts to those currencies which are still firmly in the green. Most altcoins are losing value against Bitcoin, although there are some notable exceptions. Qtum is still going rather strong at this stage, as it maintains a value of over $4 with relative ease. Qtum Price Momentum Remains Intact It is not abnormal to see all cryptocurrencies lose a bit of their initial momentum.

Qtum Price Surpasses $4 as Uptrend Remains Firmly Intact

This weekend has proven to be quite successful for altcoin holders and speculators. On Friday, it became apparent Qtum would hit $4 over the weekend. That has now taken place, albeit it remains to be seen what will happen next now that this milestone has been reached. Sustaining such a price level is always a bit challenging, especially over the weekends. Qtum Price Trend Remains Intact It is quite intriguing to note how altcoins appear to be thriving during this particular weekend.