NYA Signatory Bitso: SegWit2x a Chain Split, ‘Not a Blockchain Upgrade’

Another signatory to the New York Agreement (NYA) is having second thoughts about SegWit2x. Daniel Vogel, co-founder and president of Mexican bitcoin exchange Bitso, sent an email to the SegWit2x mailing list on Thursday expressing hesitancy about the upcoming hard fork that is scheduled to activate in approximately two weeks.

Bitcoin and Gold Exchange Vaultoro Withdraws from New York Agreement

Bitcoin and allocated gold order book exchange Vaultoro has withdrawn support for the New York Agreement (NYA), citing the absence of opt-out replay protection from the proposed SegWit2x hard fork. Vaultoro Withdraws NYA Support Vaultoro co-founder Joshua Scigala made the announcement on Twitter, stating that the company had signed the NYA to “help dislodge the stalemate” between the different camps in the scaling debate.

‘We Are All Part of Consensus’: Bitcoin Communities in Brazil and Argentina Condemn SegWit2x

Bitcoin communities in Brazil and Argentina have issued a joint statement opposing the SegWit2x hard fork mandated by the New York Agreement (NYA). The statement, which is signed by both local bitcoin associations and crypto startups including Bitsendal, Blinktrade, and Coinkite, opens by expressing the belief that NYA signatories entered into the agreement with the noble intention of improving bitcoin’s scalability.