NEO Price Drops by 5% as Bears Take Control

It is very difficult to find any real promising momentum in the cryptocurrency industry right now.

NEO Price Gains 12% Despite Malcolm Lerider Departure

All of the top cryptocurrency markets are undergoing some positive developments in the price department. How long this momentum will be sustained, is always difficult to predict. In the case of NEO, the current uptrend is quite steep, even though no one knows why that is exactly. Reaching a value of $10 might be a stretch too far, but staying above $9 shouldn’t pose major problems. NEO Price Surge Intensifies A lot of cryptocurrency speculators and enthusiasts have high hopes for a major market recovery in 2019.

NEO Price Targets $8 Following 12% Jump

It is a bit of a wild Sunday in the world of cryptocurrency trading. No one really expected more bullish momentum, yet that is exactly what has materialized these past few hours. The NEO price, for example, is going through an interesting run right now. Its value sits near $7.75 and could even touch $8 before the day is over. NEO Price Momentum Looks Promising As is always the case when cryptocurrency momentum turns bullish, one has to wonder when the good times will come to an end.
NEO Price Surges After Founder Says Government Collaboration ‘Possible’

NEO Price Surges After Founder Says Government Collaboration ‘Possible’

The NEO price surged on Monday after Dutch financial news outlet Het Financieele Dagblad published an interview with NEO founder Da Hongfei. In the interview, which was partially translated into English by Yicai Global, Da makes several significant statements about China’s crackdown on cryptocurrency. First, he reveals that Chinese regulators consulted with him for information and suggestions prior to announcing the official ban on initial coin offerings (ICOs) and subsequently issuing verbal shutdown orders to cryptocurrency exchanges.