NEM Price Rises as Developers Seek Public Feedback Regarding Catapult

As today’s rather uneasy cryptocurrency market momentum continues, it remains to be seen what the future will hold for most markets.

NEM Price Targets $0.05 but Lacks Convincing Trading Volume

It appears most of the bearish momentum forming earlier today has evaporated once again.

NEM Price Rises Quickly as Traders Target $0.05

As is always the case in the cryptocurrency world, the markets will shift into a higher gear on a dime.

NEM Price Charges Ahead Following 13% Gain

The year 2018 has been one with mixed momentum for most cryptocurrencies and digital assets. NEM Is one of the big examples in this regard, as its initial hype has all but evaporated over the past few months. Today, it is one of the strongest risers in the market cap top 15, as its value has surpassed the $0.08 mark once again. NEM Price Makes Big Boy Moves Considering how last week was filled with so much negative pressure, it is all the more interesting to see currencies such as NEM make a big move once again.

NEM Price Bulls Remain in Control as $0.12 Level Offers no Resistance

A lot of cryptocurrency traders and speculators were surprised by the NEM price uptrend yesterday. That is only normal, as this market noted stronger gains than the entire top 15 combined. As such, one usually wonders how long the trend remains in place. So far, things are still looking pretty good, as the surge simply continues. A very solid push upward, although no other markets appear to be following suit. NEM Price Rush Isn’t Over For the longest time throughout 2018, all altcoin markets have remained subdued.

NEM Price Turns Uber Bullish as Coincheck Provides Good News

Whereas most of the top cryptocurrencies are still struggling for traction, interesting developments take place just outside the top 15 The NEM price is going through a very bullish rally right now, primarily because Coincheck has officially resumed trading services for this altcoin. This appears to bring a lot of positive momentum to the New Economy Movement market, as the gains are piling up quickly. NEM Price Surge Intensifies It has been a while since people actively discussed the NEM price in a positive manner.

NEM Price Surpasses $0.1 Following Expansion Into Australia

This week is already off to a good start for a few alternative cryptocurrencies. While most people have kept tabs on the top altcoins and some lower-cap altcoins, this week may very well be all about NEM. Its value has risen above $0.1 again, and it seems the trend is only gathering more momentum as time progresses. NEM Price Makes a Strong Move It doesn’t happen all that often most altcoins can still note gains when a new week comes around.
NEM Price Leaps to All-Time High, But Investors Should Proceed With Caution

NEM Price Leaps to All-Time High, But Investors Should Proceed With Caution

The NEM price leaped to an all-time high on Friday, enabling the cryptocurrency to sneak back into the 10th spot in the market cap rankings.