BTCC Announces the

BTCC Announces the "Indefinite" Closure of Its Mining Pool

BTCC will be shutting down its mining pool by the end of the month. According to a recent notice made by the Hong Kong-based exchange, BTCC will deactivate its mining pool servers on November 15, 2018, and cease all operations entirely come November 30. Citing “business adjustments,” the notice was generally vague about the exact reason for this particular closure.

Bitcoin Gold Controversy Continues as Developer Allegedly Hides Mining Code, Pool Shuts Down

Bitcoin Gold (BTG), the controversial cryptocurrency that launched to little fanfare with the idealistic goal of “making bitcoin decentralized again” by creating an ASIC-resilient mining ecosystem, wherein the gap between GPU/CPU mining and ASIC mining is smaller, keeps making headlines. This week a BTG developer, Martin Kuvandzhiev, allegedly hid a 0.5% fee into a BTG mining pool, sending the funds directly to his wallet.

Japanese Company Will Launch New Bitcoin Mining Operation With 7 nm Chips

GMO Internet Group, a Japanese provider of a full spectrum of internet services for both the consumer and enterprise markets, is launching a new Bitcoin mining business utilizing next-generation 7 nanometer (7 nm) semiconductor chips. “[We] believe this new business has high potential for increasing corporate value in the future,” states the company.