Crypto Market Capitalization Hits 5-Month High Above $185 Billion

Crypto Market Capitalization Hits 5-Month High Above $185 Billion

The combined value of the cryptocurrency market rose to $185.89 billion earlier today, its highest level since Nov. 18. While that number has dropped slightly to $184 billion as of press time, the five-month high marks the 10th consecutive week with a bullish open above the prior candle close, meaning there has been a steady increase in value for crypto since the new year began. The majority of the crypto markets experienced positive growth toward the end of the previous close for the week April 1–7, thanks in part to bitcoin’s breakout last week.

EOS Price Surge Signals new Market Cap Flippening With Litecoin

Most of the top crypto markets are currently in the process of moving up again every so slightly.

XRP Market Cap Approaches $15bn Again Following Minor Gains

As the weekend almost draws to a close, all eyes are on the various cryptocurrency and digital asset markets. With Bitcoin in the green, most other assets and currencies lose BTC value, yet gain a bit in USD terms. For XRP, the USD gains and BTC losses are nearly the same, yet the market cap swiftly approaches $15bn once again. XRP Price Uptrend Goes Slow and Steady It still remains a bit unclear what the year 2019 will bring for Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP and other vehicles.

Tron and IOTA Are Valued at Less Than $1bn At This Time

As the cryptocurrency market onslaught continues for the second time this week, it has become evident the year 2018 will not end on a high in the slightest. The bigger problem is how some of the most promising – or hyped-up – projects are also dropping below the $1bn market cap level in quick succession. This further shows a lot of markets have been overbought in the past few months. The $1bn Market Cap Club Shrinks Further About a week and a half ago, it became obvious a lot of cryptocurrency projects lost traction with the $1bn club in quick succession.

Electroneum Price Rise can Push Altcoin Into Market Cap top 50

Under the current market circumstances, no real uptrend can be expected among major cryptocurrencies. As the total market cap continues to decline every single day, it is evident this latest slump may not be overcome that easily. For Electroneum on the other hand, things are not looking all that bad. Its value is in the green, and a re-entry into the market cap top 50 is very likely. Electroneum Price Shows Promise Considering how nearly all currencies in the top 50 are either in the red or barely in the green, there is not much to be excited about at this time.

Just 14 Cryptocurrencies are Valued at $1bn or More After Recent Market Onslaught

Numerous side effects become apparent when all major cryptocurrency markets go through a big drop. Last night’s round of events has caused some major shifts which have gone by unnoticed for some time now. That is not entirely uncommon, as most traders focus on singular markets first and foremost. The bigger picture tells quite an interesting tale. The $1bn Market cap Club Shrinks Over the past twelve months, the cryptocurrency markets have seen an influx of fresh capital, and an equally swift exit of money as well.

Bitcoin Market Cap Briefly Surpasses That of JPMorgan, World’s Largest Bank

Bitcoin’s market valuation briefly surpassed that of JPMorgan, the world’s largest bank, earlier today, on December 8.

Tech Sector Called Amazon a Bubble Since 1997; Bitcoin Sees Same Trend

Since 1997, for more than 20 years, the technology sector and so-called “analysts” have described Amazon, the $474 billion electronic commerce and cloud computing company, as a bubble. Analysts in the finance sector have treated Bitcoin in a similar way, since its launch in 2009. — Brent Beshore (@BrentBeshore) October 18, 2017 As Adventur.

$95 Billion: Bitcoin is Bigger than Goldman Sachs

On October 13, the market cap of Bitcoin surpassed that of Goldman Sachs after a meteoric rise in the past three days. With a market cap of $95 billion, Bitcoin surpassed Goldman Sachs by more than $3 billion. Goldman Sachs, the second largest investment bank in the world, has sustained a market cap of $92 billion throughout the past 12 months but has struggled to demonstrate an increase in growth in terms of market cap.