TD Ameritrade, NASDAQ Reportedly Offer BTC and LTC Paper Trades

TD Ameritrade, NASDAQ Reportedly Offer BTC and LTC Paper Trades

Online investment service TD Ameritrade might be giving its users simulated exposure to bitcoin and litecoin through a new, but not-yet-live, offering on NASDAQ. According to reports on social media, the brokerage platform is offering paper trades for bitcoin and litecoin through NASDAQ. Paper trading is a simulated form of trading that lets users exchange an asset without actually buying or selling it for real money (think of it like a testnet of sorts). In a tweet labeled “BREAKING,” the quantitative analyst “Cryptopolis” first sounded the horn on April 22, 2019, hastily claiming that “BTC is now being traded on the NASDAQ!” The Twitter user would later qualify in an updated tweet that the offering, demarcated by the symbol CXERX, is actually a paper trade holding no real value.
Litecoin Price Reverses Course as Drop to $75 Looms Ahead

Litecoin Price Reverses Course as Drop to $75 Looms Ahead

As was somewhat to be expected, there is a lot of bearish pressure across all of the different cryptocurrency markets. While this is not entirely surprising, it would appear the Litecoin price is facing a lot of negative pressure as of right now. Its price may very well drop below $75 in quick succession, but it seems unlikely any further decline will materialize. Litecoin Price Momentum Sours Significantly In the cryptocurrency world, weekends are usually interesting in many different ways.
Litecoin Price Maintains the $80 Level Following “Better Bitcoin Cash” Discussion

Litecoin Price Maintains the $80 Level Following “Better Bitcoin Cash” Discussion

As all cryptocurrency markets seem to truck along rather nicely, it will be interesting to see how things evolve in the coming hours. Some of the recent USD-based gains have been wiped out, primarily because of altcoins losing value over Bitcoin. The Litecoin price, while still clinging to the $80 support level, may see some bearish pressure as well in the coming hours. Litecoin Price Struggles to Stay Above $80 No one genuinely wants to see more bearish market momentum affecting the different cryptocurrencies, tokens, and assets.
Litecoin Price Heads Below $80 Following Major Dip

Litecoin Price Heads Below $80 Following Major Dip

When the Bitcoin price goes in the deep red without any real reason, the altcoins will be quick to follow. Although traders and investors do not like to see things heading down this path, there is little one can do about it at the current pace. The Litecoin price, while usually relatively stable, is also under a lot of pressure. Its value has dipped below $80 and could even drop below $75 in very quick succession. Litecoin Price Momentum Needs a Rebound While it is rather normal to see all cryptocurrency markets go through a correction of some sorts, no one expected losses of 10% or more for some of the top altcoins.
Litecoin Price Monster Run Continues as $100 Seems Within Reach

Litecoin Price Monster Run Continues as $100 Seems Within Reach

Positive market momentum is rather enjoyable to watch on a Saturday afternoon. At the same time, it tends to make a lot of people nervous, as they acknowledge this uptrend cannot be sustained indefinitely. At this rate, it seems to be a mere matter of time until the Litecoin price surpasses $100 again. There will be plenty of resistance before this happens, though., Where is the Litecoin Price Heading Next? It would appear as if Litecoin has suddenly become the talk of the cryptocurrency industry in this week-long bull run.
Litecoin Price Bull Run Pushes Value Closer to $90

Litecoin Price Bull Run Pushes Value Closer to $90

It is still relatively difficult to make sense of the cryptocurrency markets today. While the positive momentum has obviously returned, no one really knows how long this trend can be supported. For now, however, the main focus will be on the Litecoin price, for some. This particular altcoin is noting strong gains again as it attempts to break the $90 resistance once again. Can the Litecoin Price Push Through? It is only normal to see Litecoin benefit from Bitcoin’s renewed surge.
Litecoin Price Loses 13% yet Long-term Uptrend Remains Intact

Litecoin Price Loses 13% yet Long-term Uptrend Remains Intact

Bearish momentum can affect all major cryptocurrencies when people least expect it. As far as the current trend is concerned, it was a mere matter of time until the momentum soured. All markets are getting battered right now, with the Litecoin price losing nearly 12% in very quick succession. Turning this ship around will prove rather difficult. Litecoin Price Heads Below $85 Again A lot of cryptocurrency traders keep a small amount of Litecoin as part of their portfolio.

Litecoin Price Hits $67 as Bulls Have Officially Taken Over

A lot of unexpected bullish momentum is currently keeping the cryptocurrency markets in a tight grip.

Litecoin Price Turns Bearish yet Traders Predict LTC/USD Breakout

As was to be expected, virtually all of the top cryptocurrency markets have turned slightly bearish once again.

Litecoin Price Surpasses $61 as Bulls Regain Control

It appears yesterday afternoon’s positive trend is still in place for all of the top currencies at this time.

Litecoin Price Holds its own Above $60

The top cryptocurrency markets are not necessarily performing as expected.

Litecoin Price Resumes its Push to $60

When looking across all of the cryptocurrency, token, and asset markets, an interesting trend is taking shape.

Litecoin Price Resumes Push to $60 yet “Litecoin Bank” Idea Divides Community

It would appear most of the cryptocurrencies, tokens, and digital assets have successfully weathered the storm this morning.

Litecoin Price Surges Again as Major Whale Keeps Accumulating

As the cryptocurrency market momentum has caught its breath once again, all markets seem to be moving up rather nicely.

Litecoin Price Continues its Uptrend as $49 is a Plausible Target

Although the weekend is usually not the best period for cryptocurrency trading, it seems some interesting opportunities present themselves as of today.

Litecoin Price Reclaims the $47 Level yet Sell Pressure Seems to Intensify

There is still a lot of uneasy momentum keeping the cryptocurrency markets in its grip right now.

Litecoin Price Remains Bearish Despite Major Glory Kickboxing Partnership

It will be an interesting day for all cryptocurrencies, as the overall momentum remains on wobbly legs.

Litecoin Price Drops Below $47 as Violent Bearish Momentum Materializes

Even though nearly all crypto markets had seemingly engaged the pups this morning, the current hourly chart looks incredibly bleak.

Litecoin Price Surpasses $50 as Bulls Pull the Strings

Today has proven to be a very different day for trading cryptocurrencies.

Litecoin Price Increase Triggers Expectations of $50 and Higher

The year 2019 has been rather positive for Litecoin so far Although this currency is not necessarily known for groundbreaking technological innovations, it is a usable and viable network to store and transfer value.

Litecoin Price Surge can Push LTC’s Market Cap Past BCH and EOS

Not a day goes by in the cryptocurrency world without some developments taking people by surprise. This is especially true when looking at the prices for different currencies and assets. Litecoin’s price currently benefits from a brief uptrend, which puts it on track to potentially overtake both BCH and EOS in market cap. Promising Litecoin Price Trend Resumes Cryptocurrencies and digital assets usually see some odd trading behavior over the weekend.

Litecoin [LTC] Price Remains Stable for the Third Day Running

As is visible from the chart below, Litecoin has remained relatively stable over the course of the past 2-3 days— with the currency currently trading at a price point of $31.92 (at press time). However, around a week back, the top-10 altcoin was struggling to stay in the green while trading just above the $23 mark. Lastly, as per LTCs technical indicators, the altcoin is exhibiting strong bullish momentum right now— with the crypto asset currently hovering above its EMAs.

Litecoin Price Seeks Stability at $25 Despite new Drop

Today will undoubtedly prove to be an interesting day for all cryptocurrencies and digital assets. Although the hourly charts signal more bearish momentum is coming, the daily chart still looks pretty solid. For the Litecoin price, however, things are not heading in the right direction. A current drop to $25 is in effect, albeit that may not be the bottom for today. Litecoin Price Pressure Piles On It is not uncommon to see altcoins go in the red when Bitcoin looks incredibly fragile on the hourly chart.

Litecoin Price Drops Below $25 as Bearish Pressure Resumes

As the hourly cryptocurrency price charts start to look rather worrisome once again, the big question is how all markets will be affected. For the time being, there is still a lot of green across the charts, although that situation may not last much longer. The Litecoin price is already losing value again, as its $25 level cannot be sustained any longer. Litecoin Price Goes in the Red Again Yesterday evening, there was some genuine excitement regarding all cryptocurrency prices.

Minor Litecoin Price Momentum Keeps Market Cap Above $2bn

It has not been a good week for most cryptocurrencies so far. All markets lost significant value and the total market cap is down by several dozen billion. For Litecoin, things are not looking all that bad, even though the altcoin is currently unable to reclaim the $35 level as stable support. That situation may come to change sooner or later, assuming the trading volume picks up and Bitcoin doesn’t reverse course. Litecoin Price Shows Signs of Positive Momentum It has been a brutal first half of the week for all major cryptocurrencies.