Litecoin Price Surge can Push LTC’s Market Cap Past BCH and EOS

Not a day goes by in the cryptocurrency world without some developments taking people by surprise. This is especially true when looking at the prices for different currencies and assets. Litecoin’s price currently benefits from a brief uptrend, which puts it on track to potentially overtake both BCH and EOS in market cap. Promising Litecoin Price Trend Resumes Cryptocurrencies and digital assets usually see some odd trading behavior over the weekend.

Litecoin [LTC] Price Remains Stable for the Third Day Running

As is visible from the chart below, Litecoin has remained relatively stable over the course of the past 2-3 days— with the currency currently trading at a price point of $31.92 (at press time). However, around a week back, the top-10 altcoin was struggling to stay in the green while trading just above the $23 mark. Lastly, as per LTCs technical indicators, the altcoin is exhibiting strong bullish momentum right now— with the crypto asset currently hovering above its EMAs.

Litecoin Price Seeks Stability at $25 Despite new Drop

Today will undoubtedly prove to be an interesting day for all cryptocurrencies and digital assets. Although the hourly charts signal more bearish momentum is coming, the daily chart still looks pretty solid. For the Litecoin price, however, things are not heading in the right direction. A current drop to $25 is in effect, albeit that may not be the bottom for today. Litecoin Price Pressure Piles On It is not uncommon to see altcoins go in the red when Bitcoin looks incredibly fragile on the hourly chart.

Litecoin Price Drops Below $25 as Bearish Pressure Resumes

As the hourly cryptocurrency price charts start to look rather worrisome once again, the big question is how all markets will be affected. For the time being, there is still a lot of green across the charts, although that situation may not last much longer. The Litecoin price is already losing value again, as its $25 level cannot be sustained any longer. Litecoin Price Goes in the Red Again Yesterday evening, there was some genuine excitement regarding all cryptocurrency prices.

Minor Litecoin Price Momentum Keeps Market Cap Above $2bn

It has not been a good week for most cryptocurrencies so far. All markets lost significant value and the total market cap is down by several dozen billion. For Litecoin, things are not looking all that bad, even though the altcoin is currently unable to reclaim the $35 level as stable support. That situation may come to change sooner or later, assuming the trading volume picks up and Bitcoin doesn’t reverse course. Litecoin Price Shows Signs of Positive Momentum It has been a brutal first half of the week for all major cryptocurrencies.

Litecoin Price Stabilizes Near $55 Before the Next Uptrend Materializes

A lot of people had all but forgotten about Litecoin prior to the altcoin making some serious moves earlier in 2018. Although it may take a while until LTC surpasses $250 again, the current momentum isn’t half bad either. Gaining stability at the $55 level will be the first priority right now, as its rising trading volume should make that possible. The small loss over Bitcoin can become a slight concern, though. Litecoin Price Hits $55 at Last Although this has been coming for some time now, Litecoin has struggled a bit prior to reaching $55.

Litecoin Price Hits $55 as all Markets Prepare for a Major Rebound

As more and more traders start to chase quick profits, all cryptocurrency markets begin showing a healthy rebound all of a sudden. Litecoin is going through a hefty push, as its value tops $55 again for the first time in several weeks. This is a pretty interesting development, especially when considering how Bitcoin is the only top currency currently in the red. Litecoin Price is Showing Some Moves Although most people still overlook Litecoin in 2018, it is evident this particular market can rise in value as good as any other.

Litecoin Price Seems Poised for a Push to $55 Over the Weekend

As all top cryptocurrencies are moving upward once again due to some recent developments, all eyes are turning to Litecoin right now. Not necessarily because there is a relatively new development affecting LTC, but mainly because it can usually generate some positive momentum with little effort. A push to $55 is not out of the question by any means. Litecoin Price Momentum is Picking Up Not much has happened in the Litecoin price department over the past month.
Чарли Ли: Litecoin Cash – это скам

Чарли Ли: Litecoin Cash – это скам

На этой неделе основатель сети Лайткойн Чарли Ли  призвал общественность к тому, чтобы не доверять и не инвестировать в  сомнительный форк Лайткойна под названием Litecoin Cash. Новая версия, по-видимому, не имеет ничего общего с оригинальным LTC и просто использует популярное имя криптовалюты, чтобы вызвать к себе незаслуженный интерес.
Создатель Лайткойна избавился от всех своих LTC

Создатель Лайткойна избавился от всех своих LTC

Лайткойн увидел свет в 2011 году, достиг $1 млрд рыночной капитализации в 2013 году, и имеет капитализацию свыше $18 млрд на данный момент. Именно транзакция в Лайткойне была первой, выполненной в Lightning Network, и две крупные биржи Чикаго рассматривают добавление в свой листинг нового криптовалютного фьючерсного контракта на лайткойн всего через неделю после дебюта в этой роли биткойна.
Bitstamp и Revolut запускают приложение для мгновенной конвертации криптовалют

Bitstamp и Revolut запускают приложение для мгновенной конвертации криптовалют

Revolut, электронный кошелек с управлением через мобильное приложение, объявляет, что вскоре его клиенты смогут без проблем обменивать и конвертировать три основные криптовалюты — биткойн (BTC), лайткойн (LTC) и эфириум (ETH).