Minor XRP Price Gain Leads to Community Pleading With Jeff Bezos

There are a lot of people keeping a close eye on the XRP price. Considering how there is still a chance XRP will overtake in terms of market cap again, the coming weeks and months may prove to be rather interesting, all things considered. The current XRP price uptrend seems somewhat promising, although it is still difficult to predict where things will head exactly. New XRP Price Uptrend has Promise It is rather interesting to see where all cryptocurrencies, tokens, and digital assets will head throughout 2019.

Amazon Subsidiary Registers Ethereum, Cryptocurrency Domains

According to online records, e-commerce giant Amazon, often seen as the “white whale of bitcoin payments, recently registered three cryptocurrency-related domain names: “amazoncryptocurrency.com,” “amazoncryptocurrencies.com,” and “amazonethereum.com.” The move was first reported by domain industry news website DomainNameWire.