Indian Government Again Discussing Ban on Cryptocurrencies: Report

Indian Government Again Discussing Ban on Cryptocurrencies: Report

The government of India is said to be renewing its efforts to completely outlaw public cryptocurrencies. A report from The Economic Times on Friday, citing anonymous “government officials aware of details” said that a number of government departments in the country have backed the idea of a complete ban on the issuance and trading of cryptocurrencies.
India’s National Payments Corporation Wants to Build a Blockchain Solution

India’s National Payments Corporation Wants to Build a Blockchain Solution

The National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) – a bank consortium-owned umbrella organization for retail payments and settlements – is planning to use blockchain technology to boost digital transactions. According to a report in Business Today on Sunday, the NPCI has said it plans to develop a “resilient, real time and highly scalable” blockchain solution using open-source technology.
Indian Telecoms Watchdog to Combat Nuisance Calls with Blockchain

Indian Telecoms Watchdog to Combat Nuisance Calls with Blockchain

India’s telecoms watchdog is planning to leverage blockchain technology to combat nuisance calls and SMS messages. The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) issued draft regulation on Tuesday, marking its intent to utilize the nascent tech in offering a more “agile” process to deal with unsolicited commercial communications from “unscrupulous elements” who evade current systems set up to deal with the issue. The draft – called “Telecom Commercial Communications Customer Preference Regulations, 2018” – is intended to allow millions of Indian subscribers to take control of voice calls and text messages that they receive, giving them the choice to opt in or out of marketing communications at any time and more power to complain to their telecoms providers about problematic third-parties.
Crypto Tax Support Is Coming Slowly to India

Crypto Tax Support Is Coming Slowly to India

While the focus may be on the U.S. of late, cryptocurrency tax issues are becoming a global problem. India, for example, has responded by sending tax notices to crypto traders and investors after a survey found $3.5 billion in transactions may have been performed by citizens over the past 17 months.

Police Officers Conspire with Kidnappers and Demand $142,000 Bitcoin Ransom

Everyone wants to get into crypto.

Morgan Stanley Believes Bitcoin Will Last The Long Haul, Coinbase Exec Says

Morgan Stanley Building at Canary Wharf in London Since Nakamoto launched Bitcoin a decade ago, the legacy financial system has fought it tooth and nail.

Don’t Invest in Bitcoin, You Could Be Aiding Money Laundering and Terrorism: Indian Police

By now, we’ve just about heard it all from crypto skeptics. From some of the world’s wealthiest investors such as Warren Buffet to economists such as Nouriel Roubini. This time, however, the skepticism is coming from another party: the Indian police.

India in No Hurry to Regulate Cryptos, Blames Global Regulatory Uncertainty

India hasn’t been the friendliest jurisdiction to cryptocurrencies. The crypto industry in the country has been involved in an endless row with the country’s Reserve Bank, and the RBI has thus far had the upper hand. The animosity has pushed some crypto firms out of business this year.
India May Legalize Bitcoin Under “Strong” Rules

India May Legalize Bitcoin Under “Strong” Rules

India could be making a U-turn on its directives for cryptocurrencies. Per reports from the New India Express, a second interdisciplinary committee set up by the Indian government is considering making cryptocurrencies legal in the country again but with more stringent rules. This revelation comes just a few months after a government panel suggested the creation of a new regulatory framework within the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) that bans digital assets and declares crypto transactions illegal in India.

India Exposes all Computers to 24/7 Governmental Scrutiny Without a Warrant

Technology and law enforcement are usually on opposite ends of a divide. While governments want to analyze as much consumer data as possible, very few people are effectively willing to go along with that plan. In India, a new law has been passed which puts any computer in the country under scrutiny by the domestic intelligence agencies. This decision was finalized by the Indian Ministry of Home Affairs earlier this week. Indian law Raises Many Questions It is evident governments around the world have become somewhat intent on harvesting as much consumer data as possible.

Facebook Developing a Whatsapp Crypto, Should the Bitcoin Community Be Worried?

It has been long been known that Facebook was working on a blockchain and crypto project. Most suspected that the new token would facilitate payments for Facebook’s 2.5 billion users on its social media platform. However, it turns out that Facebook’s maiden crypto project will focus on Whatsapp. According to sources familiar with the issue, Facebook will target the very lucrative Indian remittance market with the new token. The crypto will be a stablecoin pegged to the U.S dollar, the sources further revealed.

Mobile Apps in India Require 45% More User Permissions for No Good Reason

When cryptocurrency enthusiasts rely on mobile applications, there are always some pitfalls to take into account. Virtually all applications require users to provide the tool with access to various parts of the mobile device. In India, this situation is even worse, due to the vastly higher number of app permissions put in place. This is something to keep a close eye on, as it can cause problems in the long term. Using Bitcoin Apps in India is Tricky Cryptocurrency enthusiasts in India who use either Android or iOS may want to keep close tabs on their application permissions.

India’s First Smart Police Robot “Robocop” Arrives in Hyderabad

The future of police robots still remains unclear in this day and age. That is not entirely uncommon by any means, as this idea raises a lot of questions and criticism. Hyderabad, a city in India, is introducing its first police robot iteration to the masses. Hyberabad Sees Merit in Police Robots It is evident the future of robotics will look very different from what most consumers expect.

Pornhub Solves Indian ISP Block Without Resorting to Trickery

It has been a rather interesting, although problematic week for the Pornhub platform. Considering how this is often considered the world’s leading online adult content streaming platform, any developments are of great interest. Despite being blocked in India, the company still looks toward the future. That vision still firmly focuses on cryptocurrencies as well. Pornhub Steps up its Game in Different Ways The big news this week involving Pornhub comes out of India.

Recover My Bitcoins Or I’ll Blow Up Miami Airport: Indian Teen Threatens FBI

Scams are nothing new in the crypto industry. From ICOs that received money and then vanished to trading sites that went down with investors’ funds, there is no shortage of people who’ve lost their hard-earned money in their pursuit of the Bitcoin millions. For most, the logical next step was reporting the crime to authorities and letting them investigate. Not for one Indian teenager. The young man had received some money from his father to invest in cryptos and he had been doing well.

Darknet-Based Animal Trafficking Is on the Rise in India

The darknet is effectively influencing a lot of unsavory business models. While most of the focus lies on drug sales, there are plenty of other industries to be concerned about. Wildlife trafficking is quickly becoming a booming business in certain parts of the world. Especially in India, the darknet seems to play an even bigger role of importance than ever before. Animal Trafficking Spikes in Popularity Numerous reports have been issued regarding the decline of certain animal species.
Indian Officials Consider Ban on “Private Cryptocurrencies”

Indian Officials Consider Ban on “Private Cryptocurrencies”

Agents of the Indian government have met to formally discuss a possible ban on private cryptocurrency holdings in the nation. On October 30, 2018, the Financial Stability and Development Council (FSDC) issued a press release detailing their recent meeting where they “reviewed the current global and domestic economic situation and financial sector performance.

One-Week-Old Bitcoin ATM Seized In India, Owner Arrested

Barely a week after installation, India’s first Bitcoin ATM has been seized by the police. The ATM was installed in one of the country’s most popular malls and facilitated the withdrawal and deposit of Bitcoins. The police also arrested one of the co-founders of Unocoin, the company that had installed the ATM. The country’s crypto community has been embroiled in a battle with the country’s central bank and this latest move is bound to freshly spark the conflict. Unclear Regulatory Stance Blamed The crypto industry in India has been under intense crackdown and this has led to the closure of a number of crypto exchanges.

Indian Government Turns Fiat Currency War on to Cryptocurrencies

The cryptocurrency marketplace in India is facing a siege from multiple parts of the government as several incidents amount to a buildup of the Narendra Modi–led government’s actions on regulating cryptocurrencies. If the reports out of India are true, the IMF’s “fastest growing country among emerging economies” may have to meet its 7.

India’s Tax Authority Wants a Chunk of Your Bitcoin Profits

While India’s central bank warns citizens against investing in bitcoin, the country’s central tax agency is keen on taxing transactions and investments.

Indian Tax Authorities Visit Bitcoin Exchanges Across the Country

The Income Tax Department of the Indian government has reportedly swooped in on nine bitcoin exchanges to look into alleged tax evasion.

Indian Bitcoin Investors Face Paying Taxes on their Bitcoin Sales [Profits]

Investors in India are finding that they may be subject to paying tax after selling their bitcoin following the Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) warning against trading in them.

Indian Central Bank’s Bitcoin Warning: A Sign of Fear?

On December 5, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), the country’s central bank, cautioned investors of bitcoin, clarifying that the government is yet to regulate bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchanges within the local market.

India’s Central Bank Issues Bitcoin Warning [Rinse, Repeat]

For the second time this year, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has issued a public caution on cryptocurrencies and, specifically, bitcoin.
Bitcoin Price Nears $13,000 in India as Investors Join Boom Time Despite 30% Premium

Bitcoin Price Nears $13,000 in India as Investors Join Boom Time Despite 30% Premium

Bitcoin’s eye-popping rally leading this week’s all-time highs sees Indian investors rushing to grab a bite, despite the soaring premiums. India, much like anywhere else in the world, is seeing an unprecedented demand for bitcoin after the cryptocurrency surged to historic all-time high above $11,000 this week, within days of breaking through the $9,000 milestone on Sunday. Investors in the country, both retail traders and novice adopters are catching the bitcoin bug. “We are flooded with requests,” revealed one bitcoin executive at Coinsecure, a bitcoin exchange based in India’s capital of New Delhi.