Extortionists Made $332,000 in Bitcoin Threatening to Leak Porn History

Cybercriminals have continued to be a menace all over the world.

Hackers In Turkey Steal $2.5M While Chatting Through An Online Game

Hackers in Turkey made away with $2.

Cryptopia Confirms Hack yet Total Financial Losses Remain Unclear

The cryptocurrency industry is subject to a lot of attention by criminals and hackers. This has caused many problems in the past, yet also affects present proceedings. The latest victim in this regard is Cryptopia, one of the more prominent altcoin exchanges. After a recent incident, the team confirmed someone accessed specific information and funds without authorization. The Mysterious Cryptopia Incident Over the past ten years, numerous Bitcoin exchanges and trading platforms have been infiltrated by criminals and hackers.

Luas Website Hacker Demands a Bitcoin Ransom

Bitcoin often gets a very bad reputation because of its association with criminal activity. While no one can deny criminals have shown a clear bias toward cryptocurrencies, there is much more to Bitcoin than just that. Even so, a recent cyber attack affected the Luas website shows hackers aren’t done with making Bitcoin ransom demands just yet. Luas Cyber Attack Triggers Bitcoin Demand Every time a website is hacked and/or information is stolen in the process, there is a genuine chance Bitcoin will play a role of importance sooner or later.

Researchers Link NotPetya Outbreak and Kiev Power Grid Outage to one Hacking Group

Depending on how one looks at the world, coincidence is either a common thing or doesn’t exist at all. In the world of cyberthreats, it would seem the latter is the more common conclusion. New research shows the NotPetya ransomware attack, as well as a disruption of Ukraine’s power grid, are linked together by one common denominator. The Industroyer Backdoor Threat Security researchers often wonder if there are any hidden connections between recent disruptive cyber threat events.
Police Confirm North Korean Connection in Bitcoin Exchange Phishing

Police Confirm North Korean Connection in Bitcoin Exchange Phishing

Law enforcement officials have confirmed that hackers from North Korea sought to steal bitcoins from exchanges in South Korea. In a report released last week, the Republic of Korea's National Police Agency (NPA) said the incidents – which were said to be ultimately unsuccessful – did occur. It further detailed that 25 employees at four different exchanges were targeted in 10 separate "spear phishing" attempts since July.