Cryptocurrencies Pose No Threat to Financial Stability: EU Central Bank

Cryptocurrencies Pose No Threat to Financial Stability: EU Central Bank

The European Central Bank (ECB) has said that cryptocurrencies are currently not a threat to financial stability in the euro zone. In its latest paper on the subject, published Friday, the ECB said the combined value of crypto-assets is small relative to the financial system, and “linkages” to the financial sector are still limited. Further, there are banks in the EU do not appear to have “systemically relevant” holdings of crypto-assets.

Bring Instant Payments to Beat Bitcoin, ECB Director Tells Banks

A European Central Bank director has called on banks to embrace instant payments to suppress the disruptive threat posed by cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. Speaking at an event in Rome, European Central bank director Yves Mersh dismissed digital currencies and called on retail, commercial banks to embrace instant payments to counter the rise of cryptocurrencies. In quotes reported by Reuters, Mersh said: Banks need to implement instant payments as soon as possible and provide an alternative narrative to the ongoing public debate on the alleged innovation brought by virtual currency schemes.

Investors ‘Risk’ Buying Bitcoin At High Prices: ECB Vice President

The vice president of the European Central Bank (ECB) has said that investors are taking a ‘risk’ by buying bitcoin at its high price. Speaking to CNBC on Wednesday, Vitor Constancio, said: It’s a very particular asset, it’s a speculative asset by definition looking to the developments in its price. Investors are taking that risk of buying at such high prices.

Cryptocurrency Impact ‘Limited’ to Pose Any Threat Yet: ECB Chief

The president of the European Central Bank believes cryptocurrencies like bitcoin do not pose any threat to the central bank-dependent financial system. Speaking to the European Parliament on Monday, ECB President Mario Draghi played down the impact of digital currencies on the traditional centralized banking system, claiming their adoption and impacted are too ‘limited’. Cryptocurrencies do not cause any concerns to the central bank’s control of the money supply in the European Union, Reuters quotes the central banker as stating.

ECB Vice President: Cryptocurrencies Won’t Replace the Fiat System

European Central Bank (ECB) vice president Vitor Constancio has said that cryptocurrencies will never replace the fiat system. According to a report from Reuters, Constancio said that they are a ‘misnomer’ and that they are merely a commodity used as a speculative asset. While he did concede that they had some use this was only in ‘very special circumstances’ such as in countries that were in an economic crisis.
Финансовые воротилы выражают обеспокоенность и сомнения по поводу будущего цифровых денег

Финансовые воротилы выражают обеспокоенность и сомнения по поводу будущего цифровых денег

Ворвавшиеся на финансовые рынки криптовалюты создали множество новых миллионеров, но и заставили поседеть многие головы мирового финансового сектора. Вот, что некоторые из самых выдающихся финансовых деятелей говорят о криптовалюте на этой неделе.

We Aren’t Ignoring Cryptocurrencies : European Central Bank Board Member

A member of the executive board at the European Central Bank (ECB) has asserted that the authority keeping tabs on cryptocurrencies. In an interview published in late October, ECB executive board member Benoît Cœuré touched on the institution’s stance on cryptocurrencies, deeming them as “speculative financial instruments” at a time when bitcoin nears its all-time high above $7,500 with value gains over 650% since the turn of the year. When asked why the ECB and other central banks are ignoring bitcoin amid a boom in awareness and adoption, Cœuré stated: We aren’t ignoring them.

ECB Chief: Bitcoin Not ‘Mature’ Enough for Regulation

European Central Bank (ECB) chief Mario Draghi says that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are not mature enough for regulation. As reported by CNBC, the ECB president made these comments during a recent press conference, stating that the bank is cautiously observing the development of bitcoin and other fintech products.
European Central Bank Calls for DLT Post-Trade Interoperability

European Central Bank Calls for DLT Post-Trade Interoperability

Researchers at the European Central Bank (ECB) have published a new research report on the impact of distributed ledger technology (DLT) on the harmonization of post-trade settlement systems. Released by the Advisory Group on Market Infrastructures for Securities and Collateral late last week, the 134-page report examines the technology's possible effect on a variety of services that touch the securities settlement process.

European Central Bank ‘Does Not Have Authority’ to Regulate Bitcoin: ECB President

European Central Bank (ECB) president Mario Draghi stated that the agency does not have the authority to regulate bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. ECB Does Not Have Authority to Regulate Bitcoin Draghi made these comments in a meeting of the European Parliament’s Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs.