EOS Price Surpasses $4.6 as Bullish Momentum Continues Unabated

Contrary to most people’s expectations, it would appear the bearish crypto market momentum isn’t relenting as of yet.

EOS Price Comes Under Pressure yet Rebound Seems Imminent

As the weekend trucks along rather nicely, it would appear there is an influx of fresh bearish and bullish momentum for specific markets.

EOS Price Keeps Rising as top Markets Start to Turn Bearish Again

As the top markets begin to show signs of weakness once again, it seems the alternative markets will follow suit.

EOS Price Blasts Past $4 Amid Major Bullish Surge

It is not entirely uncommon for specific alternative markets to turn into “uber bullish” mode when Bitcoin is no longer losing value.

EOS Price Remains Afloat as EOS/BTC Notes Solid Gains

The big question of the day is if and when the top cryptocurrency markets will show any signs of recovery So far, the wait seems far from over, as the hourly candles continue to look more bearish than usual.

EOS Price Doesn’t Budge as EOSFinex Beta Release Draws Near

As the top markets continue to struggle for any real traction, it quickly becomes apparent today will not be the best of days for most currencies.

EOS Price Remains Bearish as Erroneous Whale Alert Sparks Confusion

A new week dawns upon the cryptocurrency industry and there is plenty of bearish market pressure to go around.

EOS Price Surge Continues as $3.75 Resistance Poses no Real Problems

There are still some questions as to whether or not the bullish momentum affecting different cryptocurrencies will last.

EOS Price Takes a Beating yet Public Roadmap Announcement Sparks Excitement

In the cryptocurrency world, there is never such a thing as stable ground it seems.

EOS Price Remains Bearish Yet Traders Preach the Project is Undervalued

It would appear none of the top crypto market is capable of maintaining its position today.

EOS Price Tries to Climb as China’s CCID Gives The Technology Top Marks

It is safe to say very few crypto markets will see any form of positive momentum as long as Bitcoin remains bearish.

EOS Price Remains Slightly Bearish yet Momentum Could Turn Around Soon

Even though it appears as if most of the crypto markets are turning bullish again, that doesn’t automatically apply to every individual project.

EOS Price Gives up Over 12% Yet Major Development Proposal Sparks Excitement

As the evening dawns upon the cryptocurrency industry, the carnage slowly becomes more visible.

EOS Price Surpasses $4 as EOSBet Announces new Upcoming Games

As the weekend trucks along nicely, it is still a bit unclear what to expect from most top crypto markets.

EOS Price Resumes Uptrend yet $4 may Remain out of Reach for now

Many people expected yesterday’s bullish momentum to peter out fairly quickly.

EOS Price Surge Heads to $4 as Trading Volume Continues to Increase

In the cryptocurrency world, it quickly becomes evident the overall momentum does not necessarily dictate the pace for all individual markets.

EOS Price Gains 23% as its Trading Volume Nearly Doubles

There is absolutely no lack of bullish cryptocurrency momentum as of right now.

EOS Price Moves up as EOSFinex Beta Will Launch in Three Weeks

Despite a bit of a rocky start earlier this morning, it appears most cryptocurrency markets have come around eventually.

EOS Price Surge Signals new Market Cap Flippening With Litecoin

Most of the top crypto markets are currently in the process of moving up again every so slightly.

EOS Price Faces Bearish Pressure as all Momentum Sours

When the overall cryptocurrency market sentiment sours a bit, it is only normal some projects lose more value than others.

EOS Price Surge Relegates Litecoin From Market cap top Four

Earlier today, all of the cryptocurrency charts looked rather bearish for a moment.

EOS Price Moves up as dApp Ecosystem Grows More Robust

It would appear as if EOS has not made too many headlines over the past few weeks.

EOS Price Notes Steep Gains as Value Approaches $2

It has been a rather rough month of December for EOS. Although all currencies and assets lost tremendous value, EOS, in particular, suffered significant losses. It was not uncommon for the altcoin to drop by over 10% in a single day, whereas the market average was 5% or less. Things are not slowly picking up again, as the EOS price is well underway to hit $2 in the coming hours. EOS Price Reversal Looks Promising Every time a cryptocurrency or digital asset market rebound becomes apparent, one has to wonder how long the momentum will last this time around.

EOS Price Drops by 10% as Bearish Momentum Returns

It seems yesterday’s and today’s positive market momentum is turning against all cryptocurrencies and assets once again. There is plenty of red to be noted across the charts, and more trouble is brewing behind the scenes. The EOS price is declining in spectacular fashion right now, as its losses are almost in the double-digit percentage range already. EOS Price is Losing Traction Quickly Even though many people expected the most recent market rebound to remain in place, cryptocurrency does not follow traditional rules by any means.