Electroneum Price Notes Minor Gains as 100 Satoshi Level is Reclaimed

Electroneum Price Notes Minor Gains as 100 Satoshi Level is Reclaimed

It has been a while since anyone last talked about Electroneum in a hyped up manner. Although the Electroneum price is still at a respectable level, the massive growth some investors had hoped for has not materialized in the slightest. In fact, it seems there is a status quo for some time now, which might not necessarily be a bad thing either. Electroneum Price Trend Remains the Same As most cryptocurrencies tend to be very volatile first and foremost, it is all the stranger to see one market remain at a status quo.
Electroneum Price Continues Bearish Trend as 110 Satoshi Level may Fall

Electroneum Price Continues Bearish Trend as 110 Satoshi Level may Fall

Even though the week had seemingly started off with some positive market momentum, most cryptocurrencies are going through a somewhat violent retrace. Not entirely surprising when considering how weak Bitcoin has looked since Sunday afternoon. For Electroneum price watchers, things are not looking too great right now. The ongoing decline continues to haunt the market and trigger a drop to below 110 Satoshi soon. Electroneum Price Volatility Continues Despite what is widely considered to be a big year for Electroneum already, it appears things are not necessarily looking too great right now.

Electroneum Price Begins to Slide Despite Ongoing Growth in South Africa

When it comes to the different cryptocurrencies on the market, there are always opposite trends and developments to take into account.

Electroneum Price Resumes Bearish Trend yet Trading Volume Continues to Impress

Although it would appear this weekend will offer some bullish momentum for most cryptocurrencies, tokens, and assets, there will always be exceptions.

Electroneum Price Lacks Upward Momentum Despite M1 Phone Launching on Amazon UK

In the cryptocurrency world, there is never a guarantee for success whatsoever.

Electroneum Price Notes Minor Gains as ETN Gets Listed on TradingView

While the weekend will seemingly not end on a high note for any of the top cryptocurrencies, there isn’t anything to be overly concerned about either.

Electroneum Price Continues Bull run as Trading Volume More Than Doubles

In the cryptocurrency world, success can come in many different forms.

Electroneum Price Surges as Huobi Global Confirms ETN Trading pairs

It would appear some of the crypto market swills ee their own form of positive market momentum today.

Electroneum Price Risks Dropping Below $0.0055 as Community Unrest Grows

Things are not going well for most of the cryptocurrency markets right now.

Electroneum Price Notes a Minor Gain as M1 Phone Creates a Positive Buzz

In the cryptocurrency world, there is never any guaranteed price momentum to speak of.

Electroneum Price Dips to 150 Satoshi Despite Major South African Partnership

While most of the cryptocurrency markets have turned bullish once again, it seems there will always be some exceptions.

Electroneum Price Remains Stable as Number of Mobile Miners Increases Sharply

There appears to be a genuine lack of excitement in the cryptocurrency industry as of right now.

Electroneum Price Continues to dip Despite Major Behind-the-Scenes Developments

More bearish pressure is the last thing all crypto markets need right now, yet it is exactly what they will get.

Electroneum Price Negates Most USD Losses Through Bullish ETN/BTC Trend

Even though all cryptocurrency markets remain rather bearish at this time, there are some positive signs to look forward to.

Electroneum Price Bucks Bearish Trend Following GSMA Announcement

Weekends have often been a very interesting time for trading cryptocurrencies, tokens, and digital assets.

Electroneum Price Moves up as 200 Satoshi Remains the Primary Target

In the cryptocurrency world, it is always difficult to determine how markets will evolve.

Electroneum Price Maintains a Status Quo Ahead of MWC 2019

Sundays in the cryptocurrency world are often a bit atypical in every regard.

Electroneum Price Shows Stability as ETN/BTC Ratio Improves Slightly

While most of the top markets suffer from minor bearish pressure, it seems that doesn’t necessarily affect all of the altcoins on the market.

Electroneum Price Turns Bearish Despite Android Cloud Mining Launch

It was to be expected most of the top cryptocurrency markets would turn bearish rather soon.

Electroneum Price Notes Status Quo as Other Markets Thrive

With some markets still showing signs of bullish momentum, it would appear Electroneum isn’t necessarily following suit.

Electroneum Price Surge Brings Value Close to 200 Satoshi Again

As most of the cryptocurrency markets remain rather subdued right now, one has to wonder how all of this will pan out moving forward.

Electroneum Price Momentum Hints at Potential Uptrend

The going has gotten very tough for most cryptocurrencies, digital assets, and tokens.

Electroneum Price Decline Continues Despite Positive iOS App Reviews

Fans of Electroneum will not be too pleased with the way the price has evolved in recent days.

Electroneum Price Surges as iOS Mining app is Launched Globally

The coming weekend will prove crucial for a fair few cryptocurrencies.

Electroneum Price Shows Bullish Signs as IOS Beta Receives Positive Feedback

When all cryptocurrency markets are still on wobbly legs, things will get pretty interesting in the near future.