Dogecoin Price Notes Small Gains to Maintain Overall Stability

Even though there is seemingly a lot of positive momentum in the cryptocurrency industry, most markets remain somewhat fragile right now. That is not abnormal during the weekend, yet it is evident sustaining any uptrend will pose its own challenges. In the case of Dogecoin, things are not looking all that bad right now, as the stability remains in place for the time being. Dogecoin Price Does its own Thing As is usually the case when the weekend comes around, things remain a bit uneasy across the cryptocurrency and digital asset markets A slightly lower trading volume and a massive battering over the past few weeks have made a lot of people crypto averse first and foremost.

Dogecoin Price Bucks Bearish Pressure on its Fifth Birthday

Today may prove to be a very interesting day for Dogecoin. Not just because the “meme currency of the internet” celebrates its five-year anniversary, but also because it seems largely unfazed by the current crypto market onslaught. That in itself a very bullish signal in its own right, although it remains to be seen if this situation will remain in place for much longer. Dogecoin Price Benefits From Bitcoin Gains It is always interesting to see how people respond to Dogecoin.

Dogecoin Price Decline Forces Market Cap Below $260m

Even though it would appear Dogecoin is a more stable hedge than most other cryptocurrencies right now, that is not always the case whatsoever. As today’s market momentum shows, even the DOGE value can drop by over 6% in a matter of hours. For the time being, the main question is whether or not the value will remain above $0.002 or dip below this threshold in the coming days. Dogecoin Price Loses Stability It is not uncommon for cryptocurrencies to lose any sense of price stability during an extended bear market.

Dogecoin Price Uptrend Resumes as Market Cap Top 20 Spot Looms Ahead

It has been a pretty interesting week for Dogecoin so far. Considering how much top cryptocurrencies are on the decline, things have begun moving in the right direction again. More specifically, there have been solid gains in both USD and BTC value, and it seems that price increase will remain in place for some time to come. Even so, there are those who continue to considering Dogecoin as a “shitcoin” first and foremost. Positive Dogecoin Price Trend Continues It is always interesting to see how things evolve in the cryptocurrency world.

Dogecoin Price Turns Bullish and Surpasses 60 Satoshi

It has proven to be an interesting day in the world of digital assets and cryptocurrencies. Unsurprisingly, there is more bearish pressure on Bitcoin, which drags all other markets in the red as well. Dogecoin is, once again, an exception in this regard, as it notes gains in both USD and BTC value. A remarkable trend which further confirms Dogecoin is the coin to watch right now. Dogecoin Price Trend Turns Bullish No one should be surprised to see the value of Dogecoin rise when Bitcoin keeps turning bearish every other day.

Dogecoin Price Doesn’t Budge as Stable Momentum Prevails

As the overall cryptocurrency industry momentum sours again, prices are falling across the board. This is not entirely abnormal, as most currencies derive value from Bitcoin itself. In the case of Dogecoin, the negative trend is less severe, although still somewhat visible. If these losses can be minimized, Dogecoin may be among the first currencies to recover. Dogecoin Price Rebound Remains Elusive Whereas most people would assume the year 2018 to end on a high after all, things often turn out very differently.

Dogecoin Price Maintains the $0.002 Level For Now

During times of extreme cryptocurrency volatility, most people look toward Dogecoin as a sign. In most cases, a Dogecoin price trend can determine the future for Bitcoin and all other currencies on the market as well. So far, things have not gone according to plan, as the Dogecoin price is on the verge of dropping below $0.002. That is not what traders are looking for, but it is how things are looking right now. Dogecoin Price Trend Isn’t Improving No one can deny the year 2018 is not getting people excited about any cryptocurrency or digital asset in the slightest.

Dogecoin Price Rises in BTC Value and Shows Signs of a Potential Rebound

As this rather annoying weekend comes to an end, many traders remain hopeful cryptocurrency markets will rebound pretty quickly. Although there is some positive momentum brewing as of right now, none of the top markets are in the green yet. It seems the first market to do so may be Dogecoin, as its gains over Bitcoin start to look promising. Dogecoin Price Makes an Effort None of the top cryptocurrencies note any real momentum right now.

Dogecoin Price Remains Far More Stable Than Other Currencies

Volatility is often the name of the game in the cryptocurrency industry. That isn’t really too surprising either, primarily because financial markets tend to gain and lose value quite regularly. For Dogecoin, it seems the most recent wave of market pressure is not disrupting its overall position. In fact, it remains somewhat stable, primarily because of its gains over Bitcoin. Dogecoin Price Shows Remarkable Stability Although this has been stated before, few cryptocurrencies can weather volatility storms in this day and age.

Dogecoin Price Can Push to $0.0025 if Bitcoin Doesn’t Collapse Again

Yesterday was a bit of an odd day for all cryptocurrencies. A lot of markets were on the verge of recovering lost value, albeit some came up short pretty quickly. In the case of Dogecoin, things went alright yesterday, yet it seems today is the day on which the market effectively recovers a bit. A price push to $0.0025 is not out of the question, assuming Bitcoin does not tank again in the coming days. Dogecoin Price Momentum Starts Looking Healthy Dogecoin got very close to rallying yesterday afternoon, yet that trend was stopped cold in its tracks due to Bitcoin suddenly losing a few percents again.

Dogecoin Price Rally Postponed as all Markets Face Another Slump

Even though it appeared as if most cryptocurrencies would recover some of their lost value today, the momentum is already turning against the top currencies once again. So far, Dogecoin manages to retain its small gains over the past few hours, which is always promising. Whether or not it can sustain the value of $0.0023 is very difficult to predict at this stage. Dogecoin Price Showed Signs of a Bounce After yesterday’s massive onslaught across the cryptocurrency markets, few people expected to see positive price changes just 24 hours later.

Dogecoin Price Gains in BTC Value as Fresh Bearish Momentum Wreaks Havoc

Another day dawns upon the cryptocurrency industry, albeit it is not shaping up to be a pleasant one. All top markets are losing money again, primarily because Bitcoin continues to get battered. One notable exception in the top 25 as of a right now is Dogecoin. As has been the case previously, Dogecoin tends to do well when the rest of the markets struggle. Dogecoin Price Is Making a Move It is always interesting to note how Dogecoin’s price evolves in a different manner compared to other cryptocurrencies.

Dogecoin Price Starts Surging as $0.003 is Within Reach

Even though most of the top cryptocurrencies continue to struggle right now, one has to look well beyond the top five currencies at all times In the case of Dogecoin its value has soared pretty nicely in the past few hours, and it seems the push to $0.003 is still in effect. That is pretty interesting to keep an eye on, especially when considering how so many markets continue to struggle first and foremost. Dogecoin Price Makes Some Good Moves It is always refreshing to see how things evolve in the cryptocurrency world.

Dogecoin Price Dips to $0.0028 yet DogeRacer Lives on

Most of the popular currencies are still under a lot of pressure at this time. This is primarily because there is a massive amount of pressure on Bitcoin, which eventually pushes all altcoins down in the process. In the case of Dogecoin, things are not looking all that great, and the dip below $0.003 is in effect. Based on the current circumstances, it would seem this trend may remain in place for quite some to come. Dogecoin Price Pressure Isn’t Relenting It is only normal there is a lot of negative pressure on Bitcoin.

Dogecoin Price Risks Dropping Below $0.003 Prior to the Next Uptrend

A lot of interesting things are happening in the world of cryptocurrencies. While most of the markets are still in the red right now, there will be some form of reversal at some point. Considering how Dogecoin seemed poised to hit $0.004 last week, this current revered trend is slightly worrying. In fact, the price is on the verge of dropping below $0.003 again, which is never a good sign. Dogecoin Price Trend Hits a Snag It is a bit disconcerting to see how the Dogecoin price is evolving at this time.

Dogecoin Price can Push Through to $0.004 Fairly Soon

All cryptocurrency markets remain subdued on this Saturday morning. Although that is not necessarily all that surprising given the current circumstances, some people expected some big reversals. Dogecoin shows some potential promise in this regard, as its push to $0.004 is still in play despite the recent dip. Dogecoin Price Momentum Has Potential It has become apparent a lot of people have high hopes for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies moving forward.

Dogecoin Price Could Double in Value Based on Market Indicators

Even though the value of Dogecoin does not get too many people excited right now, it is evident things can vastly improve without too many problems. This current price stability is something which has become somewhat synonymous with Dogecoin, although the bullish trend is not that far away either. Dogecoin Price Bullrun Seems Imminent While most cryptocurrencies are showing plenty of signs of volatility, Dogecoin is not budging at all.

Dogecoin Price Trend can Reclaim $0.004 Before the Weekend

Things are still looking rather troubled where the top 20 cryptocurrencies are concerned. It is evident all markets struggle to recover right now, primarily because Bitcoin seemingly doesn’t know which way is up. One former top 20 currency is making some moves, as Dogecoin is the first “major” altcoin to note a solid gain today. Dogecoin Price Rebound is Coming After suffering from an ongoing decline for nearly two full weeks, it appears, the Dogecoin price might be preparing for a brief rebound over the weekend.

Dogecoin Price Slump Continues Despite Indie Gaming Push

Even though the current price momentum might not show it, there are plenty of interesting things happening for Dogecoin. Especially in the indie gaming department, Dogecoin is getting a fair bit of attention right now. All of these developments will ensure the legacy of the meme coin carries on, regardless of short-term DOGE price changes. Dogecoin Price Woes Continue This past week has not been overly pleasant for DOGE holders by any means.

Dogecoin Price Dips Below $0.004 as Negative Pressure Intensifies

The past week has not been too impressive for Dogecoin price speculators. A hefty net loss has been recorded over the past seven days, and the current daily chart will not offer much hope either. There is no real social media activity taking place either, which might indicate DOGE will continue to lose value in the coming weeks. Dogecoin Price Continuers to Dip Lower These past seven days have not been overly pleasant for DOGE price watchers.

Dogecoin Price Heads Back to $0.005 After Brief Dip

The interesting and peculiar trend affected all cryptocurrencies continues unabated. Even though there has been a lot of sideways trading momentum over the weekend, it seems things will continue for some time to come. Dogecoin is making a small comeback as well, after losing its relative stability at $0.005. Dogecoin Price is on the Rise It doesn’t happen all that often people start to consider Dogecoin a stable cryptocurrency.