XRP Price Regains Control Over $0.31 as Momentum Turns Mega Bullish

It is very uncommon for all crypto markets to turn bullish at the exact same time.

XRP Price Notes Further Losses Despite Mysterious MercuryFX Tweet

It will seemingly not be the best weekend for most cryptocurrencies, tokens, and digital assets.

XRP Price Dips Below $0.3 as Bearish Pressure Intensifies

As the cryptocurrency market onslaught seemingly continues, it is evident all markets have a lot of pressure to contend with.

XRP Price Remains in the Red Following New USD and BTC Losses

The top cryptocurrency and digital asset markets are still under a lot of pressure.

XRP Price Starts Moving up Ever so Slightly

It would seem as if the top cryptocurrency and asset markets are poised for a minor breakout.

XRP Price Drops Below 9,000 Satoshi as Bitcoin Profits Reign Supreme

This weekend is shaping up to be a rather interesting one.

XRP Price Breakout Shows Market Sentiment may Shift Soon

All markets remain subject to some very interesting price momentum first and foremost.

XRP Price Uptrend Resumes as Traders eye the $50 Target

As the week rolls along, the overall cryptocurrency and digital asset market momentum seems to be picking up a bit. Yesterday evening showed some positive trends which are being continued during the early hours of today. For XRP, its value is holding its own quite well in both USD and BTC value alike. There is even a minor gain to push the price slightly higher. XRP Price Increase Continues No one should expect any major changes affecting the cryptocurrency and digital asset markets right now.

One Investor Expects the XRP Price to hit $8 By 2021

None of the top cryptocurrency and digital asset markets have shown any sign of recovering recently lost value. That isn’t necessarily surprising either, as the bearish pressure has made a lot of traders twitchy first and foremost. For the XRP price, it seems things are still going according to plan. Its market cap lead over Ethereum remains in place, primarily because the asset slowly recoups some losses. More of the Same XRP Price Momentum Even though there is plenty of price action among cryptocurrencies and digital assets, one would expect there to be some form of excitement.

Price Stability Leads to 4 new XRP-Pegged Markets on Bitrue

It becomes increasingly difficult to make sense of the current cryptocurrency and digital asset market momentum. Whereas Bitcoin is still trying to find some grip, it seems the XRP price is already blazing ahead. The current small gains show there is room for improvements, although it will be difficult to ensure major changes occur. Even so, the current signs are somewhat promising from a short-term point of view. XRP Price is Inching Upward During this weekend, the main focus may very well lie with minor gains, rather than spectacular pump-and-dumps.

XRP Price Enter Sideways Trading After Promising Start to 2019

In the world of cryptocurrencies and digital assets, future market movements are always very difficult to predict. While many people have high hopes for the XRP price in this regard, although it is evident the market is subject to some bearish pressure at this time. No major changes should occur today or tomorrow, although there are still some concerns regarding the circulating supply. XRP Price Enters Sideways Trading The start of 2019 has been rather intriguing for all cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

XLM Price Comes Under Pressure at the $0.12 Level

As most of the top cryptocurrencies and digital assets face a bit of an impending setback right now, it may prove challenging to find coins which can hold their own. Stellar Lumens, or XLM, is usually one of the more stable assets on the market. It still clings to some early morning gains, but it appears there will be a small dip to push the value down to $0.12 fairly soon. XLM Price Seeks Stability at $0.12 It has become more than apparent all cryptocurrency and digital assets will face a correction in the near future.

XRP Price Dips in the Red After Bullish few Days

As Bitcoin continues its very bullish trend, one would expect all altcoins and digital assets to note spectacular gains in the process. In the real world, that situation is often very different. The XRP price, for example, is not necessarily noting any real gains right now. Instead, it has slipped into sideways trading action, which is not necessarily a bad trend either. XRP Price Holds its own Near $0.37 Although the value per XRP seemingly hit $0.

XRP Price Surge Grows More Bullish

It has been a very positive start to the week for all cryptocurrencies and digital assets. That in itself is rather surprising first and foremost, although it is also a positive overall trend. In the case of XRP, things are looking rather swell right now, as the gains continue to pile up across the board. The big question is whether or not the trend will continue throughout today. XRP Price Surge Gains Momentum Although there are plenty of XRP holders who expect their favorite digital asset to note some bullish momentum, it still comes at a most peculiar time.

Bullish Surge Pushes XRP Price Above $0.3 Again

In the world of cryptocurrency and digital assets, there are a few interesting options to look into these days. Many people still have high hopes for XRP, although it remains to be seen how this asset will fare exactly.  Following today’s morning uptrend, it seems XRP/USD is very bullish, whereas XRP/BTC is not necessarily seeing the success most people had hoped for at this point. More Bullish XRP Momentum? As is the case with any cryptocurrency or digital asset these days, the Bitcoin momentum will usually dictate the pace for all other markets accordingly.

XRP Price Reaches $0.29 Again Following Fake Amazon Rumor

The current hourly cryptocurrency charts look incredibly weak, which means most cryptocurrencies will see another retrace in the coming hours. Until that happens, there is still some positive momentum where the XRP price is concerned. Although it hasn’t reclaimed the $0.3 level just yet, there is some positivity among community members. That sheer optimism can usually go a long way in this rather volatile industry. XRP Price Inches Higher It is quite interesting to keep an eye on the value of XRP during this bearish year.

XRP Price Momentum Shifts Into Higher Gear

A lot of speculators and traders keep a close eye on the XRP price these days. Unlike other markets, XRP has proven to be a far more stable asset than most, if not all, cryptocurrencies. That is always interesting to keep an eye on, as XRP can also be used to determine how the momentum will evolve for all other markets. So far, the daily momentum looks promising. XRP Price Goes in the Green Again It is always interesting to see how different markets respond to the current overall price momentum.

XRP Price Drops Below $0.3 Despite Retaining its Bitcoin Value

It is safe to say there are a lot of concerns regarding the future price of cryptocurrencies and digital assets alike. Although XRP is usually considered a stable asset in this department, the reality can be somewhat different. More specifically, its value has plummeted alongside Bitcoin, even though the XRP/BTC value doesn’t budge all that much. This is a very odd trend, although it seems unlikely the XRP price will remain above $0.3 for much longer. XRP Price Trend Grows Very Bearish Throughout most of 2018, XRP has been a very successful digital asset.

XRP Price Remains Stable at $0.36 Following KuCoin Listing

In the world of cryptocurrencies and digital assets, there is hardly ever a specific trend affecting all markets in a similar manner. XRP Has proven to be an interesting example in this regard, as its price momentum is usually very different from traditional cryptocurrencies. For the time being, it seems XRP will hold its own near the $0.36 mark, although an uptrend is not that far off either, by the look of things. XRP Price Momentum Looks Promising As has been the case for most of 2018, the start of a new week is usually met with a lot of bearish pressure first and foremost.

XRP Price Heads to $0.4 as Bulls Finally Retake Control

As all major cryptocurrencies and digital asset are on the rise right now, one has to wonder how things will move ahead. In the case of XRP, its current uptrend is in line with Bitcoin and Ethereum. The only downside is how there is no gain in BTC value, something that can quickly become a problem for most currencies that are not Bitcoin. XRP Price Keeps on Going While some people will gladly argue a major market correction in the upward direction was a matter of time, there are always many factors influencing such developments.

XLM Price Retakes $0.25 and Follows XRP’s Upward Trend

A lot of interesting price momentum can be found within the cryptocurrency and digital asset industry as of right now. More specifically, a lot of people keep an en eye on the XRP price, although Stellar’s XLM is also doing a great job at the same time. This makes for a very competitive market first and foremost,  and it also helps all other markets recover a bit moving forward. XLM Price Hits $0.25 Again For most digital assets and altcoins, the year 2018 has been filled with numerous ups and downs.
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XRP Price Breaks Through $0.5 Resistance as Market Cap Approaches Ethereum’s

A lot of intriguing cryptocurrency momentum has been brewing over the past few days. Numerous markets have successfully gained in value, whereas others are doing far less impressive things. In the case of XRP, things look incredibly promising, as the asset finally broke through the $0.5 resistance. XRP Price Bucks the Downtrend It has been coming for quite some time now, yet the XRP value finally surpassed $0.

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