Ethereum $ETH Price Outlook Feb09: Neutral to Bullish

Ethereum has gained 13.

XRP Price Seemingly Won’t Bottom out at $0.29

These are not the best of times for the cryptocurrency industry as a whole.

Encrypgen (DNA) Is a Promising Long-Term Utility Coin

While blockchain technology is still entering the beginning stages of adoption, it has already begun the process of disrupting many industries that have been around for decades.

Bitcoin Price Watch: Analysts Struggle to Predict Where 2019 Will Take Crypto

At press time, the father of cryptocurrency is trading for about $3,585.

Bitcoin Price Watch: Currency Remains Sluggish, May Not Have Bottomed

At press time, the father of crypto is trading for an even $3,600.

Cryptopia Confirms Hack yet Total Financial Losses Remain Unclear

The cryptocurrency industry is subject to a lot of attention by criminals and hackers. This has caused many problems in the past, yet also affects present proceedings. The latest victim in this regard is Cryptopia, one of the more prominent altcoin exchanges. After a recent incident, the team confirmed someone accessed specific information and funds without authorization. The Mysterious Cryptopia Incident Over the past ten years, numerous Bitcoin exchanges and trading platforms have been infiltrated by criminals and hackers.

Crypto Arbitrage Today: BTC, ETH, TRX, XRP, XLM, DOGE

Another day dawns upon the cryptocurrency industry. While most markets are moving up slowly, the number of arbitrage opportunities continues to increase accordingly. A lot of good money can be made today by flipping the following altcoins between the associated exchanges. Depending on how all markets evolve, there will be further gains waiting on the horizon. Ethereum (Gate / KuCoin / EXMO) A fair few price differences can be noted where Ethereum is concerned.

Recent Crypto Market Dropoff Is a Taste of Future Volatility, Expert Claims

Very few industries are subject to as much criticism and personal opinions as cryptocurrency. It seems the opinions on Bitcoin and other currencies or projects are all over the place. While that creates some exciting conversations, it also appears they lead to a lot of misinformation. When it comes to the recent market sell-off, for example, it was seemingly a matter of time until the positive momentum was turned into a negative spree. Explaining the Recent Crypto Market Drop A lot of people were surprised to learn all major cryptocurrency markets lost a ton of value earlier this week.

Is it Worth Shorting Cryptocurrencies With Trading Bots?

As the cryptocurrency industry remains subject to a lot of bearish price pressure, it would appear the demand to short these assets is increasing. For most users, this process needs to be automated as well. Some trading bots on the market allow for such functionality, although it is always risky to engage in such financial activities. Shorting Cryptocurrency Makes Sense To users who only want to make money with Bitcoin and altcoins, any opportunity to do so will be worth exploring.

Bitmain Allegedly Lines up new CEO to Replace Jihan Wu

There are always some developments taking place behind the scenes of the cryptocurrency world. Although the following rumor has not been officially confirmed by the company in question, it would appear there is some genuine mainstream media attention for this development. It would appear Jihan Wu is stepping down as Bitmain CEO because he is allegedly growing concerned over the company’s financial state. Jihan Wu Allegedly Rethinks his Bitmain Role It has been a pretty interesting year for Bitmain throughout 2018.

Bitcoin down $250 as Report Claims Russia Might Trigger the Next Bull Run

After spending four days above $4,000, Bitcoin has finally given way. And it has been quite a drop, with the currency losing $250 in the space of thirty minutes. The drop sees it trading at $3816 at press time, having dropped from $4,016. Bitcoin had witnessed yet another 30-minute rally on January 6, gaining over $200 in just thirty minutes to hit $4,080. It was the first time Bitcoin had hit the $4,000 level since Christmas and many viewed it as the first step in a possible 2019 rally.

Crypto Market Update: Still Bleeding, When Will It End?

With the New Year almost upon us, the cryptocurrency market doesn’t look all that exciting. The global market cap dropped around $16 billion in the past 24 hours from $146 billion to the current cap of $130 billion. The good news is, while most cryptocurrencies are in the red, the price drops aren’t significant. Bitcoin, XRP, and Ethereum are down roughly 1-2% which isn’t something to be concerned about. Bitcoin Cash is also taking a bit of a beating dropping almost 4% in the past 24 hours.

Brave Browser Draws Criticism over Lack of Creator Opt-out Feature

In the world of cryptocurrency, there is never a shortage in terms of controversy. While the Brave browser is getting a lot of positive attention right now, there is also an interesting discussion taking place on Twitter. It appears the company will need to rethink how content creators can be rewarded and potentially letting the opt-out in the process. Brave Browser Controversy Raises Valid Points The concept of the Brave browser is very interesting, on paper.

Cryptocurrency Markets Bleeding – Double Digits Losses Across the Board

The grinch is in town. What started off as a bullish Christmas eve has turned into quite a bearish Christmas day. What we just experienced is a textbook bull trap. Let’s talk about it. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, that’s why one look at Bitgur’s cryptocurrency heat map is all you need to see exactly what’s going on: Source: BitgurAs you can see, double digit losses across the board.

Bitcoin Price Watch: Are Institutional Players Losing Interest?

At press time, the father of cryptocurrency is trading for just under $4,000, marking little to no change since our last price piece. We’re in the final days of the month, and while December has often brought a sense of magic and stamina to bitcoin we rarely witness throughout the rest of the year, it’s difficult to say where it will lie before 2019 rings in. All we can really do at this stage is hope that 2019 doesn’t start off the way 2018 did. As you all probably remember, 2018 brought on an ongoing period of slumps that lasted from day one up until the end of the year.

Cryptocurrency CPU Mining Makes a Comeback in Late 2018

In the world of cryptocurrency mining, plenty of changes have occurred throughout the years. Whereas CPU mining once was people’s only option to generate Bitcoin, things have taken a few interesting twists and turns over the years. To date, CPU mining is pretty much unfavorable, although it may not disappear anytime soon. The new VerusHahs algorithm certainly wants to keep CPU mining alive, for the time being. Why CPU Mining Still Matters in 2018 and Beyond Anyone who has recently attempted to mine cryptocurrency with just their computer may have noticed that is a rather daunting task.

Bitcoin Price Watch: Currency At $4,000 for the First Time in Weeks

Good news, folks! After weeks of humiliation and steady price declines, the father of cryptocurrency is once again past the $4,000 mark. This was a feat very few analysts said could happen, and many were certain that bitcoin would continue to sink. Some even claimed that the currency would fall to as low as $1,000 before any signs of recovery showed their faces.

Bitcoin Price Watch: Most Major Cryptocurrencies Are Up

At press time, the father of crypto is trading in the high $3,400 range, marking a $50+ price since our previous price article. The big question we’re likely asking right about now is, “Could bitcoin potentially be recovering?” Late last week, the currency hit the $3,100 mark for the first time in several months. It dashed all hope for the incoming new year and caused many analysts to be assertive in their gloom-and-doom sentiment that bitcoin would continue to fall well into 2019. Chart by VaidoVeek However, at the time of writing, we have witnessed two steady days of price increases for everybody’s favorite cryptocurrency, and positivity is once again entering the crypto space.

Pornhub’s 2018 Statistics Mention Fortnite but no Cryptocurrencies

The internet is primarily for Porn. While that is an unwritten rule, it is also something most people will readily agree with. Pornhub has shared its 2018 statistics last week, which are pretty interesting to keep an eye on. The platform continues to grow as more time progresses, as all of the key statistics continue to increase over time. The Growth of Pornhub is Genuine In the cryptocurrency world, Pornhub made a lot of headlines for its partnership with Verge.

Decred Co-founder Pronounces 2018 as the “Death of the ICO Model”

There are some interesting questions as to what the future will hold for all cryptocurrencies and digital assets. The year 2018 hasn’t offered much positive news, yet next year could be totally different. A few industry experts have weighed in on this question, although their outlooks are quite different from one another. Looking Beyond 2018’s Bearish Trend Considering how much proverbial damage has been done to the credibility of cryptocurrencies in 2018, no one will be surprised if this trend continues throughout 2019.
Bitwala Is Offering German Citizens Joint Crypto and Fiat Banking Accounts

Bitwala Is Offering German Citizens Joint Crypto and Fiat Banking Accounts

German blockchain startup Bitwala has launched crypto banking in Germany. After securing €4 million (roughly $4.5 million) from VC firms Earlybird and Coparion in September of 2018 to develop a crypto banking solution, the company has allegedly amassed a waiting list of 30,000 potential users.

Bitcoin Shoots to $3,680 as It Seems to Have Found Its Bottom

It’s green again! Bitcoin has recovered and is performing strongly, gaining 6.3 percent in the past 24 hours. The currency hit $3,680 earlier today, a level it last hit on Thursday. At press time, the currency was trading at $3,636 according to data from CoinMarketCap. In some markets such as the Hong Kong-based HitBTC, the currency was trading north of $3,750 and was showing no signs of regression any time soon.
Binance Showcases Decentralized Exchange Progress in Latest Video

Binance Showcases Decentralized Exchange Progress in Latest Video

Binance just offered its users an in-depth sneak peek of its forthcoming decentralized exchange (DEX). Announced in March of 2018, the decentralized exchange will be built on Binance’s own Binance chain, the soon-to-be base layer for BNB, Binance’s trading currency that is currently an ERC-20 token. A December 4, 2018, YouTube video posted by Binance’s official channel showcases the work the Binance DEX has undertaken on the project since its last update.

Bitcoin Reclaims $4,000 as Expert Claims It Will Surpass $20,000 by End of 2019

Bitcoin has fought to trade above $4,000 in December and for the most part, it has succeeded. However, the very crucial support level was breached yesterday as the currency lost 5 percent to drop to $3,830. However, it has since recovered to trade above $4,000. The support level seems quite fragile and at press time, the currency was trading at $4,023, up 3.1 percent in the past 24 hours. The currency will however surpass its all-time high by the end of next year according to the CEO of Japanese crypto trading platform Quoine.

Bitcoin Price Watch: Analyst Says It Will Be a Long Time Before Bitcoin Recovers

Bitcoin has fallen by roughly $200 since our last price piece, but the father of crypto is still managing to retain a position in the $4,000 range. Overall, it’s been something of a mixed time for bitcoin. The currency shot up to $4,300 earlier in the week after it had been trapped in the $3,000 range since Thanksgiving, but later fell to approximately $3,900 on Friday, November 30, 2018.