Japanese Exchange bitFlyer Approved to Operate in Illinois

Japan's largest Bitcoin and blockchain company, bitFlyer, has now received an official license to operate in the state of Illinois. After receiving a “BitLicense” to operate as a virtual currency exchange in New York in November 2017, the Tokyo-based company has now received approval to operate in 44 states and territories.

New “Semi-Decentralized” Cryptocurrency Exchange Navigates Murky Compliance Waters

Tetra, a new entrant in the cryptocurrency exchange sector, describes itself as a semi-decentralized, peer-to-peer exchange with an emphasis on security and usability: “Tetra will help create the next wave of cryptocoin adoption which will benefit all cryptocurrency users from investors to traders to businesses.
The Basics on FACTS: A New Model for Compliant ICOs

The Basics on FACTS: A New Model for Compliant ICOs

Jaron Lukasiewicz is a co-founder of WRKFLOW, an advisor to several blockchain companies and the founder of Coinsetter, a cryptocurrency exchange sold to Kraken FX. In this opinion piece, Lukasiewicz proposes a way for initial coin offerings to avoid running afoul of securities laws while retaining the practical commercial advantages of tokenization.

FICO Patent Filing Hints at Plans for Bitcoin Exchange Monitoring

The company behind the FICO credit scoring system is looking at how to collect information from bitcoin exchanges as part of a new anti-money laundering product, new public documents show. A patent application from FICO, published September 21, details a programmable system for detecting potentially illicit transactions and flagging them for future review. That information would then be used to develop "threat scores" to be utilized by bank anti-money laundering specialists, according to the filing.