Смарт-город в пустыне от Илона Маска и Blockchains — правда или миф?

Смарт-город в пустыне от Илона Маска и Blockchains — правда или миф?

Не первый месяц ходят слухи, что компания Blockchains вместе со знаменитым предпринимателем Илоном Маском тайно работает над созданием экспериментального смарт-города в штате Невада, в крупнейшем американском Индустриальном центре Тахо-Рино (Tahoe Reno Industrial Center, TRIC).

SEC and CFTC Give Testimonies at Senate Hearing on Virtual Currencies

Today, February 6, 2018, the prospects for coherent U.S. regulation on cryptocurrencies became a little more clear, as were the impasses that were frustrating progress on the issue. The Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs (the “Committee”) heard joint testimony from the heads of both the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC).

Pilot Project Verifies Academic Credentials on the Bitcoin Blockchain

The UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies at University College London (UCL CBT) is launching a new pilot project for blockchain-based verification of academic credentials. MSc Financial Risk Management graduates are now able to display a verified qualification on their CV through a QR code based on the Bitcoin blockchain, which instantly provides tamper-proof, verifiable information.

Hyperledger’s Behlendorf: 2018 Will Bring Breakthrough Blockchain Developments

Brian Behlendorf is confident that 2018 will be a peak year, not only for Hyperledger — the international consortium of companies and organizations developing open source, permissioned blockchain technology — but also for blockchain technology in general as businesses and governments recognize the potential power of distributed ledgers and smart contracts.