Tim Swanson: Enterprise Blockchain is in a

Tim Swanson: Enterprise Blockchain is in a "Trough of Disillusionment”

There are few people who have worked in the blockchain technology space for so long and maintained such a seemingly disinterested and skeptical perspective on the emerging technology as Tim Swanson. Through numerous books and a blog, Tim has shown a knack for going out of his way to do deep market research within the blockchain space.

UK Government Urged to Look at Blockchain Tech for Identity Services

Blockchain technology could be used to improve the U.
Quant Network Launches Overledger for Cross-Blockchain Data Interoperability

Quant Network Launches Overledger for Cross-Blockchain Data Interoperability

Last month, science and technology magazine New Scientist covered the Overledger project in a story titled, “The Blockchain to Fix All Blockchains.” The story emphasizes the need for data interoperability technology across different blockchains that could play a role similar to TCP/IP, which enabled the internet to thrive. “[Overledger] seems to be a straightforward extension of the original atomic swap idea,” said Cornell University cryptocurrency expert Emin Gun Sirer, as reported by New Scientist.

Bitcoin and the Quantity Theory of Money – Why Bitcoin is Undervalued

If you were awake in your college economics class you might recall Milton Friedman’s classic theory: The quantity theory of money.

Bitcoin? Not For Me: Alibaba Founder Jack Ma

Chinese business magnate Jack Ma is confused by bitcoin and is not interested in learning more about the emerging cryptocurrency asset class, even though his company is pouring significant resources into blockchain development.

Local Meetups: Growing Bitcoin and Blockchain Tech at the Grassroot Level

Bitcoin is exploding and interest in the associated blockchain technology is at an all-time high, with Bitcoin being talked about on sitcoms as well as the news. But much of this success has been the result of a vibrant grassroots movement that has been fostered over time by dedicated and devoted communities of crypto enthusiasts around the world.
A Greener Cryptocurrency From Bittorrent Inventor, Bram Cohen

A Greener Cryptocurrency From Bittorrent Inventor, Bram Cohen

The inventor of Bittorrent has now turned his attention to blockchain technology and building a greener Bitcoin called Chia. Bram Cohen released Bittorrent to the world in 2004, but, in early 2017, he stepped away from the company he built to focus on blockchain technology.

Lambda Protocol: Decentralizing Access to Decentralized Applications

The Lambda Protocol has announced a decentralized, open-source solution for unrestricted access to decentralized applications (DApps). Utilizing the Lambda Protocol, DApp developers can leverage existing browsers such as Chrome or Safari to open up their applications to millions of devices currently being used. The Lambda Protocol plans to launch with support for both the Ethereum and Bitcoin blockchains, adding support for permissioned blockchains such as Hyperledger Fabric in the future.

SophiaTX Integrates Blockchain Technology With SAP

In September, SophiaTX announced the first open-source platform to primarily integrate blockchain technology with SAP software, used by 87 percent of global businesses and 98 percent of the top 100 most-valued brands.
Birdchain, Blockchain App for Real-World Use

Birdchain, Blockchain App for Real-World Use

With technology on the rise, forward-thinking businesses have to reevaluate their strategies and come up with creative ways to reach existing and potential customers. Indeed, mobile users are increasing on a daily basis. SMS marketing might not be as new and not as hyped as some alternatives, but it still is a great and convenient tool for reaching your customers. SMS are instant, traceable, and cost-effective. Telecos Exploiting Businesses The mark up on SMS is among the dubious ways in which telecos turn a quick profit.

Video Streamers Have More Options with These New Blockchain Startups

Innovative technology companies are leveraging blockchain technology to build next-generation business models and Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) for video streaming, a multibillion-dollar industry that continues to grow. According to data revealed by Theta Labs, one of the companies covered below, the video content and streaming market accounts for 67 percent of current internet traffic and could reach 82 percent by 2020.

EU Study: Blockchain a Solution to Prevent Odometer Tampering

The European Parliament has issued a report suggesting that the blockchain could be an effective solution to preventing odometer tampering. In a report, Odometer tampering: measures to prevent it [PDF], issued by the Directorate General for Internal Policies, it reads that odometer tampering remains an issue in the European Union, affecting almost all second-hand car markets of its Member States.

Blockchain Coalition Seeks to Make Bitcoin Welcome in Wyoming

A group of people are on a mission to bring Bitcoin back to the state of Wyoming after unfriendly laws made it impossible to transact with cryptocurrencies there more than two years ago. The Wyoming Blockchain Coalition announced its formation this week.

US Treasury Official: More Blockchain Use Cases Needed

An official from the U.S. Treasury has written an optimistic article on the blockchain, calling for more relevant use cases, proofs of concepts and pilot projects with the technology. Craig Fischer, who serves as program manager for the Office of Financial Innovation and Transformation (FIT) within the Treasury’s Bureau of the Fiscal Service, wrote an article in the Journal of Government Financial Management [PDF].

Australian Government Awards Grant to $8 Million Blockchain Energy Project

Australian-based solar startup Power Ledger, among others, is to receive AU$8.25 million in funding from the Australian government for a cutting edge project using the blockchain. According to an announcement from Power Ledger, the Australia government revealed today that it is to provide $2.57 million in funding for a cutting-edge project in the City of Fremantle, in Western Australia.

US Customs and Border Protection Discovers 14 Blockchain Use Cases

An advisory committee to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is looking into the applicability of the blockchain and how it can be used within the agency. According to a published report, the working group was established by the Commercial Customs Operations Advisory Committee (COAC) in September.

US Customs and Border Protection Discovers 14 Blockchain Use Cases

An advisory committee to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is looking into the applicability of the blockchain and how it can be used within the agency. According to a published report, the working group was established by the Commercial Customs Operations Advisory Committee (COAC) in September.

‘Dr. Doom’ Roubini Says Bitcoin is a ‘Gigantic Speculative Bubble’ that Will End

An influential American economist who predicted the 2008 financial crisis is now claiming that bitcoin is a ‘gigantic speculative bubble’ and that it will eventually come to an end. Nouriel Roubini, an economics professor at New York University’s Stern School of Business, spoke with Business Insider Poland during a visit to the country at the invitation of Bank Pekao.

Over 26,000 Blockchain Projects Were Developed Last Year; 8% Remain Active

Code repository GitHub saw over 26,000 blockchain-related projects created on its platform last year; yet only a small percentage remain active. According to data collected by Deloitte, it detailed in its new report ‘Evolution of Blockchain Technology: Insights from the GitHub Platform,’ that there were 26,885 blockchain-related projects in 2016 developed on GitHub.

Funding the Blockchain Future of the Digital Media Industry

BTC Media, the largest media group in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, announced the launch of BTC Labs, a venture studio focusing on launching and incubating blockchain applications for the digital media industry on September 25, 2017.

Stampery Demonstrates Timestamping on Public Blockchains like Bitcoin and Litecoin

Stampery, a blockchain startup, has demonstrated that timestamping on public blockchains can be made possible through robust software and actual immutable platforms without the necessity of permissioned and centralized blockchain networks. Utilization of Secure Public Blockchains Like Bitcoin and Ethereum Instead of Permissioned Ledgers For many years, since 2014, various blockchain consortia and multi-billion dollar conglomerates have focused on the development of flexible permissioned ledgers to utilize blockchain technology as a database with cryptographic proof and unalterable ledger Most recently, Pfizer and Genentech, two pharmaceutical giants with a combined market cap of $300 billion, announced the release of the MediLedger project that utilizes JPMorgan’s Ethereum Go-inspired permissioned blockchain network Quorum to run the supply chains within the global pharmaceutical industry.

Creating a Blockchain-Based Network of Interoperable Artificial Intelligences

Artificial Intelligence (AI) startup SingularityNET, recently covered by Wired as “the most tech-hype idea of the year,” wants to democratize AI research and facilitate the emergence of human-level AI on a decentralized, open-source platform.
Want to Boost Your Stock Price? Add ‘Blockchain’ to Your Company’s Name

Want to Boost Your Stock Price? Add ‘Blockchain’ to Your Company’s Name

A British company’s stock price went meteoric after it added the word “blockchain” to its name. According to Bloomberg, British internet and information investment firm On-line Plc’s stock (LON: ONL) surged by 394% on Friday after the company issued a major announcement: it was changing its name to “On-line Blockchain Plc”.

Tracking Ethereum: UK Financial Firm Launches Pension Crypto Investment Portfolio

U.K. financial services company Hargreaves Lansdown has launched its own pensions investment portfolio that can track the price of ethereum. The move is to help investors boost their retirement pots. Based in Bristol, the tracker functions on a synthetic basis; however, it still shows an index, commodity, bonds or a collection of assets such as an index fund, reports the Express.

University of Sydney’s Red Belly Blockchain Scales 660,000 Transactions/Sec; 11.5x of Visa, 94,000x of Bitcoin

New trials from the University of Sydney’s Red Belly Blockchain have found that it can process financial transactions 50 times faster than originally thought, making it quicker than Visa for worldwide payments. Back in July, it was initially reported that researchers at the university had developed a new model of blockchain that could process 440,000 transactions per second on 100 machines.