BitTorrent Token Price Inches Ahead as Major Developments are Announced

Even though Bitcoin remains in the green, for the time being, it would appear there is some bearish pressure forming on the hourly candles.

BitTorrent Token Price Shows Bullish Signs as Other Markets Struggle

As became apparent yesterday morning and early afternoon, the bearish pressure has regained its grip on virtually all cryptocurrency markets.

BitTorrent Token Price Doesn’t Budge Despite Justin Sun’s “Hype’ Campaign

The past few weeks have not been fun for BitTorrent Token.

BitTorrent Token Price to Remain Bearish for Months, Trader Claims

As all cryptocurrency markets try to find their next support level, it is only normal some projects will continue to lose value.

BitTorrent Token Price Faces Bearish Pressure Near the 27 Satoshi Level

Although the current BitTorrent Token momentum is not necessarily all that promising, there is no significant decline to speak of either.

BitTorrent Token Price Moves up by over 7.5% Prior to Today’s Airdrop

As all cryptocurrencies seemingly prepare for the next leg up, a lot of interesting things will happen throughout the day.

BitTorrent Token Price Drops by 17% After Recent Value Surge

New projects in cryptocurrency always attract a lot of attention.