Bitcoin Cash’s Lead Dev Says Bitcoin Is Dead and Split into Two

At a time in which bitcoin cash (BCH) surges to $1,680, the cryptocurrency’s lead developer, Deadal Nix, stated that Bitcoin itself is dead as it split into two back in August. According to him, there is now bitcoin cash and bitcoin core/Legacy. Bitcoin is dead. It was split in two. There is bitcoin cash, and bitcoin core/legacy.

Zimbabwe Coup Could Spike Bitcoin Price Even Higher on Domestic Exchanges

Instability stemming from an apparent coup could send the bitcoin price even higher in Zimbabwe. On Wednesday, Zimbabwe’s military initiated an apparent coup against President Robert Mugabe, the authoritarian leader who has ruled the country for nearly 40 years. Although the military denies it is attempting to overthrow the regime, the 93-year-old president has reportedly been taken into custody, throwing the country’s political future into turmoil.

Worse Than ‘the Russians’: Kansas Panel Prohibits Bitcoin Campaign Contributions

A Kansas state government commission has ruled that candidates running for office in state and local elections will be prohibited from accepting bitcoin campaign contributions. As reported by the Lawrence Journal-World, a local media outlet, the Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission has decided to bar Kansas politicians from accepting bitcoin donations when running for public office in state or local elections, citing concerns about bitcoin’s pseudonymity.
Litecoin’s Charlie Lee: GBMiners Has Stopped Signaling For SegWit2x Bitcoin Hard Fork

Litecoin’s Charlie Lee: GBMiners Has Stopped Signaling For SegWit2x Bitcoin Hard Fork

On October 27, Litecoin creator and former Coinbase executive Charlie Lee revealed that GBMiners, a major mining pool operator, has stopped signaling for the SegWit2x hard fork expected to occur in mid-November. Lee stated: GBMiners (~2.5% of total BTC hashrate) stopped signaling for Segwit2x hardfork. First of many pools to realize the folly of this hardfork. 👏 pic.

Bitcoin and Gold Exchange Vaultoro Withdraws from New York Agreement

Bitcoin and allocated gold order book exchange Vaultoro has withdrawn support for the New York Agreement (NYA), citing the absence of opt-out replay protection from the proposed SegWit2x hard fork. Vaultoro Withdraws NYA Support Vaultoro co-founder Joshua Scigala made the announcement on Twitter, stating that the company had signed the NYA to “help dislodge the stalemate” between the different camps in the scaling debate.

Charlie Lee Criticizes Bitcoin Cash For Branding Itself as Bitcoin

On October 17, released a controversial statement which claimed that Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin. In response, leading industry experts including Litecoin creator Charlie Lee offered harsh criticism. Claims Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin, Angers Bitcoin Community In September, Bitcoin Cash was launched through a hard fork executed by a few major mining pools including ViaBTC and Bitmain.
‘Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin,’ Roger Ver and Calvin Ayre Declare

‘Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin,’ Roger Ver and Calvin Ayre Declare

Bitcoin cash proponents Roger Ver and Calvin Ayre have announced a plan to use their influence and considerable wealth to rebrand bitcoin cash as “bitcoin”. Ver, an early bitcoin investor once nicknamed “Bitcoin Jesus”, has incurred the ire of much of the bitcoin community over the past several years, primarily due to his repeated support for contentious hard forks associated with the evolving block size debate. He owns and operates, a news and information outlet that critics claim gives new users the impression that it is an official Bitcoin resource.

‘We Are All Part of Consensus’: Bitcoin Communities in Brazil and Argentina Condemn SegWit2x

Bitcoin communities in Brazil and Argentina have issued a joint statement opposing the SegWit2x hard fork mandated by the New York Agreement (NYA). The statement, which is signed by both local bitcoin associations and crypto startups including Bitsendal, Blinktrade, and Coinkite, opens by expressing the belief that NYA signatories entered into the agreement with the noble intention of improving bitcoin’s scalability. Publicly ‘Shames’ SegWit2x Supporters Publicly ‘Shames’ SegWit2x Supporters followed through on its threat to publicly denounce companies that support the SegWit2x hard fork and have not committed to classifying the competing blockchains as separate cryptocurrencies following the resulting chain split. Last Thursday, — an open-source repository for bitcoin resources and information and the top Google search result for “Bitcoin” — published a blog post threatening to publicly denounce 50 prominent SegWit2x supporters unless they would revoke their support for the controversial scaling proposal or agree to treat the SegWit2x blockchain as an altcoin.

Chilean Bitcoin Exchange SurBTC Withdraws Support for SegWit2x Hard Fork

The New York Agreement (NYA) lost another signatory on Tuesday, as Latin American bitcoin exchange SurBTC withdrew support for SegWit2x a month before its scheduled release. The Chilean startup made the announcement on Tuesday in an official blog post, joining a litany of companies that have begun to withdraw support for SegWit2x as the scheduled November date for the controversial hard fork approaches. Threatens to Publicly Denounce SegWit2x-Supporters has threatened to publicly denounce companies that support SegWit2x and have not committed to treating the competing blockchains as separate cryptocurrencies in the event of a chain split. On Thursday, published a blog post revealing that it will publicly denounce supporters of the controversial SegWit2x hard fork on October 11.

Roger Ver Bets $4 Million on SegWit2x Hard Fork

Angel investor Roger Ver has placed a $4 million bet that the coins on the SegWit2x blockchain will ultimately be worth more than coins on the original bitcoin blockchain following the proposed November hard fork. It’s difficult to remember a time when the bitcoin community was not embroiled in a debate about the appropriate way to scale the bitcoin network.