Billionaire Mark Cuban Says Futures Contracts Are a “Positive” for Bitcoin

As recently covered by CCN, the CME Group, the $51 billion U.

Chess Legend Garry Kasparov: Bitcoin Is Pure Speculation

Former world chess champion Garry Kasparov went to the Web Summit, in Lisbon, this year while representing cybersecurity firm Avast. PROTESTE INVESTE, a Portuguese investment website known for helping novice and experienced investors, managed to speak to Kasparov in an interview about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. In it, Kasparov revealed that bitcoin’s popularity doesn’t surprise him, and compared the cryptocurrency to “fake money” that’s “issued by governments in large quantities.

Central Banks’ Bond Tapering Will Dampen Bitcoin Price : Economics Professor

The era of “easy money” such as investment in bitcoin could be over as central banks start tapering off from bond buying and low-interest rates, a development that could come as bad news for crypto-currency traders and investors. This is according to Professor Panos Mourdoukoutas, chairman of the Economics Department at LIU Post in New York, who wrote in an opinion piece for Forbes that technology stocks and bitcoin investments are likely to deflate.

Bitcoin Price Nears $10,000 in Zimbabwe Due to a Lack of Cash in the Country

According to, bitcoin adoption in Zimbabwe is seemingly skyrocketing as the country’s economic situation looks bleak. So much so, that one bitcoin is trading at nearly $10,000 on the exchange, while the global average is, at press time, of $5,642.