Now Is the Time to Stock up on Bitcoin: Chinese Crypto Billionaire

Bitcoin is still struggling at $3,600, with the currency unable to break above $4,000 in the past month.

XRP Price is Heading to Sub $0.3 Again as Bears Regain Control

As was to be somewhat expected, it appears most cryptocurrency markets have turned bearish once again.

XRP Price Drops Below $0.3 as Support Levels Will be Tested

These are not the best of times for cryptocurrencies, digital assets, and tokens.

Ethereum Excitement Bubble Pops as Price Drops Below $120 Again

It has become apparent this Sunday will not necessarily signal the beginning of a major crypto market rebound. That is unfortunate, primarily because things were looking somewhat promising earlier today. The Ethereum price is getting a massive beating once again as its value has dropped below $120 again. In BTC value, the losses are smaller but still significant. Another Ethereum Price dip Rears is Head For those traders and speculators who had high hopes for early 2019, it seems those expectations will need to be readjusted sooner rather than later.

The Plausible Scenario Where Bitcoin Drops to $3,000

A lot of people are wondering what the near future will hold for all major cryptocurrencies. Considering how so many altcoins rely on Bitcoin’s momentum first and foremost, it has become apparent the future Bitcoin price movement will play a key role in the overall crypto market. Some experts are still worried, as there is a very good chance the price will drop to the $3,000 range in the coming days. The Bearish Bitcoin Price Outlook The opinions on cryptocurrency prices and future valuations will always differ from user to user.

To Hodl or to Sell, the Question Every Investor Is Grappling With in This Bear Market

To follow your gut and hodl through the storm, or to yield to the market and sell before a possible continued bear market? This is the question many crypto investors have been grappling with in the wake of a $25 billion wipeout in the market. Bitcoin lost close to $1,000 in a few tumultuous hours earlier today as most cryptos saw red. And while it’s slowly recovering, the progress is slow and not yet convincing. Altcoins haven’t fared any better, leaving many investors at a loss of what to do.