Bitcoin Cash Struggles At $165, Volume Halves As Key Ally Looks Shaky

Bitcoin Cash has been on the news for the past two months, both for positive and negative reasons. However, in the past two weeks, the currency made one of the fightbacks of the year, hitting $230 on December 21. However, the currency couldn’t maintain the momentum and at press time, the currency was trading at  $164. Since hitting its 30-day high a week ago, BCH has lost 29 percent of its value. Its 24-hour trading volume has also dropped by a whopping 83 percent to stand at $335 million.

Bitcoin Cash Price Loses 20% as Bitmain Lays off Entire Team

What goes up must come down. The week started off on a good note, markets seemed to be recovering and most cryptocurrencies saw double digit gains. Unfortunately, it seems the Monday bull run is coming to an end as the market is correcting on Christmas eve, effectively erasing the gains sustained in the past 24 hours. Bitcoin Cash was hit exceptionally hard losing almost 20% in value, risking its top 4 position to EOS. After seeing insane gains last week and passing EOS for the number 4 spot by market cap, it seems that Bitcoin Cash is on its way back down, currently trading at $165 and having a $500 million lead on EOS based on market cap.

Bitcoin Cash Price Drops by $30 After Hitting $220 This Morning

When all other cryptocurrencies face a bit of bearish pressure, Bitcoin Cash seemingly continues to do its own thing. That is a rather interesting development worth keeping an eye on. Over the past few days, this altcoin has surged tremendously, and it seems the $200 target is still valid. Sustaining this uptrend has been a challenge, for rather obvious reasons. Bitcoin Cash Price Surge Continues It has been a very interesting week for all of the cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

Bitcoin Cash Price Gains 37% and Hits $165

When the overall cryptocurrency market momentum turns as uber bullish as it is right now, it appears all bets are off. The Bitcoin Cash price, for example, is pretty interesting to keep an eye on as of right now. Its value has hit $164 again and the BCH/BTC gains are quite substantial at this point. Bitcoin Cash Price Surge Keeps Going Throughout the year 2018, there hasn’t been a sustainable uptrend for any of the cryptocurrencies or digital asset son the market today.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Price Up 25% – Fighting EOS for the Top 4 Spot

Crypto markets have been extremely volatile in the past couple days. This has caused a disruption in the status quo of the top 10 cryptocurrencies. Many have traded places in their rankings including Bitcoin Cash (BCH) which is currently fighting for the top 4 spot based on market cap. Bitcoin Cash VS EOS It was only two days ago when EOS overtook Stellar Lumens based on market cap, earning it the top 4 spot.

Bitcoin Cash Price Push Continues With Another 33% Increase

As the bullish cryptocurrency momentum trucks on, there is a growing sense of contentment among enthusiasts and traders. It is very impressive to see how easily these current gains can be sustained, especially where Bitcoin Cash is concerned. More specifically, the alternative form of Bitcoin has been on quite a tear lately and it seems things will continue along this path moving forward. Bitcoin Cash Price Uptrend Resumes While there has been a bit of a positive history throughout 2018 regarding Bitcoin Cash price uptrends, none of them has survived for very long.

Bitcoin Cash Price Rises to $100 And Overtakes Litecoin

When the cryptocurrency markets start to show signs of bearish momentum, there is a good chance things will get pretty interesting. In the case of Bitcoin Cash, the current price momentum seems to favor this altcoin right now. With a value just above $100, the coming days will get pretty interesting moving forward. Sustaining the uptrend will always be difficult, for obvious reasons. Bitcoin Cash Price Retakes the $100 Level It has been a while since the Bitcoin Cash price hit the three-digit range once again.

Bitcoin Cash Price Heads South of $90 Once Again

Nothing ever comes easy in the world of cryptocurrency and digital assets. As all markets remain subdued for yet another day, it seems there will not be any real improvements moving forward. For Bitcoin Cash, things have looked bleak all year, and the pressure hasn’t relented just yet. In fact, the value now sits below $90 again following another big loss over the past 24 hours. Bitcoin Cash Price Dip Is not Over No one will be really surprised to learn there is yet another deficit for the Bitcoin Cash price as of right now.

Bitcoin Cash Price Gains 10% Despite ABC Developer Controversy

A lot of positive momentum appears to be brewing across the cryptocurrency industry. Although this is not entirely uncommon, sustaining this uptrend over the coming week will be a different matter altogether. After facing a massive battering, the Bitcoin Cash price appears to be on the rise again in rather significant fashion. Bitcoin Cash Price Uptrend Looks Promising Considering how the weekends are usually extremely bearish for all cryptocurrencies, it is somewhat interesting to see different momentum shaping up all of a sudden.

Bitcoin Sets a New Yearly Low, Looks Set to Test $3,000 Very Soon

Bitcoin is down 10 percent in the past 24 hours and has set a new low for the year. The currency has been struggling to stay above $4,000, but it looks like the bears have the upper hand, at least in the short term. The currency slumped below $3,400 on most markets overnight and has since then looked increasingly likely to head to $3,000. At press time, Bitcoin was trading at $3,377 on BitMEX, Coinbase Pro and Kraken. The rest of the market has also been heavily battered, with Ethereum trading at $86, Stellar down 17 percent to $0.

Bitcoin Cash Price Drops Further and may be Overtaken by Bitcoin SV Soon

As the cryptocurrency industry continues to struggle for any sort of traction, it is quickly becoming apparent there may be some permanent casualties when everything is said and done. There has been no sign of improvement for Bitcoin Cash, as its price continues to drift lower virtually every single day. The next battle ahead will see the Bitcoin Cash price retain $125 or fall below it in the coming hours. Bitcoin Cash Price Struggles Intensify Further Although Bitcoin Cash successfully celebrated its first birthday this year, things have never looked the same ever since.

Bitcoin Cash Price Struggles to Remain at $165

The cryptocurrency markets are not off to the greatest of starts on this new week. While that will not entirely surprise too many people, it is still a rather unfortunate development. The Bitcoin downtrend is, once again, dragging everything else with it.  As has been the case for a while now, the Bitcoin Cash price seems to feel the worst of this effect. Bitcoin Cash Price Decline Continues Anyone who has closely watched the cryptocurrency market prices throughout 2018 may have noticed some peculiar developments taking place.

Bitcoin Cash Price Pressure Mounts as Markets Start to Slip

As was to be expected, most of yesterday’s cryptocurrency market gains have been wiped out once again. Sustaining a bit uptrend has proven to be extremely difficult throughout 2018 and this latest round is no different. It seems the Bitcoin Cash price will be the first to head in the red again as its value is being pushed down below $185 at this time. Bitcoin Cash price Faces Opposition A lot of people were genuinely excited to see the Bitcoin price yesterday throughout the afternoon.
Конец войны? Команда BSV добавляет защиту от дублирования транзакц

Конец войны? Команда BSV добавляет защиту от дублирования транзакц

Bitcoin Cash Price Drops Below $170 as Market Woes Continue

Those who were hoping for positive cryptocurrency price momentum over the weekend will be extremely disappointed first and foremost. Nothing is going the way people would have liked whatsoever, and it seems the worst is yet to come. Al major markets face massive declines, and it seems the Bitcoin Cash price continues to get battered every single day. There is no end to this madness, by the look of things. Bitcoin Cash Price Goes off the Deep End When looking at the big picture, one would almost begin to believe Bitcoin’s end is nigh.

Bitcoin Cash Price Dips Below $225 Again as Bearish Pressure Mounts

It is safe to say the recent Bitcoin Cash protocol upgrade will continue to cause disruption for quite some time to come. There is still a lot of confusion regarding this fork and the potential long-term outcome of this most recent event. As such, the Bitcoin Cash price appears to be tanking once again, which does not bode well for the short-term future whatsoever. Bitcoin Cash Price Drops Significantly No one will be really surprised to earn the current momentum does not bode well for most cryptocurrencies.

Wormhole Brings Smart Contacts and Token Issuance to Bitcoin Cash

It is always difficult for cryptocurrency projects to find their niche market. In the case of Ethereum, NEO, EOS, and TRX, the addition of letting users create and issue their own tokens has done wonders. Similar functionality will come to Bitcoin Cash through the Wormhole project. It is an interesting addition, although no one knows if this will be even remotely successful in the long run. Changing the Bitcoin Cash Narrative Over the past few weeks, the discussions pertaining to Bitcoin Cash have not been overly positive by any means.

Will The Bitcoin Cash Price Retake $250 Following Monster Bull Run

It would appear all cryptocurrencies are going through some sort of a revival right now. After sustaining very serious losses yesterday, things have finally turned around again. The most bullish currency in the top 10 is none other than Bitcoin Cash. That comes as a bit of a surprise due to all the recent drama, although it also shows altcoins are very resilient first and foremost. For the time being, Bitcoin Cash seems to be underway to hit $250 again.

Bitcoin Cash Price Onslaught Pushes Market Cap Below XLM’s

There is nothing to be excited about in the world of cryptocurrency at this stage. Considering how all markets remain in the red, it is more than evident there will be no immediate relief. The biggest loser to date is Bitcoin Cash, as its value has lost 44% in the past 24 hours. That is quite spectacular, although it seems multiple factors are at play in this regard. Bitcoin Cash price Decline Gets Brutal Most people expected some price turmoil when the Bitcoin Cash protocol upgrade of November 15th was first announced.
Криптобиржа Huobi присвоила цепи Bitcoin ABC тикер BCH

Криптобиржа Huobi присвоила цепи Bitcoin ABC тикер BCH

Третья по объему торгов криптобиржа Huobi Global расценивает более длинную цепь Bitcoin ABC как «настоящий» Bitcoin Cash с тикером BCH. Bitcoin Cash ABC to Be Re-Designated BCH and Trading Announcement of Bitcoin SV (BSV) Huobi Global has confirmed that the ABC version of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) will be retained for the designation of BCH.

Exchanges Start Labeling BCHABC as “BCH” Despite Ongoing Hash War

Cryptocurrency exchanges are seemingly convinced BCHABC will remain the predominant chain of Bitcoin Cash following the network split. Although things look to be in favor of this implementation, both Bittrex and Coinex are taking a very controversial stance. They let users trade BCHABC tokens as “BCH”, even though nothing has been permanently decided in this regard as of yet. Premature Actions by Exchanges? The Bitcoin Cash hard fork and subsequent network split have caused quite a stir.

Bitcoin Cash Price Gets Skewed due to Exchange Trickery

A lot of confusing action is taking place where the Bitcoin Cash price is concerned. Although its actual decline in value is quite obvious for everyone to see, the real price of BCH is not necessarily what people can see on Coinmarketcap. This is primarily because numerous exchanges treat BCHABC as Bitcoin Cash already despite nothing being decided in terms of which chain will be the longest. Bitcoin Cash Value Fluctuates Heavily Depending on where traders look at, the price of Bitcoin Cash will be either close to the $400 level or down to $250-ish.

Bitcoin Cash Price Slowly Drifts Toward $400 Following Network Split

It has been an interesting week in the cryptocurrency industry, although not necessarily for reasons one might expect. More specifically, the Bitcoin Cash price is getting battered, as that has everything to do with the hard fork and associated hash war. As such, one has to wonder if anyone is even winning based on the developments. So far, the “winner” remains unclear, and the future of Bitcoin Cash is anything but decided. Bitcoin Cash Price Continues to Decline No one should be really surprised to learn things are not looking too great for Bitcoin Cash in the price department.

Crypto Price Watch: Bitcoin (BTC) Plummets to Annual Low While Other Top Altcoins Also Face Market Heat

The past 24 hours have been rollercoaster of sorts for the crypto market, with the price of the world’s premier digital currency, Bitcoin, dropping by more than 10% late Wednesday afternoon. As a consequence of this, BTC was seen stooping to its 2017 low of $5,312 before gradually recovering (a little) and settling around the 5,742 mark (at press time).

Bitcoin Cash Price Remains Stable as Pre-fork Trading Volatility Increases

Today and tomorrow will be two incredibly important dates for Bitcoin Cash. The upcoming hard fork is a very controversial development which can have all kinds of side effects. So far, the Bitcoin Cash price is holding its own despite all of the controversy. Finding stability near $520 would be a semi-bullish signal for the future. Bitcoin Cash Price Needs Solid Support Despite a relatively steep price rise last week, the value per BCH has not found any real stability to speak of.