Brave’s Growth in 2018 Might not Affect the Basic Attention Token Price

Whenever a cryptocurrency-oriented project launches, there are high expectations from investors and speculators. Especially if that project also conducted an initial coin offering to bring its token to market. For the Brave team, it seems the ecosystem is slowly coming together in a meaningful manner. The 2018 growth statistics only confirm things should continue to improve moving forward. Brave’s Year 2018 has been Solid Although the year 2018 will go down in history as the year of massive price corrections, there is always more to this situation than meets the eye.

First Major Christmas 2018 Crypto Scam Targets Basic Attention Token

As the Christmas holidays are almost upon us, there will be notable increase in the number of financial scams and phishing attempts. The cryptocurrency industry will be no different in this regard, as there are quite a few new campaigns making the rounds right now. Always be careful when clicking unknown links and receiving messages from people one has never had a conversation with before. The Christmas Holiday Crypto Scams No one will be really surprised to learn there will be an increase in the number of cryptocurrency-related scams throughout December 2018.

Basic Attention Price Shows Signs of Recovering to $0.275

The past two weeks have been very intense for Basic Attention Token holders. The Coinbase listing announcement caused a major price spike, following be a large retrace after trading effectively began. Now that all markets have calmed down a bit again, it appears the uptrend will be resumed shortly. An initial push to $0.275 is certainly possible, assuming the current levels can act as long-term support first and foremost. Basic Attention Token Price Recovery Commences It is very normal for speculative markets to rise in value and face a major onslaught shortly afterward.

Basic Attention Token Price Plummet Continues as Technical Fundamentals Indicate More Pain

Even though a lot of people had high hopes or the Basic Attention Token price, things often turn out very differently. In the case of BAT this weekend, things are not looking all that great, especially because the price continues to take a battering in fairly quick succession. No new highs will be noted by the look of things, and it seems the Coinbase effect will keep dragging BAT down even further. Basic Attention Token Price Onslaught Continues It is rather crucial to see how things have evolved for BAT.

Basic Attention Token Price Rebounds as Coinbase FOMO Remains Tangible

As most of the top markets struggle for traction right now, speculators and traders are looking well beyond the top 20 for profits. Basic Attention Token is, once again, making some very strong moves. Its addition to Coinbase should occur later today, although the company has yet to communicate an official timeline in this regard. Basic Attention Token Price Rises Again It has been a wild ride for holders of the Basic Attention Token over the past few weeks.

BAT Price Surge Sparks new Coinbase “Insider Trading” Conspiracy

Even though the vast majority of cryptocurrency markets have not noted any major gains, Basic Attention Token is getting a lot of attention. The token is now officially ‘live” on Coinbase Pro, and a listing on Coinbase seems imminent. Even so, not everyone sees merit in this token or its listing, which is only to be expected. Basic Attention Token Price Surge Continues This past month has been pretty significant for Basic Attention Token holders.
Пять криптовалют взлетели после анонса о возможном листинге на Coinbase

Пять криптовалют взлетели после анонса о возможном листинге на Coinbase

Американская компания Coinbase в своём блоге 13 июня объявила, что рассматривает возможность листинга следующих активов: Cardano (ADA), Basic Attention Token (BAT), Stellar Lumens (XLM), Zcash (ZEC) и 0x (ZRX).
Brave Browser Brings Basic Attention Token Platform to YouTube

Brave Browser Brings Basic Attention Token Platform to YouTube

The latest version the Brave browser enables users to donate money to their favorite YouTube stars using the Basic Attention Token (BAT) payment platform. As the official announcement explains, the Brave browser automatically blocks all web ads — even those on YouTube — but users can contribute directly to participating publishers by adding funds to their browser wallet and distributing them to publishers based on time spent viewing website content or at custom amounts.