XRP Price Holds its own at $0.51 as Gains Remain in Place

It has been a good week for XRP, all things considered. Even though all markets once again lost value, the XRP trend is still rather promising. Its value at $0.5 seems to hold its own quite well, and there are still net gains to be noted in both USD and BTC value. A very strong showing which, according to speculators, will only intensify. Keeping the XRP Price Trend Alive Many people expected the XRP price to come down again after its recent uptrend.

XRP Price Will Benefit From Support by Cred and UAE Exchange

Most of the top cryptocurrencies appear to be recovering some of their lost value in the past 24 hours. Although there is plenty of work to be done, the current trend is a lot more promising than anything traders have seen since Monday. For XRP, the renewed push to $0.55 appears to be in full effect. A lot of great news shows this asset remains of great value to both speculators and enthusiasts alike. XRP Price Starts to Look Bullish Again It is evident people have high hopes for XRP moving forward.

XRP Price Push to $0.55 Stalls Despite Additional Exchange Liquidity

Another day dawns upon the cryptocurrency ecosystem and it seems things remain in the green, for now. A lot of eyes are still on XRP after yesterday’s massive uptrend. Those gains are still in place, though XRP has come up short of overtaking Ethereum in terms of market cap for more than a few hours. XRP Price Rise is far From Over After what happened throughout most of 2018, it is all the more surprising to see XRP continue its uptrend at this time.

Stellar Price Could Bounce Back Sooner Than Other Currencies

As all cryptocurrencies try to find their own pace once again, it appears Stellar may be one of the first in the top 10 to rebound. Its deficit over Bitcoin has almost been negated, which can easily turn into a net USD gain over the coming hours. How the Stellar price will evolve exactly, is always difficult to predict given these circumstances. Stellar Price Momentum is Brewing Although it seems yesterday evening’s market setback will not keep most top cryptocurrencies down for very long, the big question is which coin will recover first.

XRP Price Doesn’t Budge Despite Ripple’s Payment Network Growth

The start to this new week of cryptocurrency trading is not necessarily off to a bad start whatsoever. In fact, it would appear things are looking somewhat promising for specific currencies and assets on the market. The XRP price continues to hover near $0.46 for some time now, yet it seems the push to $0.5 is not materializing at this time. XRP Price Can’t Break Resistance It has become more than apparent a lot of cryptocurrencies have their values subdued for a very long time now.

XRP Price Still Eyes $0.5 as Third Try Might be the Charm

It is not uncommon to see all of the top cryptocurrencies in the green on Saturday morning. At the same time, this seemingly promising sign is not necessarily a guarantee for further upward momentum over the weekend. The XRP price is trying to make yet another move, although $0.5 remains well out of reach. XRP Price Attempts Another Push It is good to see all of the top currencies in the green in this early stage of the weekend.
Will the Disinflation of Bitcoin Lead to Long-Term Price Surge?

Will the Disinflation of Bitcoin Lead to Long-Term Price Surge?

Chris Burniske, a parter at cryptocurrency-focused venture capital firm Placeholder and former cryptocurrency investment lead at ARKInvestment, revealed that 80 percent of the total supply of bitcoin is now outstanding and that its hyperinflationary period is behind it. Dissimilar to most currencies and assets, bitcoin is a deflationary currency because of its unique monetary policy.