Bitcoin Price Watch: Currency Maintains Position, but Is Enthusiasm Lacking?

At press time, the father of crypto is maintaining its present position and is staying above $4,000. First reaching this pinnacle a few days ago, bitcoin is keeping up its momentum following a nasty fall in late 2018 that took it down to $3,600 after an extended period of trading in the $6,000 range. One of the big problems still surrounding bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is not volatility, but rather negative sentiment. Many financial leaders still see cryptocurrencies as fantasies – things to dismiss that will ultimately have no bearing on the future of money.

Bitcoin Community Raises Over $1.6 Million For Andreas Antonopoulos

The bitcoin community has raised more than $1.
Dutch Bank Suggests Bitcoin Mining Consumes Too Much Electricity

Dutch Bank Suggests Bitcoin Mining Consumes Too Much Electricity

According to an article published by Business Insider, Dutch bank ING recently published a study suggesting that bitcoin mining consumes too much electricity. The report claims that a single bitcoin transaction consumes as much electricity as a house in a whole month, and compares it to the amount of electricity traditional electronic payment methods consume per transaction.