Dogecoin Price Seems Poised to Turn Bullish

It has been another rather unruly day for all cryptocurrencies. Further losses for Bitcoin have taken their toll on most of the other currencies and assets on the market as well. In the case of Dogecoin not much has changed, although the altcoin has successfully surpassed the 60 Satoshi level once again. Dogecoin Price Remains Stable For Another Day While this most recent price drop was anything but surprising, it would seem the momentum may start to grow worse as time progresses.

Bitcoin Private Price Gains 12% out of the Blue

There is still a lot of uneasy market momentum where cryptocurrencies and digital assets are concerned. It is very easy to simply look at the negative, rather than seeing what may turn into a positive moving forward. The Bitcoin Private price, for example, is firing on all cylinders whereas other markets continue to struggle. That is a rather peculiar trend to keep an eye on moving forward. Bitcoin Private Price Surge Makes Little Sense It has been a while since anyone effectively discussed the Bitcoin Private currency in any manner.

Litecoin Price Seeks Stability at $25 Despite new Drop

Today will undoubtedly prove to be an interesting day for all cryptocurrencies and digital assets. Although the hourly charts signal more bearish momentum is coming, the daily chart still looks pretty solid. For the Litecoin price, however, things are not heading in the right direction. A current drop to $25 is in effect, albeit that may not be the bottom for today. Litecoin Price Pressure Piles On It is not uncommon to see altcoins go in the red when Bitcoin looks incredibly fragile on the hourly chart.

Bitcoin SV Price Attempts to Retake the $100 Level

The past month has been pretty interesting for all cryptocurrencies, even though there is a lot of negative pressure on the market as well. It is during times like these when Bitcoin SV tends to thrive, as its value usually goes up when Bitcoin faces some pressure. Today is no different so far, as the BSV price is underway to hit $100 again. Bitcoin SV Price Shows Bullish Signs Although there are still plenty of conflicting opinions on whether or not Bitcoin SV should even exist, it is evident the currency will not necessarily go away anytime soon either.

Tron Price Dips in the Red Following Fresh Bearish Momentum

All cryptocurrencies will seemingly be subjected to a fresh round of bearish momentum in the coming hours and days. The hourly charts have looked relatively weak all morning, and it seems most of yesterday’s gains will be wiped out fairly soon. The Tron price is one of the first to budge, as its losses in USD and BTC value are already piling up rather quickly. Tron Price Starts to Slide Again Although yesterday was a very promising day for Bitcoin, digital assets, and alternative currencies, Mondays usually offer something entirely different.

DOGE/BTC Losses Don’t Hinder Dogecoin Price Stability

When it comes to gauging the overall cryptocurrency momentum, Dogecoin has become somewhat of a price indicator. When its value remains stable, Bitcoin is most likely going down. In today’s edition, it seems the Dogecoin price will remain at $0.002, primarily because of the massive losses in Bitcoin value. This paves the way for an interesting upcoming week of DOGE trading. Dogecoin Price Loses Ground to Bitcoin It is never abnormal to see all altcoins and digital assets lose value in the BTC ratio despite maintaining or improving their USD value.

Bitcoin Cash Price Gains 10% Despite ABC Developer Controversy

A lot of positive momentum appears to be brewing across the cryptocurrency industry. Although this is not entirely uncommon, sustaining this uptrend over the coming week will be a different matter altogether. After facing a massive battering, the Bitcoin Cash price appears to be on the rise again in rather significant fashion. Bitcoin Cash Price Uptrend Looks Promising Considering how the weekends are usually extremely bearish for all cryptocurrencies, it is somewhat interesting to see different momentum shaping up all of a sudden.

EOS Price Notes Steep Gains as Value Approaches $2

It has been a rather rough month of December for EOS. Although all currencies and assets lost tremendous value, EOS, in particular, suffered significant losses. It was not uncommon for the altcoin to drop by over 10% in a single day, whereas the market average was 5% or less. Things are not slowly picking up again, as the EOS price is well underway to hit $2 in the coming hours. EOS Price Reversal Looks Promising Every time a cryptocurrency or digital asset market rebound becomes apparent, one has to wonder how long the momentum will last this time around.

Dogecoin Price Notes Small Gains to Maintain Overall Stability

Even though there is seemingly a lot of positive momentum in the cryptocurrency industry, most markets remain somewhat fragile right now. That is not abnormal during the weekend, yet it is evident sustaining any uptrend will pose its own challenges. In the case of Dogecoin, things are not looking all that bad right now, as the stability remains in place for the time being. Dogecoin Price Does its own Thing As is usually the case when the weekend comes around, things remain a bit uneasy across the cryptocurrency and digital asset markets A slightly lower trading volume and a massive battering over the past few weeks have made a lot of people crypto averse first and foremost.

Electroneum Price Seeks Higher Ground Following Mining-related Announcements

When looking at the current cryptocurrency markets and their respective prices, there isn’t too much positive momentum to be noted at this time. The Electroneum price is still firmly in the green across the board, although that will only remain the case as long as Bitcoin holds its own. Some interesting ETN-related developments can have a positive effect on the value over the coming hours. Electroneum Price Makes big boy Moves Altcoin traders will grind their teeth more than anything else for the final weeks of 2018.

Litecoin Price Drops Below $25 as Bearish Pressure Resumes

As the hourly cryptocurrency price charts start to look rather worrisome once again, the big question is how all markets will be affected. For the time being, there is still a lot of green across the charts, although that situation may not last much longer. The Litecoin price is already losing value again, as its $25 level cannot be sustained any longer. Litecoin Price Goes in the Red Again Yesterday evening, there was some genuine excitement regarding all cryptocurrency prices.

Verge Price Hints at Rebounding Following Major Gains in BTC Value

As the troublesome cryptocurrency market momentum continues. It would appear some interesting things are on the horizon. With the one-hour candles looking extremely bullish all of a sudden, there may be a positive end to the week after all. Verge is one of the only currencies going in the green right now, although it needs Bitcoin’s momentum to remain in place. Verge Price Makes a Big Move It is quite interesting to keep an eye on the cryptocurrency markets right now.

Ethereum Price Tests $85 but Will Likely Drop Further

It has become more than apparent the current cryptocurrency price momentum is not doing too many people any favors. With Bitcoin getting battered, things start to look progressively worse for Ethereum as well. Its value hit double-digits again yesterday afternoon, but it is now struggling to remain above $85. This is going from bad to worse in very quick succession, and the worst may not be over yet. Ethereum Price Falls off the Cliff These are not the most encouraging or pleasant times to be involved in cryptocurrencies.

Dogecoin Price Bucks Bearish Pressure on its Fifth Birthday

Today may prove to be a very interesting day for Dogecoin. Not just because the “meme currency of the internet” celebrates its five-year anniversary, but also because it seems largely unfazed by the current crypto market onslaught. That in itself a very bullish signal in its own right, although it remains to be seen if this situation will remain in place for much longer. Dogecoin Price Benefits From Bitcoin Gains It is always interesting to see how people respond to Dogecoin.

Bitcoin Cash Price Drops Further and may be Overtaken by Bitcoin SV Soon

As the cryptocurrency industry continues to struggle for any sort of traction, it is quickly becoming apparent there may be some permanent casualties when everything is said and done. There has been no sign of improvement for Bitcoin Cash, as its price continues to drift lower virtually every single day. The next battle ahead will see the Bitcoin Cash price retain $125 or fall below it in the coming hours. Bitcoin Cash Price Struggles Intensify Further Although Bitcoin Cash successfully celebrated its first birthday this year, things have never looked the same ever since.

Ethereum Price to Test $100 Support, Will it Come up Short?

As all cryptocurrencies remain buried under a fresh layer of bearish market pressure, it will be interesting to see how things move ahead in the coming weeks. For Ethereum, the double-digit value is coming a lot closer over the past few days. A bit more negative price pressure will crumble the support at $100, which is a pretty interesting development, although not necessarily for the right reasons. Ethereum Price Support Runs out of Gas Although it has been coming for quite some time now, the Ethereum price is genuinely on the verge of dropping back into the double-digit range.

Bitcoin SV Price Shows Bullish Momentum as Gap With BCH Continues to Shrink

One of the more interesting cryptocurrency markets to keep an eye on these days is Bitcoin SV. One of the reasons all of the attention is on the cryptocurrency is because it is well underway to overtake Bitcoin Cash itself at this rate. There is still a large gap between the two, but the momentum often favors SV, whereas BCH is getting hammered. Bitcoin Cash SV Price Goes in the Green It has been an interesting month for the Bitcoin SV team and the altcoin’s price itself.

Dogecoin Price Decline Forces Market Cap Below $260m

Even though it would appear Dogecoin is a more stable hedge than most other cryptocurrencies right now, that is not always the case whatsoever. As today’s market momentum shows, even the DOGE value can drop by over 6% in a matter of hours. For the time being, the main question is whether or not the value will remain above $0.002 or dip below this threshold in the coming days. Dogecoin Price Loses Stability It is not uncommon for cryptocurrencies to lose any sense of price stability during an extended bear market.

Cardano Price Loses Another 7% As Market Remains Uber Bearish

There isn’t much to be excited about in the cryptocurrency industry today, as most markets are suffering from a new round of bearish momentum. This trend has been visible throughout most of 2018 and it seems there is still no improvement in sight. Although some markets feel this pressure in less spectacular fashion, no one can deny things are going according to plan. The Cardano price, for example, continues to take a beating. Cardano Price Momentum Worsens No one will be really surprised to learn how things are evolving in the cryptocurrency industry right now.

Dogecoin Price Uptrend Resumes as Market Cap Top 20 Spot Looms Ahead

It has been a pretty interesting week for Dogecoin so far. Considering how much top cryptocurrencies are on the decline, things have begun moving in the right direction again. More specifically, there have been solid gains in both USD and BTC value, and it seems that price increase will remain in place for some time to come. Even so, there are those who continue to considering Dogecoin as a “shitcoin” first and foremost. Positive Dogecoin Price Trend Continues It is always interesting to see how things evolve in the cryptocurrency world.

Waves Price Surpasses $1.6 After Updated Mobile Wallet Release

Given the rather uneasy momentum affecting all cryptocurrencies right now, it is virtually impossible to make sense of it all. A lot of things can happen in very quick succession, although there are never any guarantees for success whatsoever. For the Waves price, things are looking pretty good right now. Its solid gains continue across the board, effectively generating some positive buzz amidst this sea of red. Waves Price Continues to Soar It has been a pretty interesting start to the week for Waves.

Dogecoin Price Turns Bullish and Surpasses 60 Satoshi

It has proven to be an interesting day in the world of digital assets and cryptocurrencies. Unsurprisingly, there is more bearish pressure on Bitcoin, which drags all other markets in the red as well. Dogecoin is, once again, an exception in this regard, as it notes gains in both USD and BTC value. A remarkable trend which further confirms Dogecoin is the coin to watch right now. Dogecoin Price Trend Turns Bullish No one should be surprised to see the value of Dogecoin rise when Bitcoin keeps turning bearish every other day.

Ethereum Classic Price Hits $5 Following Gains Over Bitcoin

It is evident today’s cryptocurrency market momentum may not necessarily yield the results people have been hoping for. Most top markets remain in the red, primarily because they rely on Bitcoin’s momentum first and foremost. The one exception in the top 20 right now is Ethereum Classic. This altcoin is rising in both USD and BTC value, which is rather interesting to keep an eye on. Ethereum Classic Price Retakes the $5 Level Similar to most altcoins, it has been a very brutal year for Ethereum Classic in the price department.

Bitcoin Cash Price Struggles to Remain at $165

The cryptocurrency markets are not off to the greatest of starts on this new week. While that will not entirely surprise too many people, it is still a rather unfortunate development. The Bitcoin downtrend is, once again, dragging everything else with it.  As has been the case for a while now, the Bitcoin Cash price seems to feel the worst of this effect. Bitcoin Cash Price Decline Continues Anyone who has closely watched the cryptocurrency market prices throughout 2018 may have noticed some peculiar developments taking place.

Theta Token Price Gains Nearly 50% as Other Markets Suffer

Considering how all of the top cryptocurrencies are going through another round of corrections. Traders are looking elsewhere for profits. One currency getting a lot of attention is Theta Token. Its massive price increase is quite impressive. The biggest development is how this relatively unknown altcoin generates nearly twice its market cap in trading volume. Theta Token Price Increase Grows Steeper Not too much is happening in the cryptocurrency top 50 right now.