6 Noteworthy Airdrops to Partake in – 2018 Week 46 Edition

Cryptocurrency airdrops play an increasing role of importance in this nascent industry. A lot of projects still want to create their own infrastructure and associated tokens. This week, there are some very interesting airdrops to take note of, though all of them will require users to conduct some small tasks in the process. A lot of decent money can be made in exchange for minimal effort. Konkrete The Konkrete team is in the process of building the next generation of distributed share registries.

6 Airdrops Worth Checking out – 2018 Week 44 Edition

Airdrops are still one of the best ways to make some initial money in the cryptocurrency industry. Especially when users partake in a few key social media tasks, a fair bit of good money can be made with little effort. The following six airdrops are currently ongoing and require minor involvement to be successful. Aerum The Aerum project aims to be an Ethereum-compatible platform which primarily focuses on scalability.