Bitcoin at $5,000: What Has Changed Since 2017

Bitcoin at $5,000: What Has Changed Since 2017

This article was originally published by 8btc and written by Olusegun Ogundeji. Bitcoin has crossed the $5,000 price range again (after its first reach to that level in 2017) following a sudden breakout on April 2, 2019. This unfolding price scenario should not immediately be ruled out as a repeat of what happened in 2017.

Bad News Bears: Cryptocurrency Stories of 2017 That Brought Us Down

2017 has seen its spate of both good and bad stories for all sides of the cryptocurrency space. Whether you believe in dutch tulips or you worship at the altar of Satoshi Nakamoto, there were reaffirming and disheartening stories for evcxzxeryone. Below are five of the stories that darkened an otherwise positive year for the industry. Segwit2x vs.

Our Top 5 Bitcoin “Good News” Stories of 2017

When the history of Bitcoin and blockchains is written, 2017 will be the year tagged as the “turning point” when Bitcoin and “red hot” blockchain technology went mainstream. The steadily rising bitcoin price and market cap is a key, though not the only, indicator that a tipping point has been reached.