The New Frontier: Why Africa Is All in on Crypto Despite Price Dip

The cryptocurrency excitement reached fever pitch in 2017 as Bitcoin struck $20,000. Whether a Bitcoin maximalist or an altcoin aficionado, we were all in a state of euphoria. Then things changed. The market took on a downward spiral and interest in the industry took on a similar path. As we recently reported, interest in the industry has dropped by over 90 percent, with crypto sites’ Alexa rankings being on a free fall as well.

Bullish Tron Price Momentum Yields Significant TRX/BTC Gains

After a somewhat brutal Sunday for cryptocurrency and digital asset markets, it quickly became evident this week would be off to a rough start. So far, that concept still holds true, as a lot of the top markets remain in the red. One notable exception is the Tron price, as it seems to buck the overall bearish trend. Given some of the recent ecosystem developments, that shouldn’t come as a big surprise. New Tron Price Uptrend was Expected Any cryptocurrency or digital asset is only as strong as its community and the ongoing developments.

Suspicious XRP Clone Begins Trading on Mercatox

It is not uncommon for existing projects to face some competition from imitators in the long run. Bitcoin is a good example, as numerous “versions” of this currency are available on the market today. It now seems the same will be happening to XRP, as XRP Classic has been introduced not that long ago. It would appear the community is not too amused by this development whatsoever. Be Wary of the XRP Classic Project Unlike what the name might suggest, it remains to be seen if XRP Classic will effectively be a different spin on the XRP asset most people are familiar with today.

Recent Crypto Market Dropoff Is a Taste of Future Volatility, Expert Claims

Very few industries are subject to as much criticism and personal opinions as cryptocurrency. It seems the opinions on Bitcoin and other currencies or projects are all over the place. While that creates some exciting conversations, it also appears they lead to a lot of misinformation. When it comes to the recent market sell-off, for example, it was seemingly a matter of time until the positive momentum was turned into a negative spree. Explaining the Recent Crypto Market Drop A lot of people were surprised to learn all major cryptocurrency markets lost a ton of value earlier this week.

Is it Worth Shorting Cryptocurrencies With Trading Bots?

As the cryptocurrency industry remains subject to a lot of bearish price pressure, it would appear the demand to short these assets is increasing. For most users, this process needs to be automated as well. Some trading bots on the market allow for such functionality, although it is always risky to engage in such financial activities. Shorting Cryptocurrency Makes Sense To users who only want to make money with Bitcoin and altcoins, any opportunity to do so will be worth exploring.

Pablo Escobar’s Brother Starts Campaign To Impeach Trump, And He Is Using Crypto

Since Trump ascended to power, there have been many who have been disgruntled with his leadership. However, recently, the most recent anti-Trump call caught the world by surprise. This time, it comes from Robert Escobar, the brother to the infamous Colombian drug lord, Pablo Escobar. Escobar has turned to cryptocurrencies for his mission, and not for the first time.

NulleX Drama Explained – Team Annnounces Plans for a Fork / Swap

Cryptocurrency is still a relatively new industry. As such, there are plenty of lessons to be learned and mistakes to be made when it comes to various projects and services. Recently, the NulleX project has split up due to an internal conflict within the team. Let’s talk about what happened exactly and what lessons can be learned from the recent events. What Happened? It all started on January 7th when the official NulleX twitter account posted a series of tweets that claimed that Erik – NulleX’s Co-founder – has been fired.

Bitcoin Could Fall Below $3,000, Civic CEO States As Currency Drops Another $160

On January 9, Bitcoin dropped $250 in thirty minutes, taking everyone by surprise. The currency traded around $3,800 for a day, but even this couldn’t hold. Earlier today, Bitcoin lost another $160 to trade just above $3,650. A brief fightback saw the currency get back over $3,700, but the rally was shortlived. At press time, Bitcoin was trading at $3690. On Coinbase Pro and Bistamp, the currency was trading below $3,650.

Bitmain Allegedly Lines up new CEO to Replace Jihan Wu

There are always some developments taking place behind the scenes of the cryptocurrency world. Although the following rumor has not been officially confirmed by the company in question, it would appear there is some genuine mainstream media attention for this development. It would appear Jihan Wu is stepping down as Bitmain CEO because he is allegedly growing concerned over the company’s financial state. Jihan Wu Allegedly Rethinks his Bitmain Role It has been a pretty interesting year for Bitmain throughout 2018.

CoinFi CEO Findings Hint at Potential Premeditated Crypto Market Selloff

When it comes to the current Bitcoin price momentum, it is rather evident things may not necessarily evolve in a positive direction moving forward. In fact, the opinions on cryptocurrency prices throughout 2019 are all over the place, although CoinFi co-founder Timothy Tan isn’t too impressed at this stage. In fact, he has identified some potential signs which indicate this most recent drop off was a matter of time. A Premeditated Cryptocurrency Dump For as long as cryptocurrency has been around, it appears there have been concerns regarding potential insider trading.

Bitcoin down $250 as Report Claims Russia Might Trigger the Next Bull Run

After spending four days above $4,000, Bitcoin has finally given way. And it has been quite a drop, with the currency losing $250 in the space of thirty minutes. The drop sees it trading at $3816 at press time, having dropped from $4,016. Bitcoin had witnessed yet another 30-minute rally on January 6, gaining over $200 in just thirty minutes to hit $4,080. It was the first time Bitcoin had hit the $4,000 level since Christmas and many viewed it as the first step in a possible 2019 rally.

Billionare’s Wife Kidnappers Demand a 9 Million Euro Monero Ransom

There are numerous correlations between cryptocurrency and criminal activity. This trend has been apparent for years and only seems to grow bolder every quarter. A group of individuals who kidnapped the wife of a wealthy Norwegian now demands a ransom in Monero. More specifically, they want to obtain 9 million euro worth of Bitcoin. A rather disturbing development for all parties involved. A Major Monero-related Kidnapping It is not uncommon for criminals to try and obtain illicit cryptocurrency payments.

Luas Website Hacker Demands a Bitcoin Ransom

Bitcoin often gets a very bad reputation because of its association with criminal activity. While no one can deny criminals have shown a clear bias toward cryptocurrencies, there is much more to Bitcoin than just that. Even so, a recent cyber attack affected the Luas website shows hackers aren’t done with making Bitcoin ransom demands just yet. Luas Cyber Attack Triggers Bitcoin Demand Every time a website is hacked and/or information is stolen in the process, there is a genuine chance Bitcoin will play a role of importance sooner or later.

Ethereum Price Drops Below $140 Following Wicked 1-hour Candle

Although it was somewhat to be expected, today isn’t off to a good start for the cryptocurrency markets. Everything has gone in the deep red due to a rather bearish one-hour chart. Sustaining uptrends has proven difficult in this industry for some time now. The Ethereum price knows this all too well, as it has dropped below $140 once again and may continue to drop lower. Steep Ethereum Price Drop Materializes After what seemed to be a somewhat promising start to the year 2019, the cryptocurrency markets have come under severe bearish pressure once again.

“Sheeple” Hybrids can Solve Organ Donation Problems

In the world of science and technology, numerous breakthroughs are realized every single year. Some of these developments are a bit more controversial than others. The recent breakthrough in terms of creating sheep-human hybrids is both exciting and somewhat troublesome. Rest assured no physical “sheeple” will show up in the streets anytime soon. A Different Kind of Human-Animal Hybrid Leave it up to the movie and book industry to come up with worrisome scenarios where human-animal hybrids are concerned.

Brave’s Growth in 2018 Might not Affect the Basic Attention Token Price

Whenever a cryptocurrency-oriented project launches, there are high expectations from investors and speculators. Especially if that project also conducted an initial coin offering to bring its token to market. For the Brave team, it seems the ecosystem is slowly coming together in a meaningful manner. The 2018 growth statistics only confirm things should continue to improve moving forward. Brave’s Year 2018 has been Solid Although the year 2018 will go down in history as the year of massive price corrections, there is always more to this situation than meets the eye.

Google Forces Samourai Wallet to Disable Three Key Features

It would appear as if the technology giants are opposing privacy in the cryptocurrency world. Apple maintains a very strict stance on applications pertaining to such currencies. Google is now actively cracking down on these offerings as well, as the Samourai Wallet team has found out first hand. The company was forced to temporarily remove privacy features to comply with Google’s demands. A Forced Change for Samourai Wallet Most people who are involved in Bitcoin will have come across the name Samourai Wallet before.

Extensive Holo Price Pump Starts to run out of Steam

There is no such thing as a standstill when it comes to cryptocurrencies and digital assets. In fact, it seems, things are heating up among specific altcoins, which will undoubtedly lead to some interesting speculative charts. For those users watching the Holo price, things are looking quite impressive right now, Solid gains across all departments show interest in this altcoin is picking up steam. Holo Price Trend Continues Over the past few days, there haven’t been too many cryptocurrencies, tokens, or assets which effectively noted a solid gain for more than a few hours.

What is Token IQ – an Interview With Ben Wilkening

NullTX had a chance to talk to Ben Wilkening, director of strategic relationship at Token IQ and discuss some of the aspects of the platform. Due to the unregulated nature of ICOs, many investors are wary to put their money in these offerings. A new trend has emerged called Security Token Offerings (STOs), which are essentially regulated ICOs.

Minor XRP Price Gain Leads to Community Pleading With Jeff Bezos

There are a lot of people keeping a close eye on the XRP price. Considering how there is still a chance XRP will overtake in terms of market cap again, the coming weeks and months may prove to be rather interesting, all things considered. The current XRP price uptrend seems somewhat promising, although it is still difficult to predict where things will head exactly. New XRP Price Uptrend has Promise It is rather interesting to see where all cryptocurrencies, tokens, and digital assets will head throughout 2019.

NEO Price Gains 12% Despite Malcolm Lerider Departure

All of the top cryptocurrency markets are undergoing some positive developments in the price department. How long this momentum will be sustained, is always difficult to predict. In the case of NEO, the current uptrend is quite steep, even though no one knows why that is exactly. Reaching a value of $10 might be a stretch too far, but staying above $9 shouldn’t pose major problems. NEO Price Surge Intensifies A lot of cryptocurrency speculators and enthusiasts have high hopes for a major market recovery in 2019.

This Crypto Trader Grew $32k to $1.2m, Then Almost Lost Everything. Here’s Why He Is Still Optimistic

You’ve heard all the legendary tales about crypto investors who put in a few thousand dollars and became millionaires. One thing all these investors have in common is they all cashed out when Bitcoin was at its peak. At $20,000, Bitcoin had already skyrocketed by 2,000 percent in just 12 months. Those who cashed out were the lucky ones and they have grabbed all the headlines since. There is however a second group, one that never cashed out. This group rode the wave all the way to the top, and then all the way dow to $4,000.

NEO Developers Announce Upcoming Consensus Algorithm Improvements

Every cryptocurrency project needs to constantly grow and evolve to remain relevant. That unwritten rule applies as much to Bitcoin as it does to any other alternate cryptocurrency on the market. The NEO developers are currently in the process of building an improved consensus algorithm. In doing so, the popular altcoin prepares for future developments. The new NEO Consensus Algorithm People who are familiar with the NEO cryptocurrency will be aware of its technical specifications.

Bitcoin Price Watch: Currency Maintains Position, but Is Enthusiasm Lacking?

At press time, the father of crypto is maintaining its present position and is staying above $4,000. First reaching this pinnacle a few days ago, bitcoin is keeping up its momentum following a nasty fall in late 2018 that took it down to $3,600 after an extended period of trading in the $6,000 range. One of the big problems still surrounding bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is not volatility, but rather negative sentiment. Many financial leaders still see cryptocurrencies as fantasies – things to dismiss that will ultimately have no bearing on the future of money.

Ethereum Classic Developers Attempt to Resolve Recent 51% Attack

Not a day goes by in the cryptocurrency world without a good amount of drama. At times, it feels as if this industry simply can’t catch a break to recoup losses sustained throughout 2018. The latest incident comes in the form of Ethereum Classic suffering from an alleged 51% attack on the network. This forced service providers such as Kraken to temporarily halt all funding of this altcoin, although some users ask the company to effectively delist ETC.