Chain Price Gains Another 50% as $0.1 Target is Within Reach

Even though one would be inclined to say the bearish pressure is gone from crypto again, there is still a lot of uneasy momentum.

Hollywood Made Another Bitcoin Movie, but It’s Full of Bias and Misconceptions

As it does with any other trend, Hollywood is making a movie about cryptos.

Electroneum Price Continues Bull run as Trading Volume More Than Doubles

In the cryptocurrency world, success can come in many different forms.

Qtum Price Gains Over 25% yet its Trading Volume Makes Zero Sense

It is evident this current overarching crypto market momentum is not necessarily all that promising.

XRP Price Buckles as Support at 8,000 Satoshi Gets Obliterated

With all cryptocurrency, token, and asset markets under a bit of pressure right now, it would appear things are not looking all that good.

NEM Price Targets $0.05 but Lacks Convincing Trading Volume

It appears most of the bearish momentum forming earlier today has evaporated once again.

BitTorrent Token Price Doesn’t Budge Despite Justin Sun’s “Hype’ Campaign

The past few weeks have not been fun for BitTorrent Token.

Stellar Price Continues Bull run as Other Markets Crumble

As the bearish market conditions in full force, it will be interesting to see how the different markets digest this sudden turn of events.

Dogecoin Price Tries to Stay Above $0.002 Despite Growing Bearish Pressure

Not too many of the top crypto markets are noting real gains as of right now.

Revain Price Loses 20% as Recent Gains are Wiped out

It is somewhat difficult to find real bullish market momentum in the cryptocurrency industry right now.

Electroneum Price Surges as Huobi Global Confirms ETN Trading pairs

It would appear some of the crypto market swills ee their own form of positive market momentum today.

Ripple Plans to Issue XRP Grants to Video Game Developers

One has to commend any blockchain company for trying to explore new boundaries and opportunities.

Stellar Price Continues its Rise as $0.1 Level Acts as new Support

Yesterday was a very promising day for nearly all cryptocurrencies.

XRP Price Goes Sideways Again as XRP/BTC Pressure Remains

As the cryptocurrency momentum seemingly turns more bullish by the hour, the next few days may prove to be rather interesting.

XRP Price Under Pressure Again

By Dmitriy Gurkovskiy, Chief Analyst at RoboForex XRP is going down and trading at $0.

Dogecoin Price Reclaims the $0.002 Level as Market Sentiment Improves

In the cryptocurrency world, very few coins tend to generate so much excitement as Dogecoin.

Facebook’s Crypto To Bring In $19 Billion in Revenue, Barclays States

Facebook’s cryptocurrency plans could rake in $19 billion in revenue for the social media giant.

VeChain Price Gains 15% as Upcoming Summit Keeps the Hype Alive

When the momentum turns bullish in the cryptocurrency, it is rather obvious.

Litecoin Price Resumes Push to $60 yet “Litecoin Bank” Idea Divides Community

It would appear most of the cryptocurrencies, tokens, and digital assets have successfully weathered the storm this morning.

ProtonMail is no Longer Accessible in Russia

Politics and technology hardly ever play nice together.

Cardano Price Shows Bullish Signs Across the Board

With thousands of cryptocurrency, token, and digital assets to keep an eye on these days, it is difficult to determine how individual markets will evolve.

Groestlcoin Price Surges by 160% Following Debit Card Announcement

Not a day goes by in the cryptocurrency world without some rather unexpected market momentum.

Bitcoin Price Watch: Why Doesn’t the Currency Seem to Be Moving Much?

Since our last price piece, bitcoin – the father of cryptocurrency – has risen by an additional $100 and is now trading for over $3,800.

Binance Launchpad Confirms CELR Token Sale for BNB Holders

The cryptocurrency industry has seen numerous interesting trends.

Electroneum Price Risks Dropping Below $0.0055 as Community Unrest Grows

Things are not going well for most of the cryptocurrency markets right now.