Ethereum Price Stabilizes at $90 Following Opera Wallet News

It has been a very difficult year for Bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies. Ethereum, while once considered a rival to Bitcoin’s market cap, has lost over 90% of its all-time high as well. The uptrend still hasn’t materialized, albeit there is a lot of hope for the upcoming Constantinople hard fork. Assuming that doesn’t get delayed again, some cautious optimism may be warranted. Ethereum Price Outlook Remains Rather Bleak It is only natural all cryptocurrencies and digital assets follow Bitcoin’s momentum first and foremost.

Bitcoin Private (BTCP) Price Continues Its Rise Post KuCoin Support

The Bitcoin Private price continues its spectacular rise from $1.88 to a peak of $2.77. That is a 30% gain in the past three days. At the time of writing, the price rally pulled back a bit putting BTCP at a current price of $2.52. Even with the most recent pullback, Bitcoin Private’s price is still in the green, registering a 10% rise in the past 24 hours. What Is BTCP? According to our What Is Bitcoin Private article, BTCP is: “a brand new Bitcoin hard fork which uses the same privacy technology as is found in ZClassic” The Airdrop started in February of 2018, and anybody holding Bitcoin or ZClassic on February 28th could claim Bitcoin Private at a 1:1 ratio.

QTUM Price Turns Bullish as Value Hits $1.9

As time goes by, not all cryptocurrency markets tend to evolve in the same manner. Although there is plenty of bearish momentum to go around right now, it would appear some markets are heading in the opposite direction. In the case of Qtum, things look incredibly promising right now. Hitting the $2 target is certainly possible. QTUM Price Momentum Intensifies It is always interesting to see how things evolve in the world of cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

Stratis Price (STRAT) Hits $0.65 Following Full Node Release

It still remains unclear which direction most cryptocurrency markets will head in over the coming weekend. Yesterday afternoon saw some minor positive momentum, yet nearly all gains are nullified once again. For Stratis, the current uptrend remains intact, albeit ever so slightly. Its current value of $0.65 may very well be a pivotal point over the coming days. Stratis Price Tries to Break the Downtrend When looking at the cryptocurrency price charts for the past month, it is evident a continual downtrend remains in effect.

Bitcoin Price Watch: Bitcoin’s Price Fell in 2018, but Its Respect Seemed to Grow

At press time, the father of cryptocurrency has seemingly recovered by a small margin and is now trading for just over $3,400. This is about $100 more than where it was during our previous price article. The cryptocurrency market seems to be moving sideways at the time of writing. We can all be thankful that entitles like bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple’s XRP have taken a stance against their previous downward motions, though it’s probably safe to say that recovery is not quite here yet.

Dogecoin Price Uptrend Continues Through Minor Gains

When it comes to different cryptocurrencies, Dogecoin is always doing its own thing. It is not a very valuable currency per coin, but it tends to buck market trends like no other. Today is no different in this regard, as it continues to note some solid gains in USD value, yet lost some value over Bitcoin. Dogecoin Price Continues to do its Thing It is always incredibly difficult to predict what the Dogecoin price will do exactly.

Bitcoin Recovers $3,500 As Weiss Ratings Reveals This Is The Best Time To Invest

Bitcoin has recovered its $3,500 support level after seeing slight losses to trade just above $3,400. In the past 24 hours, the currency has gained a modest 1.76 percent to trade at $3,500 on most major markets. On Bitfinex, the currency was trading at $3,538 at press time. Most of the other cryptos have seen green as well, with EOS leading the charge at 7.3 percent. The Ethereum competitor has regained the lead over Bitcoin Cash, jumping to the sixth position. The current battered market provides the best opportunity to get into the market.

Cardano Price Moves up as All Markets Flash Green

The cryptocurrency and digital asset markets are fluctuating wildly today. Although the day kicked off in the red, some positive momentum has become apparent. Even so, the hourly charts look incredibly abysmal, which is only to be expected at this time.  The big winner in the top 15 so far is Binance Coin, although Cardano is also rising rather quickly. Cardano Price Looks Healthy Again Over the past few weeks, very people seemingly discussed Cardano and its price.

XRP Price Momentum Shifts Into Higher Gear

A lot of speculators and traders keep a close eye on the XRP price these days. Unlike other markets, XRP has proven to be a far more stable asset than most, if not all, cryptocurrencies. That is always interesting to keep an eye on, as XRP can also be used to determine how the momentum will evolve for all other markets. So far, the daily momentum looks promising. XRP Price Goes in the Green Again It is always interesting to see how different markets respond to the current overall price momentum.

Huobi Global Listing Triggers Tezos Price Excitement

Although the year 2018 has not been the easiest for Tezos, it seems the project is finally hitting its stride. Despite facing numerous setbacks over the months, and losing a lot of value in the process, the XTZ price is rebounding slowly. Some positive news behind the scenes could help this market recover in the coming weeks. Even so, sustaining any extended uptrend will remain difficult. Tezos Price Bounce Looks Promising Considering how all cryptocurrencies have lost tremendous value throughout 2018, it is not surprising to find some projects underperforming in the price department.

Crypto Price Watch: Waves, Tezos and Maker See Green Despite Dwindling Market Prices

Even as a majority of the top 10 altcoins within today’s crypto market continue to see red, there are digital currencies like Waves, Maker, and Tezos that have witnessed an upward surge of 9%, 3%, and 2.
Bitwala Is Offering German Citizens Joint Crypto and Fiat Banking Accounts

Bitwala Is Offering German Citizens Joint Crypto and Fiat Banking Accounts

German blockchain startup Bitwala has launched crypto banking in Germany. After securing €4 million (roughly $4.5 million) from VC firms Earlybird and Coparion in September of 2018 to develop a crypto banking solution, the company has allegedly amassed a waiting list of 30,000 potential users.
Prosecutors Seek 10-Year Jail Sentence for Karpeles Over Mt. Gox Embezzlement

Prosecutors Seek 10-Year Jail Sentence for Karpeles Over Mt. Gox Embezzlement

Former Mt. Gox CEO Mark Karpeles has run into trouble in the Japanese legal system, and prosecutors are pursuing a 10-year jail sentence for alleged embezzlement during his tenure at Mt. Gox. According to a local Japanese news outlet, Karpeles is under indictment for embezzling 341 million yen ($3 million USD) of customer funds into his own personal account.
This New Lightning Wallet Allows You to Receive Tips Without Running a Node

This New Lightning Wallet Allows You to Receive Tips Without Running a Node

A new program to set up Lightning Network micropayments,, has recently entered beta testing. The developer for this project described some of its details on a Reddit thread to the r/Bitcoin subreddit. The dev says that it “allows you to receive tips (micro-payments) over the Lightning Network, anytime, anywhere, without needing a LN node,” by means of “a simple web custodial wallet.
Bitcoin Price Analysis: Bear Pennant Breakout Puts $1,700 Price in Sight

Bitcoin Price Analysis: Bear Pennant Breakout Puts $1,700 Price in Sight

Another week, another low. Bitcoin’s market has been bleeding relentlessly for weeks and now, after falling 50% in value in just one month, the market has managed to break south of a major bearish consolidation pattern called a bear pennant: Figure 1: BTC-USD, 4-Hour Candles, Bear Pennant BreakoutThis is a massive bear pennant with a staggering $2,000 measured move.

Mobile Apps in India Require 45% More User Permissions for No Good Reason

When cryptocurrency enthusiasts rely on mobile applications, there are always some pitfalls to take into account. Virtually all applications require users to provide the tool with access to various parts of the mobile device. In India, this situation is even worse, due to the vastly higher number of app permissions put in place. This is something to keep a close eye on, as it can cause problems in the long term. Using Bitcoin Apps in India is Tricky Cryptocurrency enthusiasts in India who use either Android or iOS may want to keep close tabs on their application permissions.

More & More UK Students Purchase and Resell Drugs Bought on the Darknet

Most people see the internet as a great tool to make money. Whether it is by freelancing, selling on auction sites, or speculating on cryptocurrency, the opportunities are virtually limitless. One interesting trend in the UK is a major cause for concerns. Undergraduates are currently exploring more dangerous revenue streams, especially when it comes to selling drugs bought on the darknet. Reselling Darknet Goods is Profitable No one has ever doubted buying and selling goods and services on and from the darknet can be quite profitable.

A Recession Is Looming – Will Bitcoin Capitalize or Collapse Too?

We continue to think the US will not fall into recession the minute the new year clock strikes one, but the sentiment is growing by leaps and bounds that 2019 is going to be awful for the US–economy unless something comes along to reverse the trend–and recession is well-night certain for 2020 These are the words of Barbara Rockefeller, the renowned economist, forex trading expert and best-selling financial author.

Dogecoin Price Seems Poised to Turn Bullish

It has been another rather unruly day for all cryptocurrencies. Further losses for Bitcoin have taken their toll on most of the other currencies and assets on the market as well. In the case of Dogecoin not much has changed, although the altcoin has successfully surpassed the 60 Satoshi level once again. Dogecoin Price Remains Stable For Another Day While this most recent price drop was anything but surprising, it would seem the momentum may start to grow worse as time progresses.

Bitcoin Price Watch: We’re Not Quite Done Bottoming Out

At press time, bitcoin is trading for just over $3,300, meaning there’s no change since our previous price article. At least we can be grateful that bitcoin, albeit temporarily, is exhibiting enough strength to withstand any further needs to drop lower. Bitcoin is now being subjected to mass speculation. Rather, the alleged “bitcoin bubble” is the subject of that speculation. Many analysts and news sources are discussing bitcoin’s historic 82 percent drop since the beginning of 2018 and appear convinced that bitcoin was nothing more than a fad that couldn’t live up to all the hype.
Crypto Holiday Guide: Gifts for Every Bitcoiner on Your Shopping List

Crypto Holiday Guide: Gifts for Every Bitcoiner on Your Shopping List

The holiday season is here. And even if crypto prices are on the coal heap, you can still have fun spreading some holiday bitcoin cheer. For the bitcoiners in your life, this could mean a crypto-related gift as a token of solidarity. After all, what better way to commiserate with fellow HODLers than decking their holiday halls with bitcoin-themed gifts? What better way to say “we’re in it for the long haul” than with a hardware wallet? Or “I’ve got your back — literally” than with a bitcoin t-shirt? From wallets to node-hosting hardware to general swag, here’s a list of some of our favorite gifts for bitcoiners of all kinds — from newbies to early adopters, moon shooters to techies, and everyone in between.

Father and Son AlphaBay Vendor Tandem Sentenced to Five Years in Federal Prison

One wouldn’t normally associate darknet usage with strengthening family ties. For a team of two US-based drug dealers, that situation is a bit different. This father-son team successfully sold drugs over the darknet for an extended period of time. Both family members will now serve five years in federal prison for their misconduct. A Family-Oriented Drug Operation As more and more people try to score some quick money, illegal and criminal operations become all the more important.

Bitcoin Price Falls to $3,400 in Quick Succession

It would appear there is very little to no positive momentum across the cryptocurrency markets right now. If the Bitcoin price is any real indication, things will not necessarily improve in the near future. With the value per BTC now on the verge of hitting $3,400, it seems there will be plenty of black snow during the Christmas holidays. Bitcoin Price Continues to Drop Lower The year 2018 has been very problematic for all cryptocurrencies, albeit that is not entirely surprising either.

Bitcoin Private Price Gains 12% out of the Blue

There is still a lot of uneasy market momentum where cryptocurrencies and digital assets are concerned. It is very easy to simply look at the negative, rather than seeing what may turn into a positive moving forward. The Bitcoin Private price, for example, is firing on all cylinders whereas other markets continue to struggle. That is a rather peculiar trend to keep an eye on moving forward. Bitcoin Private Price Surge Makes Little Sense It has been a while since anyone effectively discussed the Bitcoin Private currency in any manner.
SFOX Posits Factors Behind November Crypto Volatility in Recent Report

SFOX Posits Factors Behind November Crypto Volatility in Recent Report

SFOX, an institutional crypto trading platform, recently released a comprehensive, data-packed analysis on the possible causes of the volatility in the cryptocurrency space over the month of November. The report, which SFOX released on their website, covers a large amount of raw data, looking at factors such as price fluctuation on a day-to-day basis and trading volume.