is Netflix Making a Documentary About Altcoins?

The cryptocurrency industry is much bigger than Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP, and Dogecoin.

XRP Price Rises Slowly as Tencent Confirms Interest in Ripple’s Currency

With all of the top markets enjoying some positive momentum, one would expect the likes of XRP to note strong gains.

Dogecoin Price Hits $0.002 as Market Cap Approaches $250m Again

When the momentum turns bullish in the cryptocurrency industry, a lot of things tend to happen all at once.

Cardano Price Notes Solid Gains as all Markets Turn Bullish

It would appear the vast majority of crypto, token, and digital asset markets have turned bullish overnight.

Electroneum Price Maintains a Status Quo Ahead of MWC 2019

Sundays in the cryptocurrency world are often a bit atypical in every regard.

DARPA Taps AI to Link Troops and Military Machines via Their Brain

It remains to be determined how artificial intelligence will affect our society as a whole.

Basic Attention Token Price Moves up as $0.15 is in Sight

Although this day is shaping up to be a mixed bag of momentum for most cryptocurrencies, not everything is heading in the wrong direction either.

Ethereum Price Continues its Push Toward $130 Despite Bearish Bitcoin Momentum

With a tiny bit of bearish pressure on Bitcoin, one would expect both XRP and Ethereum to take advantage of the situation.

GAS Price Gains 40% yet no one can Explain why

Weekends often result in unusual phenomena where cryptocurrency trading is concerned.

Dogecoin Price Prepares to Retake $0.002 Again

In the cryptocurrency world, Dogecoin has been a staple for many different reasons.

Storj Price Turns Mega Bullish but Steam is Running out

As was to be expected somewhat, most of the top cryptocurrency markets have turned significantly bearish all of a sudden.

Litecoin Price Increase Triggers Expectations of $50 and Higher

The year 2019 has been rather positive for Litecoin so far Although this currency is not necessarily known for groundbreaking technological innovations, it is a usable and viable network to store and transfer value.

Ethereum Price Holds its own Despite “jab” by Justin Sun

It is refreshing to see most, if not all of the top crypto markets in the green on a Saturday afternoon.

Rakuten Pay Will Integrate Bitcoin Support by March 2019

In the world of finance, there is a growing demand for contactless and instant payment solutions.

EOS Price Moves up as EOSFinex Beta Will Launch in Three Weeks

Despite a bit of a rocky start earlier this morning, it appears most cryptocurrency markets have come around eventually.

Hackers In Turkey Steal $2.5M While Chatting Through An Online Game

Hackers in Turkey made away with $2.

Dogecoin Price Moves up Slightly as BitRefill Adds More Giftcards for DOGE

In the cryptocurrency world, very few projects can note as much success as Dogecoin.

Ontology Price Gains 13% Following “ONG on Binance” Rumors

Every weekend will feature at least one cryptocurrency, asset, or token which rises in value for no apparent reason.

President Trump Mulls a National Emergency Declaration to Fund his Wall

The current financial situation in the United States continues to frown many eyebrows.

XRP Price Drops a bit Following JP Morgan’s “Crypto” Announcement

As has become customary in the world of cryptocurrencies, tokens, and digital assets, Friday evenings often yield some surprising momentum.

XRP Price Stable Against Coinmotion Criticism

By Dmitriy Gurkovskiy, Chief Analyst at RoboForex On Feb 15, the XRP is moving up slightly, trading at $0.

Did JP Morgan Miss The Point Of Cryptos, and What Effect Will JPM Coin Have?

It’s only February and already, we’ve had one of the biggest announcements in the crypto industry.

Tron Price Begins Moving up yet Traders Expected More

With the weekend almost upon the cryptocurrency industry, bullish momentum is in high demand.

BitTorrent Token Price Faces Bearish Pressure Near the 27 Satoshi Level

Although the current BitTorrent Token momentum is not necessarily all that promising, there is no significant decline to speak of either.

EOS Price Surge Signals new Market Cap Flippening With Litecoin

Most of the top crypto markets are currently in the process of moving up again every so slightly.